Session Fifteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 15, October 14 2020

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We continue at 5:00AM on the 13th of Tenrilden with the party returning to Hesfyx's trading post after confirming that the troglodytes have been driven from their lair (and retrieving some fragments of the Stone God's arm for use in memorizing spells) ...

Session Summary

We learn from Hesfix about two elderly people and a chest. Jahrlixus is a "former" drow who was in line to be the Lord Marshall. He has a grudge against the drow and is now a drider.

Braadlur gets a smaller bomb and Rallion gets Majilis, Herasib and the gnomes from Villems to accompany us to meet Jahrlaxus. Khorvec leads us there. Jahrlaxus wants 5.000 gp in coin or gems, Rallion gets Majilis to give him 5 large gems to pay Jahrlaxus. Majilis is shaking when handing them over as Villems will be upset if she doesn't get all her gems.

We move fast and the gnomes fall behind. We pass through an area with signs of umber hulks AKA Beetlemen and their gem laden rock-like excrement from which Braadlur gathers two small gems.

When stop to rest in a small cavern for a couple hours and near the end of two hours Herasib shows up with an odd look in his eye raving about face stealers. We subdue Herasib and Braadluur goes to investigate and finds a dead gnome that appears that someone tried to remove his face.

Rallion fashions a harness for the trod to carry the unconscious Herasib. Fisher eats the dead gnome.

We travel a few hours and come to a crevasse and cross it with ropes.

We travel about an hour or so and hear a scream. Rallion, Laris, Braadlur, and the trog sneak forward adn see a squidface kicking a living stalactite (piercer). Rallion shoots at it and misses and Braadlur hits with a sleep bolt from his crossbow, Rallion rushes in and chops off its head. We find another robe, a satchel with five gems, and a scroll. Laris manages to read it and squidface was sent to scout the drow in preparation for an attack. It also had a scribble that mentions Herasib and a disturbance.

We move on and come to a river. We prepare to cross the river and Braadlur goes off exploring and encounters ten kuo-toa (fish people) and they rush him and he sets off his new bomb taking out 9 of the ten fish people. He found a boat. All the rest of the party knows is that Braadlur is gone and we heard an explosion. (Will the party arrive in time to save Braadlur and Fisher and find the boat that will help them make up for lost time?)