Curabel Campaign Encounter Rules Cheat Sheet

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Combat Encounter Quick Reference Sheet

Initial Actions

  1. Surprise (Situational; <3 on d6 is surprised, roll is segments or diff if both; or % Table)
  2. Reactions (If PCs talk & NPC Intelligent)

Actions Each Round

  1. Check Morale/Loyalty (Situational; d100 & see quick ref document)
  2. PCs Announce Intentions
  3. DM Decides Intentions for NPCs
  4. Initiative Rolled (d6; roll is segment of other party’s action)
  5. Resolution in Initiative Order
    1. Clerical Turning/Psionics
    2. Magic Items w. no activation time
    3. Charges & Set Spears
    4. Missile, Melee, Unarmed, and Monster Attacks
    5. Spells, Scrolls, and Magic Items w. activation time
    6. Movement (including closing to striking distance)
  6. Repeat Round Actions