Session Ninety-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 92, May 4 2022



We continue at 6AM on the 13th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party split between the web portal and the Wandering Sparrow, an elven ship captured by the orc pirates. According to Krensch, former first mate of Vishnik and new captain of the pirate band, Watchers' Island is less than a full day's journey from their current location. Conversations with the captive summer elf captian, though, suggest that there is some kind of confrontation going on there between Armadan pirates and imperials. As Khelratha would say, that sounds like a situation calling for diplomacy ...

Larry's Summary

Ajax told the Summer Elves about our mission from the Parliament of Birds.

Ajax re-entered the Portal.

Lungmold sent Raynarth to keep an eye on the Embassy.

We sent through a pirate flag to the ship to signal to the Armada ships.

Druul explained our efforts to form an alliance of various groups to fight the DVLs.

Captain Ceverak & mage Tegalin agree to put in a good word with the Summer Lord.

Finally sight Watcher's Island.

Druul presents to Krench that we heard Imperials want to hire all of Armada and can earn coin without risk fighting them. Krench likes that idea and presents it to the other captains when they arrive.

Backup plan is for Oskar to explode the bomb.

Four Armada ships:
Elkior ships: Captain Karzak, Blood Wave & Captain Mathok, Lysander's Fist
Flag of the Liberty, Admiral Veldak Admiral Veldak Ships: Captain Reklak, Ghostwind & Captain Kammal, Floodtide

Captain Captain Hiro Anakbar, The Eclipse, Captain Jiho Birklen, The Lady of Fire, Captain Ghiron Eylon, The Red Crest

Druul is allowed up with Kauri and they present that the Emperor needs them. That gets their attention, they ask for prood, and Druul has Boborc come up and he changes into Jardin and that convinces them.

They have 600 GP to scrounge up from all 3 ships, Druul will put in three 1,000 GP gems, and Kauri two 1,000 GP gems as down payment and Jardin is writing up a contract.

Back on the elven ship, renamed the Wandering Sparrow the Carrion Crow, Velkin sets Captain Ceverak & mage Tegalin free. They make it to the rail and Tegalin casts fly and skims the waves holding Ceverak under the arms.

Velkin plans to loot the captain's cabin then shadow step to the Imperial ships.