Session Forty-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 41, April 21 2021



We continue at 3:30PM on the 8th of Laurilden with the party fighting some of Jaegger's hybrid monstrosities on the path from the surrounding hills to the gnome illusionist's castle. Previously, Jaegger's illusions protected travellers on the road but that doesn't appear to be true any longer ...

Larry's Summary

We finished off the creatures that attacked us and ran for Jager's tower.

Some flashing lights were following us, so we ran, they were gaining, so Velkin shadow stepped with Kauri, Oskar carrying the unconscious Gath, Lambertus, and Forcas.

When they reappeared they were followed by 6 huge DVLs - basically devil birds. Lambertus failed to turn, as did Felix far away with the rest of the party. They attacked and wounded Kauri, Oskar, and Forcas. Kauri and Oskar managed to resist the poison from stingers.

The rest of the party looked on helplessly as Velkin shadow stepped again, we weren't sure where. We later learned it was to the balcony at the top of Jager's tower.

Velkin and the others found the walls of the balcony removed on two sides with pulleys and other equipment to haul something up and a 10 foot square shining spot that is probably the portal Jager and Jasper used to leave. They opened the door and found a bedroom with loose papers on Jager's desk. Velkin lay on the balcony and looked for us.

The rest of the party moved off the path into the jungle and fought the 10 hummingbird sized flying salamanders that breathed fire. They knocked down two of our new hirelings, Hermangard and Folcard. We managed to kill all ten of them.

We then carried the wounded and got close to the castle gate and Lungmold sensed 55 minds. Brendil has the cloak from the sacrificed Summer Elf and snuck up and saw 5 giants with scorpion tales, over 40 dwarf sized mongrels - collections of various races, and 5 spider/human hybrid archers. They were building siege equipment.

We went around the walls and snuck over, and were met by an Imperial Dervish in chainmail and a red cloak. He let us get over the wall. He then lead us to meet their leader. As we followed, Velkin shadow stepped down to join us.

We were taken into the main hall and up the stairs and around to a tower that serves as Jager's library. We were introduced to Alisceon Hayne, Imperial Battle Mage, whom prior members of the party met at a banquet here at the tower.

Alisceon told us that Jager took all the most useful books. They packed up the ones they think will be helpful and welcomed us to look at the leavings and possibly any books they missed.

We mentioned the DVL invasion of Curanost, which did not surprise them, but when we mentioned the counter invasion from others from elsewhere, that peaked their interest.

They plan to leave in the morning, but invited us to their "feast". (They have transport - Rallion suspects the young Dervish Alisceon asked about counter invasion is a dragon.)

Druul offered to play his instrument at the banquest in exchange or a healing potion. They also want to hear what we have to say and welcome us to use any rooms of the castle they are not using.