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Graveyard of Empires: The Islands of Curabel


  • AD&D 1e (w. OSRIC as supplemental reference)*
  • Tuesday Nights, 8pm EST (UTC -5); Weekly
  • G+ Hangout with Voice and Roll20 app

About the Game

A sandbox style home-brewed sword-and-sorcery campaign (with a dash of science fantasy) set on a tropical archipelago. Characters can choose to embroil themselves in current intrigues or explore the islands’ layers of ruined empires both recent and long dead. Player guide & House Rule documents are available for those interested in more background about the anticipated play-style and/or setting.

About the DM

I played AD&D 1e and 2e for years during the eighties and nineties before taking time off (school, family, and career). In recent months, I’ve joined a couple of 1e/2e games utilizing G+ hangouts and Roll20 as a player and had some very good experiences. In the heyday of my gaming life, though, I was my group’s designated DM and would now like to attempt running a game again. I’m told I was rather good at it, but past experience is no guarantee of future performance and some allowance should be made for rustiness.

About My Ideal Players

  • Same level of maturity as myself; probably but not necessarily a similar age (late 30s)
  • Capable of finding motivation in a campaign without being presented a pre-canned narrative
  • Enjoy making randomly generated characters work more than crafting perfectly optimized PCs
  • Easy-going but ready to “buy in” and invest their full attention during game sessions
  • Comfortable with Old School style play (DM rulings vs. rules, possibility of TPKs, etc.)

* Allowed books: AD&D 1e PHB, DMG, MMs, FF, and selections from D/WSGs; no UA. OSRIC 2.0 will be allowed as for reference.