Session Fifty-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 58, August 18 2021



We continue at 9:00PM on the 22nd of Laurilden beside the lake northeast of Montoa. Rallion, slain by beetles, has just been reincarnated as a golden unicorn and indicates he will stay to protect the enchanted waters and the village. Gath indicated that he will stay with Rallion. Meanwhile, Ajax brings back word about the orcs fleeing back to One Horn's lair and the party contemplates where to go from here ...

Larry's/Kelratha's Summary

The party says their farewells to Rallion and Gath as they wander off seeking a new lair.

Once they return to Montoa, Kahlia pulls Lungmold aside and asks them to meet with her. When we meet with her, she says that she has decided to pardon Misra and the other changelings based on their aid against the orcs. Druul suggests another test, sending them back with the embassy to Hizzou. Folcard volunteers to go with them.

At the suggestion of Druul, Grissel agrees to take out letter [to be written]. Folcard volunteers to see Grissel to the coast and a ship once the emissaries are delivered to Hizzou.

The party divvies up some of Rallion's gear.

The party had to revise their watch order as Rallion and Gath normally had first watch. The watches pass peacefully, until near the end of the last watch when Lungmold hears some excitement as Daughters of the Matriarch shout, "We've caught one!" meaning an orc.

Lungmold goes out to see a strange figure of a filthy and much dissheveled dwarf in piecemeal power armor and a tangled and uneven beard.

Lungmold tried to read his mind and he throws Lungmold out and falls to the ground shouting and ranting in Dwarven to "Get out of my head!"

Once the dwarf realizes he is no longer being scanned he stands looking at the Mycelian.

Velkin comes behind hearing he dwarf say over his shoulder, "I told you it'd be alright."

At the sight of Velkin, the dwarf draws forth a sword and a disenchanted lightning axe yelling, "Get back you slaver! You'll never take me alive!"

Lambertus is asked to come in and assures the dwarf they are not slavers.

Once the dwarf is calmed down, they hear a disjointed story about falling from the sky and dying and being tortured and having no honor, seeking his honor in fighting the dark dwarves and the DVLS. Although one can't fight DVLs since magic was destroyed.

They learn that his name is Khelratha, a sign of his dishonor. Khel meaning "fortress" and Ratha meaning "killer".

The party invite him to wash up and join them for breakfast and he gladly accepts.

Once in the hut for the meal, he sits and sets his sword and lightning axe down. His cloak has the bottom end folded up and tied with vines to hold bits of food, roots, berries, and raw meat from his hunting and foraging in the jungle.

Brendil shows off his glowing mace and the funny looking sword (the shard sword) to Khelratha saying he has magic. Khelratha gives a huh! of derision at that. It must be a trick, the way the mace glows.

Lungmold writes symbols on 6 planks for each of 6 possible destinations: Jax, Coast (Armada, Devilfish, etc.), Myrientasxus' Lair, Winter King, and One Horn in Hdrasta. He then takes them outside and arranges them in a fan like pattern and invites us to go out. He takes an arrow and shoots it a bit into the air and it takes a winding course and lands on the one for One Horn in Hdrasta. They speak of orcs and a DVL. Maybe they do have magic! Killing a DVL would be a good start.

As they eat they talk of a contract to free DVLs from some prison to power items. If there are trapped DVLs somewhere and they can be put back where they belong, he could use his lightning axe again! He'd rather use the weapon of an ancient Lord Marshall. Those rare and powerful items can do awesome things. Maybe then he could seek vengeance on the Dark King and redeem his honor. He'd settle for being able to actually hurt a DVL again.

These people aren't entirely mad, and they seem to have magic. Although I'm back on Curmidden, maybe I can start the path to redemption in this Hdrasta. If the ancients fought dragons maybe we can find a way to fight dragons. Nasty, lying beasts. Silver Throne, DVLs, and Dragons were among the biggest liars I ever met. Scheming and twisting and using others for their evil plans.

They speak of "blood magic" and teleportation and a Jax and other disenchanted items he has. He's in the underdark? I don't want to go back there. But if that is where my path of honor leads, I will go.

We have walked many miles in the jungle, now with many more to walk to the mountains. We can keep walking. We will complete our journey to honor. Even if I'm the only dwarf left after I kill all the dark dwarves, that Dark King will rue the day he dared cross my path. We can take him, now that we've got magic and he doesn't....

Liar Box
Ring Protection - Kauri
Ring of Wizard
Bag Of Holding
Chain Mail
P. Robes - Lambertus
Short Bow
Clock for Tik Tok
Borthan Sword
Probability Sword
Rectangle Battery QTY: 1
Lightning Axe - Khelratha
Triangle Battery QTY: 5

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 29 – Session 58’

Laurilden 22, 9pm

Rallion will stay at the Lake with Gath and guard it. Kahlia pardons the Flesh God children, keeping their sins secret from the village for now.

Ajax returns and that the orc force is more than a day away and we wouldn’t be able to catch them before they reach the mountains.

Myriantaxsis’ mountain is on the other side of Hdrasta, where One Horn is holed up.

I touch the spiderbox – millions of tiny little voices. Some of the louder ones go quiet. Yes. To the question if they understand him. Some were listening, box gets hot. Eat, Cover the world, Find Mother.

Folcard is staying in Montoa. Will volunteer to travel to Hizzou with Mizra and family. If Grizzel wants to go to the Armada.

New Watch Order 1 Brendil, Oskar 2 Druul, Grissel 3 Velkin, Borthan 4 Lungmold, Felix

Droog is the cooperative orc from our prisoner pool.

The daughters of the matriarchs caught someone, hunched back, looks orcish. Lungmold digs in. Kilratha. (Larry’s new character). He was in the jungle nearby and he feels Lungmold’s influence trying to get into his head. He notices and starts screaming and hollering cussing Lungmold. Shrugs off Lungmold’s telepathic influences.

He says “I’m not an orc!” and the daughters ask what is he? Muscular dwarf with a scarred face and sourpuss, tangled mess of a beard. 4’8” Piecemeal dwarven power armor, has a sword and a lightning axe and a cloak folded over carrying his stuff.

He says he is Khelratha, he used to be a dwarf…

Lungmold comes up to him in front. Velkin comes along from behind. Khel (Settlement) Ratha (Slayer)

He fell from the sky when the DVL’s left somehow he still lives. He claims not to be a DVL. Kauri scans him with his mask. No DVL’s. No magic. Fell with Xen Tellar. That was the station in the sky. He says to restore his honor by killing dwarves and DVL’s.

Khelratha seems to be talking to himself… he was worse than a slave, it was death without dying.

Sits down in a corner and eats breakfast, pretty dour fellow.

Lungmold picks up: Confusion, Loss, Frustration, Relief at finding a semicivilized place that hasn’t driven him off, fresh food. Disappointed, thinks he can take anyone in the room.

He once had powerful magic, now nothing. (Magic Items)

He once heard of someone from another place, long ago didn’t use DVL magic. Was from another place that had magic he didn’t understand.

23rd of Lorilden

We discuss some things we know:

DVL’s controlled the place between the veil/shadow.

Lungmold makes marks on some boards Xhen Khel/Dragon Winter king Sea Coast Hdrasta Myrinataxis’ lair Jax

Shoots his arrow into the air to see which plank it guides us towards. a benefit to a number of these to bring them to our side. Not Jax – just checking in. Myrintaxis – useful but not swinging Winterking no, XhenKhel/Dragon, Hydrasta yes.

When brendil jumped into the embassy battery, he couldn’t get out on his own, the DVL’s could touch him.

There’s talk of making a deal with a contract with the DVL’s in Jax’s battery… I have reservations….