Graveyard of Empires Character Records

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This area is intended as a place to store copy-of-record versions of PC, hireling, and henchman character sheets. Players should update these copies on a monthly basis if they prefer using the Roll20 sheets on a weekly basis.

Player Characters

Character Name Player Name Class Level Deceased (Y/N)?
Kauri Alex Magic-User 6 N
Rallion of the Wode Larry Ranger 7 N
Braadlur Patrick Deep Gnome 5 Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Laris Doliver Ted Thief 7 Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Xandor Chris Assassin 3 Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Brendil Will Fighter 4 N
Bavmorda Ray Barbarian 6 N (Retired in Montoa)
Lungmold Patrick Mycelian 3 N
Druul Chris Bard 3 N
Velkin Ted Thief 3 N

Hireling and Henchman

Character Name Class Level Deceased (Y/N)?
Lambertus Auckland Cleric 5 N
Oskar (Ochtar-Xltu) Fighter 4 N
Peronell Fighter 3 Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Vikram Djinn N/A N (Kidnapped by Drow)
Majilis Svirfneblin N/A Y? (Probably Killed by Umber Hulks)
Gath Troglodyte N/A N
Renthark Githyanki N/A Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Borthan Githyanki N/A N
Seepa Pech N/A Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Harasib Svirfneblin N/A Y (Daemon Breath Weapon)
Aubrey Grotecop ("Righteous Halberd") Fighter 4 Y (Torn in half by Remorhaz)
Timon Fighter 3 Y (Lobotomized by Intellect Devourer)
Azra Fighter 3 N
Forcas Pech N/A N