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Name Locale Description Status Attitude toward Party
Asmodeus Capital of former Dragon Empire Leader of the DVLs. Was the DVL who powered the Probability Sword that Thorfus carried until his death. Bavmorda carried it and used it to destroy the power source/control point of the DVLs in the orbiting space station Xen Tel. This freed Asmodeus and all DVLs across all dimensions. The DVLs then rose up and took vengeance on the space dwarves. Then they fell to Medeia wreaking destruction and trying to take over. Alive Enemy
Aldus Runnelbrook Midmark Famous sage with largest bookstore in all the islands of Curabel. Aldus is a very old elf who participated in the rebellion against the empire, served as the first governor of Midmark after its liberation, and knew Baldric Evenkeel personally. Lord Ardwine Thornton is a direct descendant, part of a lineage that began with Aldus's marriage to his second wife (Baldric Evenkeel's widow). Aldus's first wife committed suicide shortly after being freed from Midmark's imperial prison; Ferri Runnelbrook, the sage, is the child of that previous union. Aldus is reliably anti-imperial, but advocates against paranoid and violent actions to put down unrest in Midmark in the name of thwarting the empire. Alive Ally
Rallion of The Wode/Guardian of the Lake Montoa Rallion of the Wode was sent by the Druids of The Verdant Fellowship of Midmark to seek Thorfus Ironhand. He found the party of the Baldirc's Boys/Starchy Boyz shortly after Thorfus Was killed by an Umber Hulk. Rallion joined the party and helped save the world from the arrival of the dwarven armada, but also ended up both destroying DVL powered magic and unleashed the fury of the DVLs under Asmodeus on Medeia. The Shard was lost and the party set about learning about magic and were working to establish an alliance against the DVLs. The party has saved Montoa from a force of Orcs, Hobgoblins, and Giants under the DVL One Horn. RAllion died when a few members of the party went looking for Hermengart, a hireling who was feared during the battle. They found him just after Rallion was slain by a giant firebeetle. Hermengart was also slain, along with another hireling Will Siebold. Lungmold and Velkin return to Montoa after the villagers and rest of the party restored the healing power of the lake. They put Rallion in the lake holding the glowing feathers of Rallion and Lungmold (symbols of the chosen of The Mothers.). His body was now healed and glowing, but still dead. Druul reached in hoping to pull out a way to raise Rallion, and pulled forth a rune. The party had Lambertus sacrifice 5 of the 6 hobgoblin prisoners and instead of raising him, he was reincarnated as a glowing Unicorn. Rallion elected to remain in Montoa as the Guardian of the Lake and Montoa. Gath the Troglodyte who faithfully followed Rallion after being charmed by the Scepter now thinks Rallion has ascended to a higher being and will stay with Rallion. In session 68 the party found all at Montoa dead with Rallion near Gath. Rallion's horn was missing. Dead Ally
Tik Tok DVL Trap in the Dwarven Embassy in Malgrim DVL who powers the Doomsday Clock. The party unwittingly got him trapped in the DVL trap in the Dwarven Embassy in Malgrim. We think we might have a way to rescue him. We did save him, and he is back at home with his clock. Alive Ally
One Horn Hdrasta DVL who brought orcs, hobgoblins, and giants under his sway and sent a force which the party drove off to pollute the lake and destroy Montoa. Alive Enemy
Sir Ferthald of Gerathmiel, Warden of the Eternal Storm's Eastern Border Underdark Emissary who greeted the party when we entered Velkin's portal to the web/underdark. He escorted us back to the web and directed us towards Milgra, where we returned to the embassy to speak to Jax. Winter Elf who explained the rules of the joust to Khelratha. Alive NPC Allied with Winter King
Sir Lungmold of the Mycelium, Lord of the Lower Halls of Malgrim and the Surrounds Party A Warden of Medeia/Vassal to Winter King; gained extra titles for helping convince Malgrim to surrender Alive Party Member
Sir Brendil of the Cloak from Vargin Party Human the party met in the Underdark, his prior party wiped out by a black pudding. Now a Warden of Medeia/Vassal to Winter King Alive Party Member
Sir Ranarth Quinn of Gharmarost NPC traveling with the Wardens of Medeia/Vassal to Winter King NPC the party acquired in the jungles of Alive NPC with Party
Sir Issankar the Baleful Winter Elf in Winter King's court. Second to Old Man Winter in joust with Khelratha in Session 63. Warden of the Necropolis Alive NPC Allied with Winter King
Old Man Winter Frost giant in service to the Winter King. Champion of the Winter King who jousted with Khelratha in Session 63. Alive NPC Allied with Winter King
Keres Winter Wolf from court of the Winter King. Mount for joust Khelrathat had with Old Man Winter in Session 63. Now a companion of Druul. Alive NPC with Party
Tyriol the Younger Son of the Winter Elf who presented his young son in service to the Winter King in Session 62, now grown in Session 63. One of 5 retainers of Lungmold. Alive NPC with Party
Travaran the Untested Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Thessalia the Strong-Armed Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Tarathiel the Lucky Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Siveril Wardenson Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Rizimar of Stormhall Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Khilseith the Lost Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Isilynor of the Thorn of Ice Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Davaris of the Eternal Storm's Western Border Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Adthana Troll-Bane Ipsum Lorem One of 5 retainers. Alive NPC with Party
Aubry Grotecop The Righteous Hammer True Love of Lady Em. Killed in the tomb of the Winter King's Seneschal when the party escaped the Drow. Raised when the Winter King returned. Now a traitor to the Winter King on the run. Alive Ally
Lady Em Young Girl from Midmark saved by the party from the Devil Fish, kidnapped by the young Grell, rescued by the party, driven mad, no longer mad. Last seen in the company of Elf mage and headed to dwarven Khel. Unknown Ally?
Khulka Kharst Malgrim Sizek Ygna of Clan Kharst. Mother of Khargrim. Alive Ally?
Marbel Nanchak Malgrim Sizek Ygna of Clan Nanchak. She helped the cloaker assassins and we captured her. Alive Ally?
Themalla Regathe Malgrim Sizek Ygna of Clan Regathe. Mother of the gnome boy who fell off a balcony before we could save him. Alive Ally?
Khargrim Kharst Malgrim Son of Khulka Kharst who the party met at the first drow trading post where we met Borthan and his brother. Alive Ally?
Hithems Malgrim Sizek Jagartha of the priests, and advisor to the council of the three Sizek Ygnas. Alive Ally?
Lucifer Malgrim - Embassy Black cat the party acquired and left at the embassy. Alive Ally
Bili Nanchak Malgrim - Embassy Deepgnome the party hired to navigate Malgrim. Now getting food for embassy. Convinced to move to embassy in Session 65. Alive Ally
Sybille Nanchak Malgrim - Embassy Aunt of Bili Nanchak. Convinced to move to embassy in Session 65. Alive Ally
Grisselle Malgrim Owner of Grisselle's Apothecary. Afraid of lizards, so acted weird in Oskar's Presence. Bought lots of potions ingredients in Session 30-31 and 66. Alive Neutral
Ajax the Raven Montoa Emissary to the Wardens of Medeia from the Parliament of Birds Alive Ally
Captain Boslin Kobold Warren Formerly of the Greycloaks of Midmark. With the survivors organized by Lord Thornton. Alive Ally?
Clarissa of Midmark Swamp near mouth of the Vargwater River Leader of the non-violent experiments of Jager who just want to be left along. Alive Ally?
Alician Xen Khel Leader of the Dervishes the party met at Jagers and said we should meet up in Xen Khel. Her name should get us in. Alive Ally?
Jocelyn Crouper - Cleric Kobold Warren Nephew of Lord Thornton who helped the original Baldric's Boys to steal something from the temple. Now with Thornton organizing survivors. Alive? Ally?
Feldenminxus Cave down the path to the river near Jager's Leader of the Kobolds that the original party drove off from the Kobold Warren now occupied by Lord Thornton. Alive? Ally?
Pollux Near Greybeard Golden Eagle King? of the birds. Ran the Parliament of Birds. Source of Rallion's golden feather. Alive Ally
Vermillion With Summer Lord Hawk who Source of Lungmold's golden feather. It was blessed by the matriarchs. Alive Ally
Meltes Unknown Owl - Keeper of Memories Alive Ally
Ptolomy Unknown Woodpecker - given a title for helping us get the shard sword and bracer from the Spider Box. Alive Ally
Timorer Unkonwn Roc who was late to Parliament of Birds. Challenged Pollux as leader of the Parliament of Birds. Allied with the DVLs. Mentioned Asmodeus. Alive Enemy
Bogfunk Malgrim Leader of the mycelian gang in the lower level of Malgrim. Upset that Lungmold purchased the ring of hiding from a gnome who was holding it for the gang. Gnome thought Lungmold part of gang. Alive? Enemy
Jarlanna With Lolth Priestess of Lolth who took the Spider Box from Old Greybeard and captured Alive Enemy
Lolth City of Brass or other plane?? Driven from her web by the Winter King Alive Enemy
Dark King With Lolth Last Lord Marshall of the ancient dwarves. With the end of DVL magic has allied with the drow loyal to Lolth. Alive Enemy
Primila Nanchak Malgrim Billy's Cool aunt. That Knows a Guy Alive Ally
Beziella Thule Underdark Priestess of Lolth Spokesperson for 5 drow that showed up outside the dwarven embassy in Malgrim seeking sanctuary. Alive Ally??
Miszerth Tanielu Underdark Chief Instructor of War College one of 5 drow that showed up outside the dwarven embassy in Malgrim seeking sanctuary. Alive Ally??
Adantia Tvala Underdark Priestesses of the Ossuary one of 5 drow that showed up outside the dwarven embassy in Malgrim seeking sanctuary. Alive Ally??
Mithandra Tvala Underdark Priestesses of the Ossuary one of 5 drow that showed up outside the dwarven embassy in Malgrim seeking sanctuary. Alive Ally??
Razmum Tanielu Underdark Commander of the Temple Guard; Fellow of the War College one of 5 drow that showed up outside the dwarven embassy in Malgrim seeking sanctuary. Alive Ally??
Sir Gharmold Underdark The Keeper of the Citadel of Ice. Greeted us and got us healing in Session 69. Alive Ally
Rathmere Underdark Head mage of the Winter King Alive Neutral
Allician Haynes Xen Khel Inquisitor of the dragon empire. First met the party at Jagers and invited us to Xen Khel. We made it to Xen Khel in Session 71. Alive Ally?
Jardin Xen Khel Brood Father. A dragon who acted as an apprentice to Talisin and later took the place of Lord Thornton. The Starchy Boyz worked with him on uneasy terms. Alive Ally?
Asimir Xen Khel Member of Dragon Emperor's force in Xen Khel who presented us to Allician Haynes. Researching Time Travel. Alive Ally?
Azrael Xen Khel The Dragon Emperor. Researching Soul Harvesting Alive Ally?
Heliocharnaxus Xen Khel Research into Controlled Eruption Alive Ally?
Itherrialma Xen Khel Researching Sealing/Destroying Medial Dimensions Alive Ally?
Niximanthus Xen Khel Virology (Combine the Ancient Dwarven undead disease with Prixithalma's DVL virus. Alive Ally?
Jax Dwarven Embassy in Malgrim Conjoined Twins. Each is an Archmage. Retired Imperial Inquisitor (We learned this in Session 72). Researching the DVL trap that is the Silverthrone Embassy. Alive Ally
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Name Locale Description
Grell Estate Midmark Large estate in the High Town district of Midmark formerly owned by the Grell family but recently awarded to the players for their service to the city. Lord Arden Grell, one-time chief magistrate of the city, was the previous owner of this estate but abandoned when it became haunted by the spirits of his wife and chief maidservant (both of whom he killed). The basement of the main house had a secret chamber where Arden Grell and his nephew Alaine tortured and killed various women (mostly native islander women they kidnapped using their resources as leading citizens and government officials)
Midmark Island of Curabel Largest city on Curabel. Destroyed by the weapon on the former orbiting space station of Xen Tel.
Vargen Island of Curabel Second largest city on Curabel. Overrun by the diseased undead, and now controlled by DVLs.
Kobold Lair Island of Curabel Originally a lair of kobolds who raided those using the ford of the Vargwater for those avoiding the price of the ferry. Baldric's Boyz drove off the Kobolds for the city of Vargen. Now the base for humans and others from the cities of Curabel, lead by Lord Thornton, fighting the DVLS.
Hdrasta Island of Curabel Ancient stronghold used by the Four Mothers to fight the dragons long ago. Now occupied by One Horn and the orcs, hobgoblins, and giants under his sway.
Montoa Island of Curabel Native Village and home of the Daughters of the Matriarch. Their warriors and leaders are women. It is near the lake that gets its healing powers from the stream coming down off of Old Greybeard.
Hizzou Island of Curabel Native village who tried to mediate between Shem and Montoa. Now in a trade agreement, and potential defensive pact with Montoa.
Shem Island of Curabel Native Village who attacked Montoa, nearly destroying it. Bavmorda took Montoan warriors to wreak vengeance on Shem.
Valgrim Island of Curabel Underdark city of the Drow.
Malgrim Island of Curabel Underdark city of the Deep Gnomes. Silver Throne Embassy occupied by Jax, and claimed by Lungmold to keep it from the Winter King.
Gharmarost Dragon Empire - Mainland City in Dragon Empire, home of Ranarth Quinn, now Sir Ranarth Quinn of Gharmarost.
Silver Throne Embassy Island of Curabel In the gnomish underdark city of Malgrim. Occupied by Jax, studying the DVL trap. Claimed by Lungmold to keep it from the Winter King.
Old Greybeard Island of Curabel Home to the Caverns of the Dead, Tombs of the Matriarchs, source of the healing waters that feed the lake near Montoa.
Caverns of the Dead Island of Curabel Shrine and village in a cave on Old Greybeard.
Tombs of the Matriarchs Island of Curabel Shrine and tomb near the peak of Old Greybeard.
Roc Nest Island of Curabel Nest of a pair of mated Rocs, now deceased. The party killed one in the prior campaign after is killed the fire giant Suttung. The party charmed the other, but it was killed. The Parliament of Birds met here.
Shrine To Brita Island of Curabel East of Old Greybeard. It gives a blessing when the morning like strikes the face on the rock wall. We found it on our journey to the Parliament of Birds.
Shrine To Cerida Island of Curabel North of Old Greybeard. It is partly desecrated. It also gives a blessing. We found it on our first effort at going to Hdrasta before the thessalahydra and Barbed DVLs attacked and we went to the Winter King.
Shrine To Feldma Island of Curabel West of Old Greybeard. We assume it is there, but have yet to find it.
Shrine To Oswitha Island of Curabel South of Old Greybeard. We assume it is there, but have yet to find it.
Lungmold's embassy Malgrim The doorway betweem Malgrim and the winter king
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