Session One Hundred and Fifty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 154, September 27 2023



We continue at 6:00PM on the 11th of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having finished their week of rest and preparation within the dwarven fortress of Dun'Khel. According to the plans they made with Lord Marshal Malthus Torvenkul and the Oswithan survivors, the group will leave in the morning for Feldmark to recover the Matriarch artifacts and face the Infected Monstrosity lurking there. On this final evening of peace, the party's Midmark friends have planned a farewell feast. After that, the adventurers can finalize their plans for the expedition. Can they recover the tablets, bracer, and grain shipment? Will they be forced to fight the giant? Is there an explanation for the beast's nesting within the ruins of Feldmark? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

The Midmark survivors send us off with a simple "feast."

Caspar announces that with a workshop and apprentices, he can shave a month off the effort to carve the formula into the two handed stone blade. 8 months instead of 9 so about Nonrilden the 11th, which is before the projected date of the current apocalypse.

Ithirialma shares that the vessels with the mercury will be done by the time we return from Feldmark.

Nigel Arkenstone tells us that he is perfectly willing to offer the use of the Bronze Wizard for a captain and crew we can definitely trust.

Captain Chen has been recruiting from the refugees from Feldmark. He has added a number of sailors from his crew. They are grateful to the dwarves and are willing to give it a try in Armada. Formerly 15 crew with Chen. Druul thinks he has added about 10 more sailors.

Em allows us to bounce baby Aubry on our knee, if desired.

Mortimer says that he knows we need to plan out our expedition.

If we need his expertise about anything, he is willing to give his advice.

Thorfus asks Mortimer if he knows anything about the Khel South of here. His bread and butter was the old Imperial Forts, and not much with old Khels.

Thorfus also asks Aldus and he says perhaps if I still had my books.

We discuss taking out the Armandans and bringing back Prixithalma. Lambertus asks Thorfus about it, since Thorfus encouraged him to re-examine his faith.

Velkin asks him if he agrees that Prixithalma will help with preventing the end of the world. Both Lambertus and Felix nod, but have reservations.

Thorfus says, if we don't do this, how do we stop them from going to Armada to tell them where we are.

Afterall, Prixithalma is Evenkeel's mother, Thorfus points out.

Felix and Lambertus reluctantly agree.

Peronelle understands the necessity of war, and Renthark is whatever.

The four followers of the Mother don't know about the Dragons.

We go back to talk to them to see what they think about Dragons.

Velkin mentions that we have aid from dragons. Dragons? Children's fables, tales. Are you saying such creatures are real?

She looks around at the others, and they give a look back and with a lot of shrugs and shaking of heads. No, we don't. Do you have experience with such creatures?

Velkin - Some.

In the children's tales, they are forces of evil, monsters and greedy for power.

Tale of the Chosen One who tricks a dragon and steals a crystal ball, or a cup? Taking advantage of their greed.

She and all their companions are looking quite often at Druul.

Velkin asks and they says, "Is this the prophet who can create flowers out of music."

Druul plays and grows something out of the ground. A few green shoots break through the mortar in the stonework. The Oswithans watch, and whispers, yes, and definitely blessed by the Matriarchs.

If you trust these creatures and they can offer aid with vengeance for the loss of our Seer, then I approve.

They do press for details of what the plan is.

We plan to leave in the morning to the ship and sail around the island to Feldmark to get the food ship, and the tablets, and the bracer and shard. (Leaving out mention of the real plan.)

If we can recover the blessed artifacts of the Matriarchs, it will be a great thing, they should be preserved.

Thorfus mentions the ancient dwarven Khel and a possible way to handle the creature without having to fight it. She looks for a bit and gives a sharp nod.

We will, yes, the delay in this case in recovering the artifacts makes sense.

If the creature reaches far, it takes time to stretch to that distance, so they were able to hide.

We ask the Oswithans where in the harbor of Feldmark shortly after where the branches converge, near the docks, not beyond the city is where the ship sank, then ask Nigel how deep the waters is there.

We plan to meet Nigel at the mouth of the Khel Run river in 8 days. (After we check the ancient dwarven Khel south of Dun Khel.)

We tell the Oswithans that we will have them ride with Nigel Arkenstone on the Bronze Wizard since they don't know about ancient dwarven khels, and to avoid all eggs in one basket.

Actually, this keeps them from having to witness us kill the orcs and men to raise Prixithalma.

Kauri brews 8 doses of extra healing potions. I for each of us.

We bring Buzz with us since we are going to an ancient dwarven khel.

In the morning we say our goodbyes to the Midmark refugees, and before Ithirialma heads to the workshop she makes Velkin invisible.

We join Chen and crew who are itching to get back to Armada.