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Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins – One of the Original Inspiration Images for the Curabel Setting

My plan to post my player’s session summaries with commentary hasn’t progressed much in the last few years. However, I have managed to put together a mediaWiki installation that includes those summaries — all but five out of two hundred and twenty-one! — along with much of the other campaign materials that were originally hosted on our group’s G+ community page. Here are the links to the relevant pages on the wiki, along with a quick description of what you can find there:

I hope to add the Excel spreadsheet of NPCs created by the players shortly (the DM version will need to remain secret a bit longer).

Readers might also be interested in the documents hosted on the wiki related to my group’s recently concluded Stars Without Number campaign and our upcoming return to the Curabel setting for a Old School Essentials (B/X D&D) campaign that I’m calling “Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall.” I will have more to say about both of those campaigns, especially the latter, in the coming months.

Glabrezu as illustrated in the AD&D 1E Monster Manual

Glabrezu as illustrated in the AD&D 1E Monster Manual

I have just uploaded a new Perl CGI script that generates a random demon using the rules from appendix D of the 1E AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (page 194-5). Besides basic stats, with the usual information necessary for combat, this random generator also provides extensive descriptive information for the demons it creates with everything from style of head (e.g., duck-like, monkey-like, crocodilian) to body odor.

Considering the fact that demons are the very embodiment of chaos, the surprising combination of features created should keep players on their toes when tangling with abyssal forces!

Click here to give the Random AD&D Demon Generator a try!