Session Fourteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 14, October 7 2020



We continue at 1:30PM on the 11th of Tenrilden with the party catching its breath just outside the troglodyte lair after destroying the animated statues and preventing the Stone God they summoned from crossing over from the Elemental Plane of Earth. Many died in the battle and severe injuries are plentiful, so a few moments rest seems like a good idea ...

Session Summary

We construct travois to carry Felix and Oskar, and Braadlur's pet carries Braadlur and the troglodyte. Peronelle carries Zaki.

We make good progress but come across two hook horrors. Lambertus and Laris get hurt more, but we drop one and drive off the other.

Rallion harvests the two hooks and sells the meat to Khorvac and charges him to carry it back.

We get back and learn of the "last mage" being killed by stone creatures about the time we faced stone creatures.

Many are hurt and we have to rest up and heal.

Majilis wanted to leave and take any loot we were unable to acquire, but Rallion used his scepter to convince Majilis and her lieutenant, Herasib to be his friend and stay.

Rallion asked Majilis to have her group help the wounded. Under the influence of the scepter, Majilis admits to being in on the plan with Villem to sell information about us to the drow allied with the Dark King. She also relays that Hesfix has some information about the drow with Vikram.

We have to have 3 eight hour rest periods to get rested up enough to dare attempt another fight.

Zaki's fellow who stayed behind to watch our stuff comes over and sits with Zaki, in shock that only he and Zaki are left. Rallion gives Zaki six 100 GP gems to give to the families of the fallen. Zaki says that he and his remaining companion will withdraw from our party and go home.

We report to Hesfix and Braadlur does all the talking. We rest one more eight hour period and all but Lambertus are fully healed, but each character has a healing potion and Kauri learned the formula so he can make more with the underdark ingredients and lab equipment.

Rallion asks Majilis to join us, there are 20 gnomes and 10 human slaves. We make good time and are a large enough force nothing will mess with us.

We get to the troglogyte lair and Kauri and the other spell casters sense the power in the arm. They all memorize spells and Lambertus even heals himself.

Braadlur tries to revive Click Thump, but to no avail.

The gnomes scour the troglodyte lair and find a bit of treasure and three pools with tadpole like creatures. WE go to that area, and in haste to dispatch the troglodytes, Rallion has everyone get back and he shoots a flaming arrow into the cave and then runs. The cavern collapses and a bit of a tunnel. Only then does Majilis share that the passage leading to the bit of treasure is on the other side of the cave.

Lambertus re-learns cure light wounds and 8 pieces of the arm are retrieved so that each spell caster now has two "batteries" from which to renew future spells.

We then head back to Hesfix to claim our reward and the information about the drow. Hopefully, it is not too late to save Vikram.