Session One Hundred and Eleven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 111, October 19 2022

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We continue at 2:30AM on the 20th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with Grissel being lowered into the ocean inside the shark cage to meet with Lysander. The party, having defeated Domelch's candidacy, now waits to see if the leviathan will accept the mute orc as the new Seer. Even assuming that goes swimmingly, though, there is still the looming problem of an undead horde in the Dead Forest that has been animated by a Devil Fish ancestor statue and is no longer under the control of Alys Sharppe. How long does the party have before that problem becomes ... grave?

Larry's Summary

We wait for the results of Grissel meeting Lysander.

Druul gets Kasa to agree to consult the other admirals to get Armadans to go with us. She will also get some gunpowder.

The signal comes to raise the cage. Grissel is within and the body of Alice is not.

Grissel signs to Druul that he has been accepted and wants his uncle to come help sign and needs to talk to us.

We go to the temple and talk to Grissel and he tells us that Lysander agrees with the Guardians of Media that Dagon would be helpful fighting the DVLs since they are such a threat. She will also honor our agreement to transport us rapidly to the mainland. We need to specify one ship. Then she and Grissel will go seek Dagon.

Velkin searches the Seer's quarters, now Grissel's, and finds the memoirs of Alice Sharp the final pages mention the lack of faith of admirals Kasa and Krugma. He puts them in a bag. There is also a bookshelf with temple records going back to early years, but not quite the beginning of Armada.

Velkin tries to open the locked footlocker and manages to get poisoned. Druul finds him and gets him a poison antidote.

We rest a couple hours then go meet the Armadans that we are to meet at the edge of the Dead Forest to deal with the undead.

We pass near the old orc wizard's tower and plan to visit it after dealing with the undead.

Captain Batenero and a group of orcs along with brother Lagi meet us and she has a fancy tricorn feathered hat from the Guildmaster as a token of apology for misunderstanding how Admiral Eliasa wanted our group handled. VElkin is no an honorary guildmember. Velkin has Jardin step aside and make him invisible.

We send some orcs ahead and we hear shouts and they were pulled below. Ajax relays through Velkin that hands reached out and grabbed them, then others came from the sterncastle and dragged them below.

We cross over and hear sounds that indicate there is something below. At the urging of Khelratha we cross over removing the gangplank from behind us.

Druul and the party, except for Khelratha, Lambertus, and the invisible Velkin who stay on the ship to form a rear guard to get the Armadans onto the flagship that is next to us.

Druul spies 5 criss-crossed lines with shells and bottles for an alarm. Working with Forcas, they cut free and lay each down quietly.

Suddenly a giant crab jumps up, but misses Druul. A second crab cuts away the bridge between the plank down from the ship we are on and up to Davy Jone's Locker.

Khelratha and Peronell charge the opening to the sterncastle. Lambertus turns the undead within and Kauri casts web which fills it up.

We need to stop the now free floating bridge as the two gangplanks are sagging and will soon fall away....

Velkin Scrolls 75 - Session 111

2:30am, Denrilden 20

00.00000.09.11 Apocalypse Clock

Armadan boats will be ready in 3 days, or maybe we’ll take Lysander up on her offer of quicker travel

Grissel is lowered to meet with Lysander. All the Admirals are here.

There’s a devilfish statue in the Dead Forest, probably at the center, doing something now that Alys isn’t in charge of it anymore.

I meander through the crowd and just listen to folks, nothing interesting.

Heading over to Dolmelch, he seems resigned with Grissel and still faithful to Lysander’s faith. We talk about general things and the devilfish. He seems content helping Grissel with the Admirals political maneuverings.

Druul and Kaasa talk and she seems less crusty towards him.

Grissel resurfaces and through Druul, he announces that Lysander has accepted him as Envoy and Dolmelch seems very helpful as his right hand. Bringing parchment for him to write on. Grissel asks to meditate on Lysander’s words and consult with the party.

Kaasa says that the Council will have some men ready to head into the Dead Forest when we’re ready.

Khelratha is acting weird… nothing new there… Jardin reels him in.

Grissel relays that Lysandeer’s pleased and she’s going to beseech Dagon for aid against the DVL’s. She’ll take us to the mainland as agreed, one ship. He’s nervous about her leaving, as he’s to go with her.

While they’re chatting with Grissel, I prowl the Seer’s quarters and find not much of interest, Annals of the Temple of Lysander and Alys’s contribution… Then I wake up with Druul looking over me, possibly a judgy look on his face, holding an empty potion bottle, a poison laced needle in my hand. How embarrassing.

Dolmelch brings Grissel’s uncle to be his interpreter.

We grab a few hours of rest and then make way to the Dead Forest early the next day to deal with the undead. We pass by a graffiti covered ship as we travel. Ragamar’s Tower. Along the way we link up with Captain Baternero and a group of 30 orcs along with Brother Lagi. She motions to me and hands over a stylish tricorn hat, fancy deep purple and feathered. with Helmart Mandivill’s maker’s mark, from the Guildmaster. Faberniko sends his apologies for the misunderstanding of how Admiral Eliasa wanted our group handled. I’m now an honorary Haberdasher. Kauri says that Edan’s notes indicate that Helmart was a haberdasher in Xhen Khel. After that touching interaction, Andrea Sherwood was another hatmaker of one of Edan’s hats. I step aside and Jardin does his dragon thing and I become invisible for the upcoming foray into the Dead Forest.

We have a few orcs scout ahead while Ajax monitors from the air. The scouting orcs are taken by some fleshy things according to Ajax. We go on and cross without incident, pulling up gangplanks behind us so as not to be followed.

Khelratha goes onto the next ship and looks around, Oskar says there’s nothing moving in the sterncastle he can see, maybe hears some light tinkling and grinding… bone chewing? Druul works with Forcas to remove some strings with shells that make the faint tinkling noise. We assume louder if it’s disturbed.

We move across with the Khelratha, Lambertus and I playing rear guard when at the bottom of the next gangplank two giant, presumably undead, crabs attack. Oskar, Druul and Ceres are on the collapsed gangplank. The ships are floating apart, there’s undead here and there, Khelrathat and Peronell charge the Sterncastle while Lambertus turns the crabs and Kauri fills the sterncastle with a web.

Things really are ‘sinking fast’....