Session Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 5, July 29 2020



The party prepares to depart the hidden grotto where they discovered an exiled Montoan shaman and her altar for practicing blood magic. It is the morning of the 5th of Tenrilden ...

Session Summary

Session 5, July 29 2020

Rallion leads the party and refugees westward into the rainy morning. Rallion and Bavmorda forage as they trek. They meet the Messenger sitting in a 6’ diameter circle where the rain does not fall and the sun shines upon it’s grey cloaked shoulders. Addressing Rallion by name, the Messenger offers an alliance with an anonymous rival of Asmodeus in exchange for enchantments, spellcasting and escape from Media to the City of Brass after an impending conflagration threatening our world. It refuses to demonstrate or illustrate its or its client's ability to bestow said gifts or to identify itself or its benefactor. Rallion doesn’t commit and leaves the messenger by continue on our trek west to Montoa.

Kauri consults Tik Tok. He explains everyone contends against Asmodeus and that no two rivals are strong enough to challenge him. Tik Tok lamely offers to leave his clock and survey other DVLs but it’s obvious to Kauri he has no intention to follow through.

After the trail descends below the tree line, into jungle, the party discovers a clearing of wantonly felled trees obviously ransacked for fire wood but done antithetical to environmental conservation. The path of destruction offers a quicker route which the party follows until pitching camp. During their watch, Laris and Vikram patrol along our path and discover a camp of 30 orcs.

On the morning of the 6th, Rallion leads the party around the slumbering Orc camp while Vikram invisibly monitors the Orcs. We are now travelling cross country directly for Montao. Laris tasks Vikram to investigate plumes of smoke to the north. He reports a gaggle of DVLs massacring a nest of duck billed dinosaurs. We trudge along keeping westerly straight for Montoa.

When Alea confirms we are two hours away from Montao, Vikram is sent ahead to investigate the village remains. He fails to report back to Laris. An hour away from Montoa, Alea agrees that she, Peronell and Bavmordo with a little help from the roadies should investigate Monoa before escorting all the refugees home. She suggests approaching Montoa from the west via wooded foot paths. The party splits between two parallel paths to keep each in view. As we approach we see some ten souls patrolling about the village center scanning the surrounding jungle. Alea and Rallion agree the occupiers are Shemites that deserve iron edged justice, now.