Session Eighty-Six Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 86, March 16 2022

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We continue at 1:30PM on the 6th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with Velkin and Jardin traveling over the ocean towards Serpent's Tooth Island, aiming for a stopover island with small village they saw on the charts aboard the Dirty Maid; meanwhile, the rest of the party waits inside the web portal with the cannon, supplies, and dead bodies they salvaged from that same ship ...

Larry's Summary

Khelratha shows how to load the cannon and then tries to teach Druul the *Balad of Xenilum Khel*.

Druul puts cotton in his ears and Khelratha's humming actually sounds decent. Druul says it is for in case the cannon goes off.

Kauri is reading a book.

Lungmold is starting his myconid zombie farm.

Velkin is flying on Jardin and about 4:30 pm sees something splashing around in the water, mostly under the surface. Whatever it is is big, and water spouts.

About early evening just as the sun is setting they see the small island that they are speeding up on and the village should be on the opposite, Eastern shore. Don't make out any lights.

They land on the beach and Velkin goes in to meet the villagers and it welcomed as a shipwreck survivor.

He gets Velkin and ten swords to give to the islanders. Velkin notices that there are whispy strands, hard to see in the moonlight. They sleep and the next morning turn invisible and fly to the next island.

It is a day of rain and they get to a smaller island and the invisible Jardin is knocked on the head and a group of 40 Sahuagin tie ropes on him to drag him into the water. VElkin wakes to this. He moves away and opens the portal and holds it up so we can fire the cannon.

The cannon explodes and Lungmold and Druul fall knocked out. All the Winter Elves are wounded, four of them are killed.

Oskar charges out hitting the nearest one. Khelratha also charges out and hits the same one with the frost brand sending shards of ice from its body and the raindrops flying at the rest, which smoke streams from his beard.

Ceres runs out and uses his frost breath on the leader and 5 others, the rest flee back to the sea and we chase them.

We learn that Jardin was hit over the head, explaining why he didn't wake up.

We pass around healing potions then re-enter the portal.

Kauri makes 5 healing potions overnight.

This is now the 8th and Ranarth goes to check on the embassy in Malgrim and Forcas waits for Ithirialma.

Khelratha and Lambertus go to watch the portal for Azrael.

Velkin Scrolls 52 - Session 86

1:30pm, Denrilden 6

00.00000.09.25 Apocalypse Clock

Jardin and I have been flying quite a long time out of sight of any land. We pass by a large something splashing in the ocean spouting water. Not wanting to get into something we don’t want to handle at the moment, we decide to fly on.

Early evening Jardin spies a small island. The chart says a village is on the opposite side from our approach, but easily walkable. Oddly, there’s no boats at the piers down from the village, they’re away from the village in another cove. We land away from sight and make our way into the village of around 50ish people a few armed with bows and spears.

Jardin and I introduce ourselves as Bob Thornton (Jardin) and Frank to a couple scouts that we approached all charitable and kind offering some swords to let us into the village. We’re brought to the Elders. An old woman and 2 old men. With the help of Lungmold, we determine they’re not hostile and they offer their hospitality for the night. Lagi, the old woman chatters about what we figure are DVL’s and the fall of Xeno Tel then she lets us know that we’re to work tomorrow digging something. Neither of us are remotely interested in that. After eating and resting well, we exit with no one noticing and continue our journey in the morning. Leaving them in a state of confusion as to our whereabouts, made for some conversation of the islander’s actions after they figured we left. We finally decided they’d probably welcome us as gods of some sort if we ever happened to go back. With slightly less even odds we might be burned as evil spirits. You never can tell the whims of folks.

Denrilden 7

3 days off the coast of Curmidden about halfway to Serpent’s Tooth and it’s storming.

The next island on our chart looks small and uninhabited. We land, rest and I wake up to some barking. Scaly black-green aquatic humanoids with crests on their heads that are trussing Jardin up. Hurriedly, I open the portal and Lungmold lights off the cannon and BOOM! It explodes… killing some of the winter elves... So much for that! The rest of the party rushes out and we route the attacking Sauhagin. Jardin was poisoned and knocked out. We collect what they left in their haste to depart with Forcas trimming some delicacies from the fallen.

We rest up a bit, and the party returns to the web portal. We decide to fly for 2 days to an inhabited island hoping to skip another lesson in complacency.

Second hand notes of the goings on in The Underdark:

Lungmold tends to his zombie garden

Raynarth heads to check in on the Embassy

Kauri brews and reads

Khelratha and Lambertus monitor Azreal’s portal