Session Eighty-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 82, February 16 2022



We continue at 3:20AM on the 4th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party split in two groups: on the surface of Curmidden, Velkin visited with an ancient elven woman named Solanna who lives in the middle of the jungle; meanwhile, in Malgrim, the party has confronted the Czizek Jagartha in the high temple and things have deteriorated quickly into a physical struggle ...

Larry's Summary

Kauri charms the Czizek Jagartha and he corroborates the story that the junior priest Taman was corrupted by the Silence and tried to assassinate the Czizek Jagartha.

Taman is deposited in a cell in a converted store room down below.

We stop by the citadel and tell Sir Firthold about the "assassination" attempt and he will use it to request volunteers to go fight the Silence for trying to assassinate the high priest.

We then go check the embassy to verify that the Higeki guards are there. There are four guards and suggest that those in the embassy take a Higeki guard.

Dampfoot has a friend Rot Breath who wants a job, Lungmold OKs it and says talk to Cybil.

Talk to Jax and Ithirialma.

Itirialma will join us once we reach the Inquisitor's Library.

Rest of party rejoins Alician, Ajax, and a few Winter Elves inside Velkin's portal.

Alician says, "Finally, you missed out on some weirdness."

Mentions meal with old woman, cemetery, flying snakes, Jardin will reach Eastern shore by mid day.

Velkin & Jardin continue their journey and reach the coast and Jardin lands and promptly declares he will sleep.

The plan is for Jarin to sleep til the next morning. It is now midday.

They passed an automaton with a pile of gears like worship, and spotted two giants. Velkin decided to investigate the giants and sent to the stream.

Velkin came upon a group of giant beetles and evaded them, as he is invisible.

He comes upon the giants lugging a litter of junk to the fallen automaton.

Lungmold scans them through the micro opening in the portal and the leader saves and grabs his head, yelling at the others to go in the general direction of the invisible VElkin.

Velkin avoids them and investigates the litter.

He pockets what appears to be a platinum circlet, 5 platinum lenticular devices, 2 platinum chains of office. He notices a large bound book with a clasp and it appears to have nanocarbon covers.

The book is under a large piece of machinery.

Velkin waits for them to finish carrying the load and placing it before the fallen, nearly prone automaton.

He sees that they appear to be making a phallic symbol out of junk to make the automaton's junk.

Velkin finds the book, but it looks like they just took stuff off the litter the way it was and it is still under a large piece of machinery that Velkin is not sure if he can move it to get at the book.

Velkin Scrolls 49 - Session 82

3:20am, Denrilden 4

00.00000.09.27 Apocalypse Clock

Malgrim: Kauri charms Czik Jagartha and the story’s planted that Tarmon was the source of the assassination plot backed by the Silence and taken into custody.

The story planted, instead of conscription, a volunteer force for revenge against the Silence for the attempted assassination is proposed.

Other arrangements are made for protection of those from the embassy using Higeki guards, another mycelian, Rotbreath is hired.

Surface: Jardin and I decide to leave Solanna and the Imperial fortress with it’s evil whatever alone, along with the cemetery, and continue traveling overnight.

The rest of the party returns from Malgrim and Alisceon fills them in on the encounter with Solanna I fill in some blanks but there’s not much else to tell.

We fly over 4 large apes that appeared to have killed a dragon/scorpion thing wyvern, and are laid out in a funerary display with flowers on them.

We come to a hilltop mid morning that rises above the jungle canopy with 10 dead trees ringing the top. We pass it by, it would have been a decent place to rest. Those dead trees, not sure ‘bout them.

Just before noon we reach the coast passing a fallen, broken automaton that looks to have been there a while. A couple giants are lounging near it, look like hill giants. There’s a river flowing toward the coast leading back up that way.

Jardin lands north from the river on the coast at the upper end of an isolated beach and promptly begins his rest.

I head back to follow the river to investigate the giants and the automaton sighting. On the way, it starts raining and a few beetles notice something amiss in my direction, I avoid them and continue on.

At the automaton, I get there about the time a group of 8 hill giants are moving down toward it carrying a lot of junk on a palanquin. Lungmold reads their minds and they feel like they’re about done with what they’re doing and are tired. He tries to mess with them and they start coming my way, searching.

I circle back to poke through the palanquin they were carrying after while they’re out looking for me. I find a number of nice trinkets, swap my gold circlet for a platinum one and gather some other treasure. There’s a nanocarbon bound book pinned some large machinery. I make myself scarce as they make their way back and follow them down to the automaton.

The giants are making piles in the shape of male genitals for the automaton… humongous male genitals. After they stack up their…. ‘junk’ piles, they head back up the path.

The book’s still under a rather large piece of machinery...