Session Ninety-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 94, May 18 2022

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We continue at 12:30AM on the 14th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the Armada pirates under attack by DVLs who have arrived at Watchers' Island on a war galley captained by a giant six-armed demonic woman. While the Imperial ships race to help, Captain Reklak's ship (the Ghostwind) explodes in a fireball and Erinyes with flame whips terrorize the others; realizing time is short, the party uses the web portal and Velkin's shadow stepping ability to jump to the Carrion Crow with the aim of saving Druul. Now, the group must decide their next move as the Demonic War Galley bears down on Captain Kharzak and his ship, the Bloodwave ...

Larry's Summary

Party decides to move in around the Blood Wave upon which the DVL ship is preparing to ram so we can move in.

Lambertus gives Krench a cure poison vial to get him on his feet. His writhing and whimpering ceases and he gets up.

Khelratha grabs the spyglass for the Carrion Crow (former Elven ship) from an orc that is just holding it.

There might be about 50 armored soldiers that are unnaturally still. Someone working the oars and the snake lady.

Those with bows on the ships facing flying flaming females fire on them. As we pass the Fist of Lysander the party fires on the flying flaming female and try to rouse the archers on the Carrion Crow to help their fellow pirates. Khelratha, Druul, and Lungmold all hit. Two of the archers on the Fist of Lysander hit.

Velkin gets his bomb ready to light it and then shadow step to deliver it to the DVL ship.

Felix casts Protection from Evil on Velkin to give him a chance.

Fist of Lysander two orcs make saves vs. something. On the Blood Wave all have thrown down their weapons and are cowering and slip on past the DVL ship and are not struck. On the Flood Tide several make their saves.

--- Druul checks his pockets for a "god stone."

Ten Archers of the Carrion Crow also fire at the flying flaming female on the Bloodwave. Sidday hits.

All the archers have to save vs. spell and struck with horror and a feeling of dread and all the things you've ever done wrong. Khelratha and Lungmold among them and both fail their saves, along with 6 of the archers from the

Chris pulls out something and has to make a saving throw for the robe. Somehow the pocket expands enough to allow a giant stone creature to come out of his pocket. Causing the entire boat to list to the side and it looks angry and confused.

It is too heavy for Druul to run away, so he drops the robe and grabs the wheel and gets ready to pull out the scepter.

Velkin waits for spell and with the bomb in one hand he grabs the "Earth Elemental" summoned by Druul and shadow steps through an oar lock into the DVL ship.

The ship rights itself as the weight of the creature and the cloak are gone.


Velkin in the rowing section below the DVL. Chained to the benches are rows of mostly humans in terrible shape. 6 to a bench for each oar. Some are just killed by crushing by the "Earth Elemental." Takes out 6 benches (kills 36 prisoners). The winged horned creature at the front of the oar deck with a non flaming whip and two pronged fork is surprised.

Those on the Carrion Crow is like there is suddenly a lot of extra ballast on the DVL ship and several oars go limp.

Velkin notices that weirdly enough one of his arms is darker color, like it's re-grown and fresh.

Velkin moves to get line of site back to the Carrion Crow to shadow step back.

A circle of fire erupts above her arms and a large bipedal creature falls out of it and leaps into the water.

~~The horned guy is not surprised and he uses his best attack and drops a wall of fire on Velkin. The bomb immediately goes off. Velkin saves vs. Wall of Fire. ~~ (Wall of Fire can't be used with objects in OSE.)

So Horned Guy gates in a toad DVL.

Stone God hits at Velkin and connects. Two attacks and both hit. 10d12 of damage for 97 points of damage and there is not a huge hole in the DVL ship. Putting Velkin at -61 HP.

Lambertus casts Remove Fear on Khelratha and Felix casts Remove Fear on Lungmold.

Velkin used Oskars bomb and it has his bomb in his back pack.

Multiple explosions on the DVL ship and it goes down. The stone god tries to lever out of the hole in the hull. The armored soldiers don't even move and go down with the ship. The snake lady....

Khelratha sees Velkin's body, not destroyed, floating in the water.

There is a splashing noise and the first summoned froglike DVL and leaps onto deck in front of Kauri and misses him.

Sidday misses Velkin's body on the first pass.

Khelratha and Oskar charge and both connect and Lambertus and Felix fail to turn their targeted DVLs.

Snake lady disappears and charge slithers from behind the wheel of the ship at Druul. Her tail wraps around Druul and starts to squeeze.

Felix casts Dispel Evil out of the god stone and the snake lady disappears.

Khelratha drops the toad DVL.

Druul brings the ship around and we fish out Velkin's body. He's very pulpy.

Krench looks around and blinks and asks who are you people? Khelratha tells him in orcish, "We just saved your life."

Druul renegotiates his servitude on the Carrion Crow, we approach the Blood WAve as it comes under control and the other two armada ships are coming back as the Imperial ships approach.

All the ships gather up and captain Hiro calls over and asks if the fight is over and things under control, do you need any aid? I'll have my ships look for survivors in the water, and there are no responses.

Lungmold pulls the ring off Velkin and tries to affix it to his body. (Puts on chain with the crystal of Jagartha).

Lungmold is going to get some information and holds the ring in his hand and thinks over to the imperial ship and Jardin comes over to the Carrion Crow and goes over to Velkin and sits on the deck next to him and pats him on his shoulder.

Khelratha says he's only mostly dead, we can take care of him, right fellas? Looking at Lambertus and Velkin. Jardin says well, let's do whatever we need to do.

Khelratha we need some privacy, perhaps on the Imperial Ship.

Krench officially offers Druul his release from his hostage status. Druul joins us on the Imperial ship. Krench tells Druul that he is always welcome on this ship. I hope when we arrive at Armada that you will partake of the hospitality of Admiral Elkior as a guest.

We move over to the Imperial ship to our cabin and need privacy and leaves party and Jardin and a mournful caw from Ajax.

Lambertus, Ajax, and Druul go through the portal and take Velkin's body to the embassy to rest up and memorize raise dead.


Starting Position
Session 94 1st Round
Set Up for 2nd Round
Round 2
3rd Round Before Bomb Goes Off
3rd Round AFTER with Explosion
3rd Round AFTER Explosion
End of Fight Last Round

Velkin Scrolls 58 - Session 94

12:30am, Denrilden 14

00.00000.09.17 Apocalypse Clock

The battle against the flaming flying female whip ladies continues. The Clerics bolster us with spells. Prayer and I get a Protection from Evil and continue with my bright idea. Literally. If this goes right, we’re sans one DVL laden ship. I light and stuff the bomb in my backpack.

There’s arrows flying and the crew of a ship going past the war galley cower and drop their weapons.

Druul reaches into his pocket for something and … pulls out our friend the Stone God. Complete with a new arm… holy shit. The thing’s dense and is pretty much going to sink our ship. I think maybe it needs to come with me to the six armed bitch’s war galley and sink it if the bomb doesn’t. We’re already on its list of unfriendlies… so what’s a little involuntary transportation, he’s gonna sink this ship or that one. Might as well be the War Galley and I’m heading there anyway. I touch it’s arm as I ‘step inside the enemy’s ship. Many of the rowers were crushed and there’s a horned DVL drumming the rowing timing drum. Gotta hurry or this is going to really not go well. I turn to sight my exit and before I ‘step back to the Carrion Crow. There’s a blast of flame and a crushing blow from behind….

Addendum: It seems that I was turned into a floppy flesh sack by the tenderizing ministrations of a pissed off Stone God. It worked though, the Stone God and the DVL war galley sank while Felix banished the 6 armed DVL. Jardin, it’s said, sat next to my dead body and patted my shoulder while Ajax followed my rolled up bowl of jelly body into the web portal with a mournful caw. Lambertus, Druul and Ajax took me to the Embassy and I’m now alive again. It’s really kind of nice they gave a crap. Maybe there’s more to things than what I’ve been around all my life. Drow society might could use a bit of compassion. Being around these surface dwellers is showing a different way of thinking and doing. Am I becoming less set in the Drow ways? Probably. But don’t tell Forcas.

The remaining ships gather up and Druul was released from his ‘prisoner’ status by Krensh for his part in saving the Carrion Crow.