Session Forty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 49, June 16 2021

Messenger Raven sketch.jpg


We continue at 8AM on the 14th of Laurilden with the party having just convinced the Parlement of Birds to prioritize gathering the various powers and peoples that could work together against the DVLs. The group now has a sense of the impending doom and exactly how imminent that fate could be. Now comes the hard part, though: figuring out the logistics of a summit between weird and otherworldly forces, convincing them to lay aside their selfish goals to unite against the DVL threat, and coming up with a plan that can thwart Asmodeus's doomsday.

Larry's Summary

Ajax the Raven, Vermillion the Hawk, and Meltes the Owl join the party in the Tomb of the Matriarchs to make a plan of which factions to invite, when, and where.

Meeting Place: Myrientaxus' Lair in mountains North of Old Greybeard. He made carvings that depicted the various wars of the past.

When: 3 1/2 months time - 1st of Faurilden (3rd month of year) Holiday week b/w 5th & 6th months. Leaves 6 months and 3 weeks. (Gives time to get a message for each to make a decision, and get to the meeting place.)

The Factions are:

  1. Parliament of Birds (Feathered Nations)
  2. Dragon Emperor (Rallion Suggested pehaps a united effort to help them get home.)
  3. Winter King (Underdark?)
  4. Summer Lord (Surface?), Elves, and Verdant Fellowship (Druids that Rallion works with had a presence there. Unknown about their numbers on Curmidden, where Rallion is from.)
  5. Armada of half orcs (Be left alone, freely sail the seas, DVLs are building a fleet of their own)
  6. Stone Gods/Earth Elementals
  7. Jax (Expand DVL trap or make one or more portable ones.)
  8. Thornton & Midmark Refugees (Get Homes Back)
  9. Vargen - Mallory's??
  10. Natives - Montoa, Shem, Hizzou
  11. Golden Cat West of Midmark
  12. Mycelian god
  13. Lizard Folk in Vargwater Swamp (Oskar's people)
  14. People the party knows in Feldmark on Crescent Isle. They fled to a dwarven city for protection. (If the undead disease hasn't killed them.)
  15. Ship the Bronze Wizard under Captain Nigel Arkstone. (Where were we supposed to meet him? He has our telescope.)
  16. Shahuagin, Devil Fish, Merfolk, Gareth Sawtooth (Wereshark), Carcas the sandshark - Agmar's folly - They perhaps can't get to the meeting place. (Myrientazus' lair)

The Party has agreed to get messages to:
1.) Montoa & Shem & Hizzou - Thump heads at Shem, if needed. [Maybe check out Myrientaxus' lair for possible remains of Dragon Treasure. Possibly take a peak at ancient site now infested with harpies.] 2.) Undersea (Shahuagin, Devil Fish, Merfolk, Gareth Sawtooth (Wereshark), Carcas - while near the coast dealing with native islanders [We still have a sack of coral that allows one to breath underwater.] 3.) Winter King - Via Velkin's Portal (Can be dealt with at any time 4.) Dragon Emperor at Xen Khel 5.) Underdark - Jax, Trapped DVLs, Earth Elementals, Mycelians

Rallion Suggested this Framework for the messages:
1.) Share Information (including what we know now - NOT everything, just enough to show we know what we're talking about) 2.) Coordinate Efforts (including what we know now & what threats we know about) 3.) Offer Something that each group wants. (We know something about each to know what to mention to get their curiosity.

We spend the night in the Tomb of the Mothers and each of us receives something special.

The next day we bind up the Spider Box in rope and draw a chalk outline and Ptolomy the woodpecker makes a perforated line around this outline, and Rallion finishes by "connecting the dots" but cutting through the remaining connection with his dagger. Rallion then pulls our the short sword. It is very similar to the shard, but much more sword shaped than the shard. The bracer is made of a similar stone material with 3 squares formed by writing with the words in Ancient Common of To Protect The Veil. We are not sure what that means. Inside each square of engraving is a circle. The square closest to the elbow holds one reddish stone.

The second day of the parliament there is a Kerfuffle of noise. We go to find that a Roc, Timorer, is there advocating to submit to Asmodeus and once all the "so-called intelligent races" are gone, the birds can have what is left. When he sees the party he mentions how we killed the rocs who once lived in this nest. Rallion points out that we only killed one in self defense when it attacked us while hunting. While Rallion is wearing his now magical roc feather cloak. Rallion also points out that we befriended the female roc, but she was killed by dragons.

Timorer twisted Rallions words saying that we beguiled it and led it to slaughter by dragons.

Pollux, the gold eagle said that the decision has been made, but Timorer called for a vote of no confidence to take over from Pollux.

The party made arguments against the wiles of Asmodeus and the vote was a large majority for Pollus. Timorer flew off in disgust with only a few others.

The next order of business was promotions, and Lungmold recommended Ptolemy the woodpecker for his assistance to us in retrieving the sword and bracer. Ptolemy is now on Pollux Council of Advisors.

We spent another night in the Tomb and had new items and new information.

The final day of the Parliament of Birds was uneventful.

We spent a final night in the Tomb of the Matriarchs and get even more information.

The things that were offered each night in the Tomb and new information:

Rallion placed the Spider box in front of Cerida praying to retrieve the sword and bracer safely.

In AM perhaps some of the offerings were acceptable.

Lungmold Bow & Arrows generally look unchanged - 1 arrow removed from quiver and something carved into head of arrow - very small. - Velkin - says This will show the way. In front of Feldma - West (Wisdom)

Rallion - Spider Box is still closed. Nothing outside of it.
Sword OK
Quiver of arrows - Arrows themselves have a glow to them now.
Badge and Gem still there unchanged.

Brendil - Symbols on the ground 1 to each Cardinal Direction
N - Cerida - Symbol is Glowing - Others unchanged
Velkin and Kauri compare to symbols - made up new symbol - They both record it.
Brendil stand on it and nothing happens.
Brendil touches symbol and it is definitely warm.
Brendil lays his axe on the symbol and its tackiness will transfer it. Uses sarcophagus lid dust to sprinkle and allows transferring symbol.
Uses blade and removes as a whole piece and still glows a bit.
Sticks it to his shield. Glowing.

Hang around the rest of the day for the 2nd day of the parliament, just in case something else comes up.

3rd night in tomb
sword, bracer, spider box with Cerida & another 1,000 gp gem with Cerida
Bow with Brita & sword
Roc Claw Necklace Feldma
Shield with Oswitha

Lungmold - Swords and arrows unchanged
No change on bow, roc claw necklace, or shield
Rallions' 2 gems are gone. In it's place is a message that says, "Search to the North"
Brendil - Red Cloak - symbol glows - it is (Brendil can read it) - Word for Read
Puts on cloak and can read the Ancient Common, can read Drow like Common.
Shield - More like Animate Dead


  • Tenrilden - 1st of this month is doomsday.
  • Laurilden - Current month
  • Denrilden
  • Anurilden
  • Galrilden
  • Faurilden - 1st this month for Meeting of factions seeking a united front.
  • Jorilden
  • Tanrilden
  • Holiday Week
  • Masrilden
  • Onrilden
  • Senrilden
  • Nonrilden