Session Fifty-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 51, June 30 2021



We continue at 8AM on the 17th of Laurilden with the party having rested the night in the Caverns of the Dead, identified their blessed items, and collected their stash of equipment. The groups intention is to begin the trek westward to Montoa with the aim of recuiting the Daughters of the Matriarch to their cause and collecting the sacred clay vessels that can carry the healing waters of the village's lake.

Larry's Summary

We neared the base of the mountain and saw some merchant wagons broken down and dead horses still in their harnesses. The wagons had the mark of Rhomkul Trading, the family of original Baldric Boys/Starchy Boyz Axel Rhomkul, now deceased.

There were 5 of them inside a Vardo style wagon. Lungmold detected no intelligent life. We gathered round the door, which Rallion opened, and inside were five dwarves undead from the terrible disease unleashed from Xen Khel by the original Starchy Boyz, none of whom still live.

We shut the door and wedged it shut and searched the wagons and found hammers and nails and nailed them in the wagon. It was raining, so we opened a hole in the roof of the vardo and poured in 11 of the 12 vials of oil we found and lit a fuse on the 12th before tossing it in. The fire contained in the wagon quickly burned and was enough to kill them, and the rain prevented the ashes spreading.

We decided to take the wagon with the goods to Montoa. Brendil animated the two horses and they pulled the wagon until night fall when they disintegrated.

Rallion foraged and found enough food for two people for a day.

We overnighted and near morning were attacked by 5 lizards which we quickly defeated and gave us ten days of food. Hermengart was hurt, so Druul charmed him and tied him to a tree so Lungmold could heal him with the sceptre. We had to wait until Hermengart calmed down.

We broke down the wagon and converted it to a cart, leaving behind the stuff we though would be less usable by Montoa. That is we kept the farm tools, nails, rope, etc.

Within a couple of hours we came upon a clearing with four dead native islanders tied to trees. They were naked, facing away from the center and had signs of torture before their throats were slit.

Rallion picked up a trail to the North, but due to the rain couldn't tell if they came from tat direction or left in that direction.

We continued on to Montoa. Midday we were attacked by a strange creature like a huge leopard with 5 snakes surrounding it's head.

It rushed Lambertus, injuring him, but we rushed in and along with several smaller blows, a magic missile spell from Kauri and titanic blow from Lungmold, we slew it.

Brendil animated the animal to pull the cart and Rallion tracked it back to its lair where we found 1,000 ep, 5,000 cp and three pieces of jewelry.

It is now 4:30 pm the 18th of Laurilden and we set our faces back to Montoa.