Session Eighty-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 88, March 30 2022



We continue at 1PM on the 10th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having arrived just outside the city of Port on Serpent's Tooth Island. According to the islanders who tried to kill members of the group in their sleep the previous night, the town is experiencing a food shortage now that there are no regular arrivals from the main islands of Curabel. Meanwhile, the party has gathered everything needed at the Malgrim embassy for Jardin and Itherialma to begin their experiments creating new anti-DVL pylons from recovered bits of nanocarbon. One hopes that neither those tests, nor the hungry rust monster a few yards from tasty piles of rare metal, will turn into a disaster ...

Larry's Summary

We enter the city - Jardin, Velkin, Khelratha, and Raynarth and negotiate an entry fee with the "guards."

Then we make our way to the tavern the Smilin' Snake.

We run into Mortimer Fennic, Cvelnid, and Nigel Arkstone captain of the Bronze Wizard.

We make it to the Bronze Wizard and Druul, Kauri, and Oskar come out.

Nigel says they can't take us to the mainland, but willing to take us to Watcher's Island to see if there are any imperial ships.

Druul does parley with the captain of the orc ship, Captain Vishnik of the Jaunty Jade, under Admiral Elchior of Armada.

For 200 gp the deal is done.

The deal is for safe passage for the Bronze Wizard back to Feldmark & Druul, Jardin as an orc with a goatee, Kauri & Oskar are going on the ship.

Druul & company will have a ride to the mainland and also to Armada. Druul is the son of Kaza of the Thorn Drift. (An admiral)

Nigel offers a toast with a fine Midmark wine and mentions that Em had her baby, a boy, and named him Aubrey.

Nigel gives Druul another bottle and Druul puts it with the gold.

Velkin pulls a generic help letter to Nigel. We can take it to Dun Khel and shows it to the dwarves, and we'll make sure Aldus and the others from Midmark see it.

Druul, et. al. go to the Jaunty Jade to a room near where the captain's quarters should be. A small cabin, there's only 5 of you, can you fit in here? Three cots in the room. Food's when the bell rings, or we're attacking or being attacked.

Velkin Scrolls 52 - Session 88

1:00pm, Denrilden 10

00.00000.09.21 Apocalypse Clock

We arrive at Serpent’s tooth and Jardin circles a bit so we get the dragon’s eye view of the city of Port. Here I thought surface dwellers were imaginative… Port. Right.

The city isn’t a bustling metropolis.

We land out of sight of the turnpike without a gate and approach. The ‘guard’ shake us down for a toll, I happily relieve them of it as we pass.

The town is drying up, few businesses are open for lack of supplies. This town is a hub for adventurers heading into the mountains nearby for treasure hunting. We make our way toward the main building in town, the Smiling Snake owned by Sepal Gundula and meet a few old acquaintances of the previous incarnation of our group, the Starchy Boys and learn a few things:

There’s 2 ships at dock: Captain Nigel Arkstone of Feldmark with the Bronze Wizard and Captain Vishnik of Admiral Elchior from the Armada with the Jaunty Jade. They’re at a stalemate at the moment.

Mortimer Fennic, a dwarf. Cvelnid a large woman, and Capt. Nigel are at the bar. They’re looking for adventurers to come back to Feldmark and help get rid of a giant zombie. The DVL’s won’t go near Feldmark, but anyone living gets absorbed by the zombie. The surrounding lands of Feldmark are laying fallow and famine is likely.

Captain Sorcha is a pain and runs the City Guard.

Druul negotiates a deal with Captain Vishnik allowing the Bronze Wizard to go free and we’ll leave with the Jaunty Jade. Jardin as Boborc, the orc with the immaculate goatee.

We let Captain Nigel know who we are after he shares a good bottle of Midmark liquor as he talks of Em, her kid Aubrey (After her father). She’s with a group of Midmark refugees at Dun Khel with Aldus Runnelbrook and a few others. We give him a Warden letter to take with him.