Session One Hundred and Fourteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 114, November 9 2022

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We continue at 1:10PM on the 20th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party aboard Davey's Locker after defeating Admiral Ares Haversham and his three vampire lieutenants. The group just needs to find the Devil Fish ancestor statue to neutralize the undead problem in the Dead Forest, after which the Wardens of Meidia's business in Armada should be just about done. Will the statue be found swiftly? Given the injuries suffered -- including the death of Ceres -- when will the party be ready to leave the floating city for the mainland? Are there any further complications awaiting the group among the pirates?

Larry's Summary

Lambertus gives Kauri some of the lake water. It doesn't help.

Lambertus gives Druul the other dose of the lake water and he is no longer paralyzed.

Renthark offers to stay behind and help Oskar

Ceres body starts twitching and Druul and Vellkin dismember it.

Lamberus, Khelratha, Borthan, Druul, and Velkin go after the ghouls, seeking the idol.

In the room with the ghouls, they are crouched around the idol, but are passive.

Lambertus casts Protection From Evil on Khelratha.

Khelratha goes to grab the idol and there is a buzzing

Velkin Scrolls 78 - Session 114

1:10pm, Denrilden 20

00.00000.09.11 Apocalypse Clock

We’ve killed the vampires of which Ares Haversham is one. We’re in various states of wholeness except for Ceres. He’s dead. Druul’s not happy. Now to find the statue causing all this chaos and bedlam.12 ghouls ran away.

We dismember Ceres and point his head in a safe direction in case he’s brought back to unlife. We head through a partition with junk piled around and there’s a statue with the 12 ghouls crouched around it.

Khelratha is contacted by the Idol. He says Drayz is against our kind and we’re doing his bidding and rid the Devilfish of those of us who would come to an understanding with your kind. He tells us his name is Arantalman, a devilfish ancestor bound to the idol. He’s a sworn enemy of Drayz and Gronzk. He knows Araquelle (a ‘good’ devilfish) He’s also familiar with Serithoz. An Idol’s power and knowledge increases over time, and locally it can affect a larger area the longer it isn’t moved. He can take over a sentient, but that personality ceases to be. I figure I can pick up a suitable body at the slave market, but he says a volunteer is best.

Khelratha does some dwarven oath making against Drayz’s faction…Dwarves…So dramatic.

He offers to tell us where Haversham’s treasure is in return for his freedom and, on faith, I go ahead and open the secret compartment. There’s a lot of gold and silver here…. Thousands of coins. Along with a variety of gems, jewelry and some potions.

Druul goes up to keep an eye out for Jardin’s expected return.

We open the portal and transfer the treasure. I go talk to Prix, against Felix and Alisceon’s advice to see what she’s up to, they think she’s about to make a breakthrough and isn’t in the mood to be disturbed. She’s studying the nanocarbon book and the probability sword. I get a scolding…She calls me ‘Just like Azreal’. Not thinking that’s a compliment…

We come to an understanding with Arantalman and will use 6x9 = 42 as a recognition phrase in the future and drop him back into the sea to become an ally and continue thwarting Drayz and Gronzk’s anti surface dweller faction. We hope with his influence, he can sway Lysander away from the other faction’s machinations. He assures us Drayz’s faction doesn’t come near the dead forest and he’ll be fine, just toss him overboard. Jardin looks at me funny and says “You make the strangest friends.”

It seems that the undead wasn’t a scourge in the sense of killing all living things… It looks like the Seer was building an army to be used against the DVL’s. Or at minimum, taking over the Armada itself for her own purposes. I guess we’ll see how things turn out. Or not…

We regroup with Captain Baternero who lost all but 6 of her contingent and we make our way out of the Dead Forest. She goes to report to Elchior and we let the Imperials know Hiro is dead. Jardin adds “He died honorably.” ….Shrugging at us, what’s it hurt for them to believe that.

Raynarth is sitting with a Yellow Hat orc signing some papers… We’ve also got word that the new Seer will be leaving in the morning.

We come to an agreement with the representative of Lord Beelzebub.

Druul charms Raynarth and we get him to tell us of the Winter King’s plans for us to be betrayed and collect anything on time manipulation, and what he agreed to with the Yellow hat.

I knock him out with some sleep powder in his drink, rifle through his things and collect some snacks for Forcas and toss his smarmy ass overboard. Good riddance.

Greetings surface dweller, you come in service of those who hate our kind?

Where's this faction of yours been, I've never heard of you.

You're here to finish the job?

Admiral Haversham is a firm believer in the old naval ways. He went and grabbed him.

He allows the others to approach.

He prefers that we toss him into the sea rather than smash him, and he will tell us where Admiral Haversham's treasure hoard is.

He lost contact with the rest of his undead, and he thinks the other party are all dead.

Drayz and Gronsk have risen to prominence among the other faction.

Did you know Araquelle ? He was one of us. Serithaz was in the skullcap and Arantalman knew him.

The minority position is not after the destruction of

Arantalman is the name of this Devilfish ancestor.

Khelratha has pledged to destroy Drayz and Gronsk and all their likeminded faction.

Velkin offers to share what we know about the DVLs and Arantalman agrees to share it with his faction.

Khelratha mentions breaking the idol near a sleeping person. Araquelle became one of us. Sturloc & Kottar - Kottar was taken over.

Arantalman explains that the the person is suppressed but practically ceases to be.

At this point the paralyzation for Kauri and Peronelle wears off.

Velkin offers a side deal to enter someone from the slave market.

A volunteer is best, but I don't think that's likely.

The treasure is below in the bilge in a hidden compartment. The access is left hand corner back of the room, 5th rib of the hull on the right hand side.

Go to the left go into the bilge, then cross over to the right, then back 5 ribs.

He thinks the DVLs are in the process of striking a deal with the other admirals.

Power increases over time when stay in one place.

Druul finds the hatch to the trap door. Velkin goes down and just opens the hatch.

Velkin puts the idol in his pack (two slots).

Ladder down to bilge.

Ribs easily found, go back 5 ribs. There is a little hole to stick in a finger and pull out a panel. Part of the rib is hollowed out.

Velkin opens it. There is a LOT of gold and silver in there, thousands of coins, 28 gems of various sizes, 10 pieces of jewelry, 2 chokers, prayer beads, 2 necklaces, anklets, and a couple of rings, and a couple of potions light blue and crimson liquid. Rolled up piece of parchment but damp has destroyed it. over 9K gold and 2K silver pieces.

It will take about an hour to transfer everything up. It is about 2:30 PM.

Druul goes up to spy for Jardin, while we move the treasure up a level.

Druul goes to clear the rear ladderway that is barricaded, Oskar and Renthark help him. It will wind up about the same time

We transfer the loot to the dark room in the back of the ship so we can open the portal to recover all of it, so about 4:00 PM we will have the loot in that room. It has doors below deck.

Dragon Emperor scheduled to check his portal on the 22nd of Denrilden.

Felix is keeping watch and Alician is there.

Felix is happy to see us.

Everyone OK? All but Ceres.

We do a chain to pass through the sacks of coins.

Prixithalma has been a bit short with us. We think she's almost had a breakthrough so she doesn't want to be disturbed. It is something to do with that sword and that book. Prix is back in the middle of the web.

What sword is that? Khelratha asked.

The Probability Sword, oh, that's my old sword.

Velkin goes to peak and sneaks in so as not to disturb her.

Prix is hunched over the nanocarbon book copy and the probability sword and she is deep, deep in study of them and she doesn't notice Velkin at all.

She seems to be mostly looking at the sword then glancing down at the book then back to the sword with the magnifying glass, like doing a comparison.

20 minutes to pass the coins through, so by 4:20 PM we have the loot squirreled away.

Druul goes topside to see if he can spot Jardin.

Druul doesn't see anything, and someone behind him clears his throat it is Jardin.

Jardin, you scared the hell out of me, truthfully you scared the hell out of me.

So did you destroy the statue? No, but it has relinquished the undead.

Captain Batenero and the few of her men who survived are waiting for us, back on the ship aft of us. The one that the line connects to.

Druul will gather the party and Jardin will signal to Captain Batenero that we are coming over.

Velkin makes a gentle scratching sound. She does that thing with a tilted hear and her shoulders go up, but does not respond.

WE are leaving Armada, is there anything you request. She sets down the sword, marks place in book, closes it, sets it down, puts hand on his shoulder, "I'm fine, a little bit dizzy, I mean deciphering ancient mathematical formula written by a crazy dwarf with similar infinitesimaly tiny script. I'll let you know when I'm done."

She mutters, "Just like Azrael." Under her breath.

Alician wants to stay in the portal. Felix is fine to stay in the portal. Renthark wants to head back in since the fighting is done.

Druul knocks and relays that he found Jardin, we pack up the portal and work our way to the top.

Druul asks about tossing the shadow and a conversation ensues.

My people put me into the statue when I grew old to preserver my knowledge and wisdom.

Kauri asks if we call on him, will he helps against the DVLs.

Because your people are not of this world. Well, yes,

Kauri proposes this. Since inconvenient to carry, and no willing host, and Lysander taking us to the mainland. You see no need to remain with Armada, correct?

If you return me to my brethren, I can speak to them to see if they will stay to help Armada.

Have yo spoken to Lysander? I don't mean to speak ill of mother, but she does not appreciate the significance of some of the decisions that those in opposition to my faction are making her chose. She is above it, is the best way to say it.

There was a bit of surprise on her part, when the Seer first brought her back. She asks everyone she speaks with what they think of the devilfish.

Where's Carcus he was a good messenger? He was a brave little shark and help us a lot back then.

Arantalman suggests a passphrase to ensure that we are dealing with his faction and not Drayz's faction.

We decide on a math question. "What is 6x9" with the incorrect answer of "42",

Kauri suggests it is more advantageous for us to have Arantalman working to sway his faction.

This sways Velkin's opinion.

Velkin takes the idol out of his pack and asks how we can stay in touch.

Hopefully we can meet again before the end of the world, or after it is averted.

I'd feel more comfortable not sharing with others of my fellows given the role you played.

Gronsk's faction doesn't come near the Dead Forest. My people are around the Dead Forest, so I'll be safe.

Velkin drops him over the side.

Jardin says, "You meet the strangest people."

We get to the other boat and across the way, we see Batenero with 6 orcs and her arm in a sling, the others are beat up.

The skeletons attacking us just collapsed into bones.

We cut the line to Davey's Locker and haul the ship we are on to pull nearer their ship to make it easier to cross over. It is about 5:30 PM.

Batenero says "Let's get out of here, I don't want to be here after dark."

Eventually we are back at the dock where we started yesterday morning.

Betenero, if it's all the same with you, we'll be seeing ourselves home. I lost quite a few men, so I'll need to report in to Eliasa.

The Imperials are very glad to see Jardin. They ask about Hiro.

The sailor at the dock looks stricken. That's too bad, captain Anakbar was a good captain. Jardin pats him on the shoulder and when no one is looking, Jardin gives us a shrug.

You have a visitor with Master Ranarth on deck.

There is some paperwork he was discussing with Ranarth. (The Yellow Hat DVL)

Ranarth returned last night some time. I don't know what his title should be.

The sailor escorts us to Ranarth.

Ranarth is sitting with a Yellow Hatted orc.

The orc and Ranarth are set up with a table and papers and he asks if we have a contract.

We about have an agreement arranged. Ranarth doesn't speak for us.

Well, this is better, as I'd like to have all of your signatures.

Aren't you leaving tomorrow at first light?

Who told you this? Someone amongst Admiral Krugma's people, a captain. I think it originated with the new Seer.

I have papers drawn up, we've talked about the general outlines. Of course I can read over them real quick then come back tomorrow and

Velkin says, as a matter of record, we can only sign for ourselves. If it came to it about claims on souls, I think we wouldn't have a leg to stand on if we didn't have your individual signatures.

Her you go, look it over.

```ad-abstract We, the undersigned members of the Wardens of Meidia, hereby pledge that our business in Gharmarost does not aim to disrupt or injure the person or interests of Lord Beelzebub, Lieutenant of Asmodeus and Viceroy of the Coastal Provinces of the Former Dragon Empire. In exchange, Lord Beelzebub pledges to not impede the Wardens entry into Gharmarost, exit from that same city, or infiltration of the Inquisitorial Citadel and Library. Lord Beelzebub furthermore agrees to an audience with the Wardens to negotiate further aide in their infiltration of the Inquisitorial Citadel. ```

So you're working for Drayz and Gronsk are you?

Well, I am doing the will of my Master and if it just happens to align with the desires of another faction.

Did you sign anything Ranarth? Well, not this.

Velkin asks if he signed anything? Well that's a personal question.

Anything I might have signed had nothing to do with you?

What is it?

Well, I had certain interests of my own.

As you know, I'm one of the greatest big game hunters in the entire world specializing in large lizards. Your friend had an intriguing offer that I couldn't pass up.

Khelratha - What did you sign Ranarth? Just a small contract. What did it say.

The general gist is that guaranteed fame for my skills as a big game hunter and opportunities to prove it, and will take delivery of an object that will help in those endeavors. It is a sword specially enchanted for killing large lizards.

Speaking of staying around, I might have to part ways with you guys at this point. Well, you have all this business, going to the mainland, and it won't help what I want to do with the reputation I want to develop.

When do you receive this sword?

In a few days here in armada.

Passage arranged for a place with plenty of game to hunt.

Kauri - Be truthful, are you planning to hunt dragons. No, I'm sorry, I guess it could be interpreted. No, I wasn't planning that at all the kinds of creatures, unintelligent creatures. Certainly not dragon.

Do you have a copy no. well exactly what did it say. Passage to plentiful game, large lizards, and aid in spreading my exploits and not doing anything to thwart Beelzebub and thwarting his plans, and something about his soul.

Khelratha suggests he join us below for a drink.

Velkin makes ready sleep powder. Hunting's my thing. The things you do don't play to my strengths. The opportunity to do what I do best seemed best.

So what all did you tell him about us? Just that I met you on Midmark.

Druul plays his lute to charm Ranarth.

Ranarth goes slackjawed looking at Druul.

Ranarth, when Lysander asked you questions why did you curl up in the corner? It was the question about what I thought about her people the other dragons. Yeah, I would if I could. Maybe with this new weapon.

What did you tell them about us? Only that I met you on Curmidden when I was hunting.

Did you give him any details of where we've been or who we've talked to?

Where is he taking you? An island, not too far.

When do you leave? In a few days, when the sword arrives.

He said that he wasn't expecting to meet anyone with my skills.

He extemporized and wrote it up right in front of me.

Are you named in service to this DVL or any other DVL?

I'm not going to be. I only have to kill 50 of these giant lizards it will be fine. Until then I am technically in the service of Beelzebub.

What roll?

Thrall to his will and command.

How is it listed?

Lizardkind - OK so dragons.

Ranarth - I think maybe you assume everything is about you, and this time it's about me.

You didn't have me with you to negotiate a better contract.

Velkin asks Druul to ask Ranarth what he and Lungmold discussed with the Winter King. What happened in that conversation.

Lungmold and I were to I guess betray you, anything for manipulation of time or time travel we ewer to steal it and make a copy to him.

Velkin asks what do they do to treasonous turncoats in the Imperium. Yeah, but I kind of want to see what happens to him.

Velkin pours a couple mugs of ale and drugs the one he hands to Ranarth.

Velkin drinks his drink, and Ranarth thanks him and take s big drink and falls backwards and hits the floor asleep.

Velkin offers to deal with him.

Khelratha says, "Think of it as showing him where his snowflake amulet is."

Velkin - That's the idea.

Velkin takes care of Ranarth and saves from the elbows to his fingers and knees to his toes for Forcas.

Velkin then rifles through his stuff.