Session Fifty Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 50, June 23 2021



We continue at 6PM on the 16th of Laurilden with the Parlement of Birds having just concluded. The party has spent the past two nights split between the Matriarchs' tomb near the summit of Old Greybeard and the entrance cave where Timon and Azra once lived. Working with some of the birds, the group has selected their potential allies and drafted letters to invite them to a summit at the former lair of Myrientaxus the dragon; they have also breeched the lower chamber of the spider chest and recovered the items inside. Currently, the party intends to set out to revisit Montoa before making their way back eastward to seek the Dragon Emperor in Xen'Khel.

Larry's Summary

We return to the Cavern of the Dead and use blood magic to identify the shard short sword and bracer. The sword sends extradimensional creatures to their plane of origin. The bracer helps the wielder of the sword resist being drawn in. The reddish stones power the bracer, and the range is 20 feet with one stone, 10 feet with two stones, and only the wielder with 3 stones.

We drew lots and Rallion drew the short straw to bear the sword and bracer and Rallion put up the scepter to be selected by the others and Lungmold drew the short straw to bear it. Rallion will get last chance next time there are items to divvy up.

We healed up in the pool after identifying all the items from the Mothers.

We selected the name The Wardens.

We loaded up with disenchanted dwarven gear to take with us to Jax to put to use.

We rested and had watches.

We prepared to set out for Montoa in the morning.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 22 – Session 50

Laurilden 16, 6pm

The Parliment of Birds is over and messages have been drafted and sent across Meidia to bring together potential allies in opposition to the DVL machinations. We sign the letters Wardens of Meidia. We also spent some time in meditation with the Motherrs.

Cerida blessed my adamantine suit of chainmail, proofing it from the degrading effects of sunlight. Maybe there is power in these old superstitions.

We head back down to the Cavern of the Dead and use the healing waters for Kauri to cast Identify on the sword and bracer we retrieved from the spiderbox by Ptolemy the woodpecker’s sharp beak.

Short Sword – the blade’s edges are hard to look at. Not metal, ruddy color. Any Extradimensional beings are banished to their home plane when struck by this weapon The sword tears into the fabric of reality to send beings back and there’s a chance the slice will take the wearer and those around the slice may get sucked in along with it. Blade does extra damage and has a better chance of hitting than a normal blade (all hits)

Bracer – tiny inscriptions written over and over “To Protect the Veil” Protects the wielder of the blade from the blade. Each stone that is in the bracer increases the protection offered by it. Not random stones, they were specially made for it. A single stone there’s a moderate penalty to resist the tear, those within 20’ may also get sucked into the reality tear. 2 stones, minor penalty, and within 10’ have to be concerned. 3 stones, no penalty to save, and only the wielder has to worry.

We also learn Brendil’s axe and shield’s runes are for raising dead.

Rallion wins the lottery to carry the sword and bracer.