Session Forty-Five Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 45, May 19 2021



We continue at 1AM on the 10th of Laurilden with the party inside a decrepit storage depot on the Vargwater River, just south of Jaegger's domain. They have been awakened by Lungmold and Alfredus who heard hissing outside during their watch. Further investigation reveals the party's refuge to be surrounded by tiny but carnivorous lizards. After attempts to appease the creatures with a triceratops head or frighten them off with burning oil, how will the creatures react and can the party survive until the morning?

Larry's Summary

We debated rushing to the boat and tossing in our packs and swimming in the river. We decided to stay. Brendil chased off a group from the North wall by shooting and killing one from the roof.

Three holes were dug under the back (West) wall and we killed them and drove them off. Rallion was bitten by one.

Some made it under the South wall but were also quickly dispatched.

We cleaned the 17 lizards and had enough food for all of us for the day.

We decided to go check out the cave Rallion and the others spotted when they walked down the trail towards Jager's warehouses. About halfway there we spotted a burned patch and Rallion and Velkin investigated. It was some sort of marker we suspected was set up by the gnolls. It was a totem with a rough gnoll head on top. There were seven bodies, most were human, one was a kobold. There were chained in a circle around the base of the totem. Rallion and Velkin noticed some sort of writing at the base of the totem carved into it. Neither could read it. Velkin copied it down and no one in the party could read it. Rallion pushed over the totem before heading back to the party.

About an hour later we got insight of the cave and Rallion and Brendil tried to sneak up, but both were spotted. It was kobolds, the remnant of the tribe of King Feldenminxus which the original Starcy Boyz drove off.

We stumbled upon a bull that charged and missed Rallion and everyone in line behind. It charged again but Lungmold managed to pacify it with his spores and we left it.

We headed generally West, angling towards the river and mid-day we heard voices on the river. Again Rallion and Brendil snuck ahead to investigate and were not spotted.

Rallion spotted a greycloak and a cleric of Baldric Evenkeel. Rallion hailed them and they came to shore and Captain Boslin, formerly of the Greycloaks (secret police) of Midmark is working for the real Lord Thornton who is organizing a resistance and tried to recruit us. Rallion shared that we are the remnant of the Starchy Boyz and showed his medallion. Thornton is holed up in the former kobold caves near the ford by Vargen which the original Starchy Boyz cleared out. The merchant area guards from Vargen claimed that they cleaned it out.

The cleric came up and introduced himself, Jocelyn Crouper, the nephew of Lord Thornton. He said he help us (the original Starchy Boyz) steal a map.

We told them to stay away from Jager's due to DVLs and to stay away from Xen Khel since it is full of the infected type of undead, but they already knew about Xen Khel.

They were seeking food and word of villages. Rallion shared that the remnants of the kobolds are near and that the gnolls were in the area about a week ago.

We part ways as Thornton's resistance decides to head back downriver and we keep heading West. We find a place to camp for the night.