Session Fifty-Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 55, July 28 2021



We continue at 7:30PM on the 21st of Laurilden with Montoa under attack by orcs, giants, and other monstrous enemies. The party repels the first wave of attackers, but more foes emerge from the jungle and the number of defenders diminishes with each volley of arrows ...

Larry's Summary

The fight continues...

We drop the giant to the South and some via the party and Daughters of the Matriarchs firing arrows.

An orc fires a burning arrow into the Web Kauri cast, killing the orcs within and the orcs move in. Alfredus and Grissel go down.

The sleeping giant gets up and several orc burst through a hut to the East. 3 swarm Lungmold.

Lungmold uses the scepter to heal himself, but he, Hermagart, Cesario, and Will Siebeld are feared along with 4 orcs. Lungmold and Hermagart run North through a spike pit and continue on into the forest. Cesario & Will flee to the East and take damage from a spiked log and a spiked pit, and fall wounded and bleeding. 2 orcs ran North, one died and one injured. 2 other orcs ran south and into the woods, wounded by a spiked log.

Alfredus is struck down dead. All but one Hizzou warrior in the South is dropped. Grissel and Folcard go down.

Oskar is the target of focus from the archers. Some volleys miss entirely, some have a few hits, and some have many hits. Oskar keeps fighting.

Raynarth fires his bow into the archers to the East.

Rallion runs up and shoots two archers coming through the hut to the East. Raynarth also fires and helps Rallion.

Lambertus casts Continual Light to the South which hinders the orcs caught in it.

Kauri charmed 4 orcs trying to hack their way into the Shaman's hut with the children and healing jars in the basement. Thankfully some villagers are in there. Druul ran up to help by firing his crossbow into them, and is soon assisting the 4 charmed orcs. Although one of the charmed ones is big (not an orc?).

Kauri is hit by archers from the East.

Kauri is later assailed by 3 orcs, but his casting of sleep with the cracked stone drops them and several others.

Forcas helps by killing the two of the slept ones and Kauri uses the third to cast sleep and dropped several more. (Forcas then has to go drag another sleeping orc in so Kauri can cast another sleep.)

The group of party members to the South and the last Hizzou warrior make headway, but the archers drop Oskar, but Felix binds his wounds.

Finally, the last Hizzou warrior is dropped.

The last of the standing Daughters of the Matriarch are firing at the orcs to the South from cover.

Rallion is hit a couple of times by the giant, Gath comes in and drops two of the 3 orcs with the giant. Lambertus hits the other, and Kauri's sleep then drops it. Rallion, Gath, and Lambertus focus on the giant.

Velkin snuck off to the East and backstabbed a leader looking type, but he resisted the sleep poison. Velking managed to eventually drop him.

The orcs have been kept at the perimeter of the village and those trying to get into the Shaman's hut have been distracted by the 4 charmed orcs killing them, along with the ones Druul is wounding/dropping, and those felled by Kauri's sleep.

Nearly all of us are wounded, and we have been on the back foot for most of the fight.

Perhaps a steady source of life force for Kauri to keep casting sleep or other spells will help turn the tide....

Kauri used his cracked god stone to cast sleep and it cracked.

LungMold session 55

We are now surounded,the archer vollys have done a number on us, and now they are charging in. i have killed a few. and that dam giand got up, i knew i should have taken him out. moral is still high. and even better when Kouri Hit them with that lightning. and the web. They are on me now, i am surrounded. and hurt. i know this sceptor causes fear.

maybe if i heal my self, i can make that save. and anyone else near me. i am hoping the enemy will fail. here goes nothing, HEALs with the sceptor. i suddenly feel a fear growing in me ."OHNO!" RUN as i run i notice other party members are running as well as some of the enemy

my gods,were all going to Die. i have to get out of here. as Lungmold runs i nto the jungle.............

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 26 – Session 55

Montoan Defense Continues

Laurilden 21, 7:30pm

South Front: Felix, Borthan along with the Daughters take a giant down.

East: A sleeping giant is revived and advances again, Rallion rushes to confront it. 3 orcs swarm Lungmold who uses the Scepter to heal himself, and fears many of those around him. Hermagart, Lungmold, Cesario and will all flee and take damage from the spiked areas and disappear into the jungle.

Alfredus is killed, Grissel and Folcard also go down, not dead.

Rallion and Raynarth fire away to the East.

Lambertus casts continual light to the south hindering their advance.

Forcas aids by executing those Kauri sleeps and dragging more for him to use to fuel blood magic spells.

Rallion, Gath and Lambertus are fighting the giant to the East.

I take out one of the leadertypes on the Eastern front.

Kauri bleeds the slept and sleeping poisoned orcs for his spells and we make headway.