Session One Hundred and Forty Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 140, May 24 2023

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We continue at 6:30AM on the 29th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having defeated the orc maruaders from Hdrasta at the cost of the Dealbator family (excepting the grieving Caspar). After interrogating some charmed captives, the group learns the nearby stairs lead up to Myrientaxus's lair where a powerful DVL has been posted as sentry -- indeed, the orcs were trying to encourage the party to retreat up to that lair, assuming incorrectly that the party knew where they were. Now the group must reorient themselves and find a way south to Greybeard and/or the nearby peak inhabited by harpies that also has some connection to the Matriarchs. Can the party navigate better now what the rains have ceased? Are there other DVLs nearby to beware? Find out next time ...

Larry's Summary

8 orcs. 3 bearing the deceased Dealbators and 1 bearing Caspar.

Kauri uses the scepter to heal up.

Lambertus uses the ogre for cure serious wounds on Felix, killing the unconscious, severely wounded ogre.

Velkin takes an ogre pinky in case he ever sees Forcas again.

We take some ogre meat in case we come across a giant spider.

Pack the orcs with bows and arrows.

Turn around and head back the way we came to go South along the edge of the mountains to the South generally towards Jager's.

Drizzle and can see much further.

It starts getting chilly. There are pings as the rain turns to hail.

We look for some shelter to avoid the worst of the hail.

We think we see some promising rock formations on the North side of the valley we are in.

It just keeps getting colder and hear the howls of wolves and it turns to snow.

We decide to hunker down and arrange ourselves behind the orcs.

The snow just keeps getting worse and it's a whiteout. It isn't just wind, something is howling.

Druul catches site of shapes and shadows where we can see clearly in the snow, both taller things and slinking things along the ground, just out there in the snow.

It seems they are studying us to see how we are arranged and how far our line extends.

Aa we arrange ourselves, there is a long lone call from a horn that cuts through the wind and the snow.

Druul sees the shapes advancing through the snow.

The shapes are large white wolves that come bounding in, about 8 feet long, and don't look terribly happy. There are 6 of them.

They breathe at us and drop many of the captive orcs and hurt some of us.

Velkin changes spear to fire option.

Thorfus draws the frost blade and shouts, "I thought we were on the same side."

Druul blows the horn and aims it at the wolf who blasted him. It does not seem to harm the wolf.

Philomanthraxus transforms into a dragon. It suddenly gets a lot warmer and the snow around us melts and the rest turns to rain.

We get a better view of those attacking us, we can make out a couple dozen humanoid figures. Most are dressed in silverish armor that looks very familiar. One figure just in robes with his arms up, sort of elvish with a bluish cast to his skin. Waving his arms seems to match the whipping of the snow.

There are about 17 of them, including the one with his arms up.

The ones with the fanciest helmet are near the one with his arms spread out, in a tight cluster.

The wolves look like they are picking out targets, the guy blows his horn and points at Ithirialma and the wolves all go for her.

We take swings vs. the wolves as they run by.

A block of ice falls on Ithirialma and the wolves shake it off.

Archers miss the caster.

Thorfus steps forward and psionic blasts the caster and 3 near him.

The caster saves, but the other three take minor damage and are stunned for 6 rounds.

Kauri aims fireball at the caster, avoiding the party.

All of them fail their save.

Two fall, the mage falls, the one with a horn also falls, all of them crispy.

Philomanthraxus attacks the winter wolves near him.

Velkin shadow steps over and picks up the horn to blow it. The wolves look in his direction.

Lambertus tries to cast hold person and two of them save.

Thorfus, Druul, and Peronelle shoot and all hit.

Kauri magic missiles the two wounded wolves, but both still stand.

Lambertus held 4 of them this time.

Velkin tells the wolves to come to him. They look in his direction, seeing no one, and 4 of them jump on Ithirialma. Doing light damage.

The last one tries to bite and misses.

The wolves seem to be after her pack with the book.

Velkin shadow steps to Druul & hands them the horn so Druul can direct them.

9 winter elves not held, two severely injured.

Druul shoots a fresh one.

Since Druul shot, Velkin punches Druul in the arm and blows the horn.

Thorfus charges a wolf and gives a solid hit.

Lambertus hits a wolf.

Felix hits the same one Lambertus did.

Kauri animates dead on the dead orcs, including the one from which he used their blood, plus the dead winter wolf.

Kauri commands them to swarm the winter wolves.

One of them goes after the winter elves.

Felix casts cure serious on Ithirialma.

Zombies keep attacking.

Kauri casts magic missile on two wounded winter elves, leaving 7.

Zombia attacks an elf, missing.

The last two wolves attack, but do not drop her before they die.

The Winter elves have seen enough, and run into the snow.

Velkin asks if he's going to let them get away, and Philomanthraxus goes after them, and lights them up, hitting 3 of them.

Velkin shadow steps and backstabs one.

Thorfus runs up and Psionic Blasts two of them. 6 HP dmg and stunned for 6 rounds.

Two are unaffected.

Peronelle shoots and misses.

Ithirialma uses magic missile, drops one and one is left.

Druul hits and drops the last one.

Philomanthraxus resumes human form.

We search the elves and Kauri looks for signs of magic.

The 13 that were spread out are all wearing the Winter King style fancy chainmail, longbows, and quivers with 24 arrows and longswords.

Among the charred remains. Not much left of the wizard, and not much in the way of equipment.

Winter elf with horn has ornate fancy platemail like Brendil had, a longsword, and no bow.

Two others slightly less fancy platemail and longswords.

All are wearing wolf's head medallions.

We bind up the held and stunned ones and remove their gear.

Druul plays to charm them. all but one is affected by the first tier of the song.

Velkin collects the medallions and drops them in a sack and carries it 120 feet away.

OF the 5 listening, 4 of them get more glassy eyed.

Druul has Velkin and Thorfus come over and we gagged the uncharmed ones, and Druul asks who sent them. Our lord, our king of course. The Winter King sent you, the only king.

What was your mission? Recover the books, the ones Sir Lungmold brought word of.

Were only to dispatch us if necessary. Knew that only one of us carried the books we sought.

How did you find us?

We have been searching the area. Our cryomancers use ice crystals which they can scry with.

More of us will be coming soon.

From which way will they be coming?

They will come from the snow.

Velkin asks how the horn works with the wolves.

Well, Sir Mathias, was master of this pack. He could give commands and call their attention with the horn.

How does one become the master of a pack. Live and train with them, earn their trust.

It's fine, certainly, the king will send more soon. It will be easier to find us now that we're here. The cryomancers will have not problem finding us, but you, your movements are erratic and strange, but we are like beacons, they will be along soon, when we don't return with the books.

A hunting pack like this, we speak through the cryomancer, and looks around like looking for someone. We can't return home without him.

He looks very intently at Druul, however, if you find our cryomancer and the book, we could return us to the king.

Velkin asks why it is so easy to find them. As members of the pack, we've trained for a LONG period of time with the cryomancers. Hunting packs are meant to drop in and out behind enemy lines. We have a connection to the cryomancet with us and those with us back in the winter realm. Does it just apply to your bodies or your gear? You could ask our cryomancer, if you see him.

Velkin nods and looks at his sword.

We asks Kauri to look at their equipment. High quality, well maintained, otherwise not special.

We ask Ithirialma and Philomanthraxus if it is save to keep any of their equipment.

Lungmold found their agents in Vilgram.

Malgrim expelled Sir Lungmold and the other Winter Elves.

An agreement with the travelers, the DVLs with the Winter King, have an understanding.

We have to recover the books soon for a tactical retreat from this world until our enemies are destroyed and we can come back unopposed.

The DVL creatures have some plan that will destroy the living things here, then the world will be empty and easily taken, and will be the end of the Summer Lord as well.

We plan to use the living elves to heal up our wounded, especially, Ithirialma, then raise them as zombies and send them and the winter wolf each with medallions in different directions to confuse the scrying of the cryomancers.