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    • Yeah, I think that should be doable. Let me see if I can have something along those lines up and running by this time tomorrow.

  2. There you go — there is now a drop-down selector to pick either Fahrenheit or Celsius scales for temperatures. This effects both the high/low ranges and wind chill modifiers. I’ve tested it a bit and it seems to work (let me know if I’m wrong).

    • That does sound like a useful improvement; I will see about implementing that in an update. In the meantime, if you choose to export the script’s results as a comma-delimited text file, you can open it in a spreadsheet program like Excel and suppress/delete the rows corresponding to the terrain types you don’t need.

  3. Very nice. Will come in handy for my latest campaign. Thanks.

    Minor quibble, seacoast is spelled wrong (you have it as seacost).


  4. This is amazing. Thanks you for making this. It’s helping me a lot with my current campaign.

    • Thank you! Please check out some of the other random generators on the site — and, hopefully, I will soon be back to a regular posting schedule with some new stuff.

  5. My favorite weather generator so far. I’m just curious: As compared to other random weather generators, yours seems “smoother” with respect to day-to-day changes (I found one that temps went from 102, to 86, then 80, then 100, over 4 days). Is that just me imagining things, or did you program it such that the previous day’s results influence the current day’s weather?

    • Each day’s temperature is calculated based on the previous day’s value (constrained by the climate zone and month variables). It’s been a while since I coded the generator, but I believe other values — like exceptional weather events — also take into account the weather of surrounding days.

      I can’t take all the credit for this system, though — it is closely based on the tables in the AD&D Wilderness Survival Guide (although the automation makes that system much easier to use).

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