Session Eighty-Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 85, March 9 2022



We continue at 4:40PM on the 5th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with Velkin and Jardin traveling over the ocean towards Serpent's Tooth Island, searching for a stopover island; meanwhile, the rest of the party concludes their business in Malgrim after making alliances with Bogfunk and the Guild of Lower Porters ...

Larry's Summary

Kauri casts Identify with blood magic and the spell on the lock of the magic formula book is Fire Trap.

We decide that we need to copy the book before taking it into the embassy, just in case.

The gnome woman Druul asked to watch the gnome bard, Tristan, that he was in a meeting at a fish processing plant. Probably up to no good.

Lungmold charged Bogfunk to keep an eye on Tristan and spy at a distance on Tristan and his group and see what's going on.

We go to the portal to check on Jardin and Velkin's progress.

They spotted a DVL crossing their path and it did not see them. Soom they saw a burning ship, but the rain and Jardin's wings wafting water put it out.

We took to the ship and found better charts, the log book, a spyglass, and many other supplies on the Dirty Maid, a ship of the Midmark navy that the original party used to chase after Grell. They were on pirate patrol when Xenotel and the DVLs fell. They found Midmark destroyed and have been trying to find a port to stay or re-supply. We gathered 40 kegs of gunpowder, one cannon, and ten cannon balls, rope, pulleys, weapons, crates, barrels, footlockers, and food. Four greycloaks.

Lungmold gathered the 35 bodies into the portal to grow a zombie mushroom army.

The next day Velkin and Jardin spotted a large round circular area of still water. They flew lower and closer to try to see if they could find intelligence. They did not detect anything from the still area, but something large was down there. They stumbled upon a devil fish who told Lungmold that mother's champion had called them. (Is it Alice or is the dragon Azrael brought back Lysander?)

Lungmold's backstory (shared with players): Lungmold left his village because a devil fish gave him a prophecy. Spoke to the colony's mind with news from the wider work. The broken guard. Avatar's of Creation's Vinegar, the new world would mean the end of the the mind god will be destroyed and they need Lungmold to guide their destructive tendencies.