Session Eighty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 84, March 2 2022

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We continue at 12:50AM on the 5th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with Velkin having returned to Jardin on the beach of Curmidden to sleep; meanwhile, the party in the web portal begins lugging the nanocarbon machinery pieces to the embassy in Malgim -- along with the book detailing some kind of formula for binding DVLs ...

Larry's Summary

We lug the stuff back to Malgrim and get a bunch of Winter Elves to help carry it. We get them to help get the machines up to the courtyard.

Jaxx and Ithirialma seem to have been making progress. They are exited by the 36 volumes of the mathematical formula research, and the magical formula book. We are not sure if the magic on the lock is something we need to keep. Kauri asks Tik Tok and there is a DVL in there, but it will not answer Tik Tok.

Lungmold makes a truce with Bogfunk who swears fealty to Lungmold and the Winter King in exchange for a writ to continue his procurement and transportation business. Lungmold gets a writ for him from Sir Firthold.

Malkin Regathe, the Master of the Guild of the Lower Porters makes a deal with Lungmold to run the lift so that it doesn't cut into their business and not affect the revenues of Clan Regathe.

Both Bogfunk and Malkin will put in a good word about us.

Borthan will stay behind so that Jaxx and Ithrialma can examine his sword until we are ready to assault the Inquisitorial Library.

Kauri gives a list of ingredients needed for healing and extra healing potions for Bogfunk to procure.

Borthan gives a list of ingredients for his tea so Bogfunk can try to acquire some.

Since Jaxx and Ithirialma are not sure about the DVL magic on the Book of Formulas it will need to stay on the terrace so that the DVL it not inadvertently stripped away because it is not clear if it is bound in such a way that crossing the threshold of the embassy will have an effect on it or not.

Ithirialma will give a list of mathematical books in the general portion of the Inquisitorial library to help understand the mathematical formula. Ithirialma says that Prixithalma would be a good one to understand the Book of Formulas.

It is not clear if one must understand the answer, or what to activate the formula or just inscribe it. It is not clear if one long formula or several related formulas.

Jaxx claims to understand the formula, but Ithirialma is not so sure he's truthful about that.

Lungmold relays messages to Bogfunk to come get his writ and the lists for items, and that Sir Firthold will be reaching out to him.

Jardin and Velkin have an uneventful night. Jardin hunts and returns with a young elephant. Velking cuts the turnk and ears into strips for Forcas.

They take flight over the ocean and have a long uneventful flight until nightfall with no sign of land. Velkin watches for points of light from fires.

During their journey the discuss using other dimensions for shadow stepping. Jardin asks what would be the doorway to focus, like one focuses on the doorway of shadows?

Another discussion, Velkin proposes using the dream state for shadow stepping. Velkin suggests gathering books on the topic from the Inquisitorial Library.

Velkin Scrolls 51 - Session 84

1:20pm, Denrilden 4

00.00000.09.27 Apocalypse Clock

Jardin and I rest, he finds us a nice young elephant for breakfast. I cut some strips from the snout and ears for Forcas. He likes those kinds of things.

In just a short time we’re flying over open water, no land in sight in any direction…

The day passes as we discuss various things from math magic to inter-dimensional shifting astral vs shadow medial dimensions. Jardin postulates that there needs to be a focus to open the doorway, like the shadow in shadowstepping. Or the dream state in astral projection?

Second hand notes of the goings on in Malgrim:

Kauri notes that the lock on the nanocarbon bound book, ``Dervus Karn’s Fantastic Formulas``, has transpatial energy emitting from it. Likely a trap.

Plenty of Nanocarbon salvage is at the Embassy now, thanks to our recent foray into the dwarven outpost.

There is Lungmold Dipolomacy attempting to sway the Jagartha to be more accepting of our presence and authority here.

Rotbreath, Dampfoot’s cousin, joins Dampfoot as mycelian guards for the Embassy.

Messages asking to meet with Lungmold were waiting. One from Bogfunk and one from Mankin of Clan Regathi, the Master of the Guild of Lower Porters.

Alisceon and Ithelrialma are on good terms, Jax is more reservered.

Jax believes the Nanocarbon book is a way of binding DVL’s. There’s discussion of combining the warding/capturing tech with the formula. The Nanocarbon tome is very dense and very complicated. Even with the notes from the 36/50 volumes. Itherilalma gives us a list of books from the Inquisitorial Library that can help as well as a list in the Locked Archives on the Medial Dimensions.

Borthan’s githyanki greatsword is covered in miniscule inscriptions very similar to the formulas Dervus Karn’s book. He’s unhappy that he’s staying here to have his sword pored over. He’d much rather be fighting.

The party meets with Bogfunk at the Underwarren. He shows up after they order the ‘house special’. There was a gnome waiting for the sign near the barkeep. An agreement is made to supply the Embassy with what it wants in return for unrestricted passage through the winter elf garrison. Ser Furthold is informed of the arrangement.

We learn that Bogfunk is very respectful of Primilla, Billi’s aunt. She’s a badass.