Session Forty-Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 43, May 5 2021



We continue at 11:20PM on the 8th of Laurilden with the party trapped as Demon Birds and crazed mutants begin rampaging through Jaeger's Castle. Faced with the onslaught, Alisceon Hayne and her dervishes have fled towards the tower/roof and now that party must decide whether to hide, flee, or fight ...

Larry's Summary



  • Web Portal (Velkin)
  • Bomb (Velkin)
  • Mace of Disruption (Brendil)
  • Spider Box (Gath)
  • Feather (Rallion)
  • Rod: Speak with animals 3/day & heal 1/day (Rallion)
  • Rocky? (Charmed Earth Elemental)
  • Oil: 3+3+7 (Rallion, Lambertus, Gath) Others?
  • 4 Charged "god stones" 2 each with Kauri & Lambertus.

There was little time to act. Lungmold saw how many mutants and two of the demon birds burst in the front gate. Among the mutants were the mongrelmen, Jager's version of driders, and firegiants with scorpion tails.

We elected to run. A giant opened the door we spiked and spotted us. It broke through a door and hit Rallion with a poisoned blade, but Rallion resisted the stinging poison.

The bulk of the party fled while Druul, Lungmold, and Rallion held the rear guard and closed and spiked another door. The efforts to spike it made enough noise to attract "driders" and mongrelmen.

One "drider" stung Rallion, but he again resisted the poison. Brendil dropped one of the mongrelmen.

We all fled up the stairs of the library Kauri & Co. entered when they came down from Jager's tower, "driders" climbing the bookcases and mongrelmen and giants chasing us up the stairs.

Rallion dropped a torch on a table of books. The others found an intersection with stairs going up guarded by 3 dervishes who faced one of the demon birds.

Rallion and Brendil put a spike through the last door to make it difficult to open since it opened away from them.

We all made it up the stairs and met up with Alicyan and 3 Dervishes, one was Tim, who we suspected of being a dragon, and we were right.

Alicyan cold take ten of us. Rallion volunteered to stay with the invisible group of Kauri, Oskar, Lambertus, Gath, and Forcas. The rest climbed in the pouch under the dragon.

The dragon introduced himself as Narthox the Bloody.

The dragon flew off and two devil birds outside followed it. One from the tower fighting dervishes and another down watching the front gate.

Rallion and the others easily got to the ground. The invisible party members went outside and around the exterior or the castle wall while Rallion sent over the West wall.

They soon met up and got around the force with siege engines at the front gate. We saw the first hit from the trebuchet on the tower. The 3 dervishes who had been fighting the devil bird in the tower went through the portal.

As Rallion, Kauri, Oskar, Lambertus, Gath, and Forcas fled through the jungle near the road a light from the sky fell and a large DVL landed causing lots of trees to be knocked down in the blast. It tried to command the mutants at the catapult to stop. Lambertus decided he could do something, so he ran for and used one of his newly charged "god stones" to banish the Pit Fiend back to whence it came.

Kauri also used one of his "god stones" to cast fireball into Jager's bedroom on top of the tower to speed up it's collapse.

The group with Rallion and Kauri reach the unoccupied guard tower at the crest of the bowl and rest for four hours so Kauri can brew two healing elixirs and Rallion used the scepter to heal Forcas.

The dragon was staying ahead of the pursuing demon birds. Lungmold managed to hit one, but no other attempt could hit them.

Narthox relayed to Lungmold that when he landed on the other side of the river that the passengers needed to cut the straps of the passenger sling.

He landed hard, all aboard cut straps. Narthox took to the air and used Dragon Magic to cast Invisibility 10' Radius. The two demon birds lit into him. He breathed his fire to no effect, was further injured, but managed to fly off barely ahead of the demon birds.

Allycian said that their destination is Xen Khel and that the party is welcome to travel with them.

The party members with the Dervishes elected to stay put, in case Rallion, Kauri, and the others still live and are able to find them.

Velkin carved Dwarvish Runes for 'R' into trees to help guide Rallion to them.