Session One Hundred and Nineteen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 119, December 20 2022



We continue at 7:00AM on the 22nd of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having just finished their astral reconnaissance mission to the Inquisitorial Citadel, during which they learned the secret archives were undisturbed and that the lower levels of the fortress are connected to the Gharmarost's sewer system (which also seems to be used by wary humans perhaps hiding from DVLs). Now, as Lysander draws closer to the occupied city, the group makes final preparations for their infiltration of the library and parley with the Lord of the Flies ...

Larry's Summary

Khelratha and Druul tell Jardin that the bull headed humanoids said that they could smell dragon.

Druul said that a DVL swooped down at him.

Jardin confirms that the secret library is still there.

Druul asked if he found specific tomes. Jardin said a bit tricky, but the secret archives in 3 sections. The general collection doesn't think anything that will be of use. A lot of spellbooks. Nothing truly unique or interesting. But a metal gate and a smaller archive. A lot of research by previous high inquisitors kept there. And then the secret, secret archives, the main stacks, the poison cabinet, and the poison well with acid below and elevator and stacks on walls. (Can't take anything out of there or will die. "Put books back on shelves before raise the elevator. Something that burns, either acid or fire below. Drops you below.")

It's not ink monsters is it? Kehlratha asked.

Can't raise the lift without putting the books back.

Alician says, "Really Jardin, you're one of few who had authorization to go in there."

Druul mentions all the bonfires burning books. Alician looks horrified.

Khelratha says that they're eating people in the streets.

Kehlratha we could go with the submarine the grate between the river and the sewers is big enough to walk in.

Jardin's room, under his bed is a bunch of Phoenix Eggs to destroy the entire complex.

Khelratha asked how many Phoenix Eggs?

A lot, flames channeled into other levels below.

Is it an instant thing, or is it on a timer?

Orb chamber has an orb in it that projects maps and other things.

We discuss ways of going in.

Khelratha suggests all but Velkin getting in portal and he invisibly shadow step into the portal.

We plan to mention we are looking for a map. If Beelzebub tells us that all books, maps, and papers are destroyed, then say it is behind a statue. It is a map to a place we want to go.

Option to get to Jardin's room and set off the clutch of Phoenix Eggs.

    • Options to get out are:**

- To get to the ship if nothing goes wrong. - Burn the web portal after we are all in the web portal. -

While waiting for arrival various party members split up

2 vials for Jardin to spit acid into.

Velkin gives empty vials to Kauri.

Druul plays to grow more healing ingredients.

Kauri reviews the book with TikTok to see if he recognizes his name or any name.

Khelratha goes to check on his submarine, and Grissel relays that it was his understanding that the submarine will be brought up when we get close to the city.

We asked if Lysander would make the ship invisible and she said 'No' The deal was a ride and way to get in unseen.

Khelratha scans 360 degrees all around the ship.

Khelratha sees ahead of us a bank of cloud and fog low to ground. We are heading straight for it.

Looks like we'll hit the fog about an hour before we reach the city.

Grissel says Lysander will part ways with us just outside the cloud bank.

Even regular sailing shouldn't be more than an hour.

Druul gives Grissel a bottle of nice liquor he found in one of the captain's cabins.

We say our goodbyes. Grissel heads to railing, pops a piece of coral and the sailors lower him down near the edge of the fog bank. Lysander sinks below and there is a submersible bobbing next to the ship. Khelratha gives the order to tie it off.

We tow it behind us, and the story is that it is a shielded longboat.

Khelratha mimics operating the sub and explains the layout.

Khelratha asks about the underwater suits. Kauri, Oskar, and Lambertus relay that the suits were used as space suits to go to the station and are now at the Temple of the Dead at Old Greybeard.

We enter the fog and it is eerie and a bad smell.

No noise. Druul holds forth the warrant of safe passage.

Captain Birklin says that we should be near the harbor and a sudden burst of light off to one side, so that guides our navigation.

There is the sound of flapping wings approaching.

Khelratha grabs his sword hilt.

A creature with a vulturish head and wings a scorpion tail and chicken legs.

It lands in the front of the ship, looking at the warrant.

After a moment, it nods. Then says in a high-pitched normal voice in common. I am to escort you to your quarters.

A ball is provided, formal attire is required. 12 of us.

We request 11 outfits. Jardin and Alisceon decide to go.

We need special accommodations for our bird friend. 11 humanoids and one bird.

The DVL points one wing in the direction we are to go.

The city is dark other than lights from the Imperial Naval College.

Occasional shadowy figures above in the clouds.

Birklen whispers that these are the Southernmost docks in the part of the city is walled off. The shipyards in the naval encampment.

The Citadel is all the ways across the harbor, almost behind us.

The DVL swoops to the head of the dock as we are tying off the ship.

Lots of shadows and not much distance visible in the fog. About a few dozen feet, then shadowy shapes. Can tell there are buildings and moving shapes.

Very faintly, pretty sure we can hear the sounds of work directly in, but it is weirdly muffled.

Peronell says that this is the first time I've been home (the Mainland) since the Dwarves captured me.

We follow the

Druul notices a guy in a yellow hat is walking next to him. It is a knit hat. He says, "Hello there, Druul is it? We don't need to involve our guy in this."

Going to see Beelzebub? I hear your group is in the frame of mind where you're OK making deals. I can't stay long, or there may be trouble. You might want to pass word on to your friends, on the way to Montoa. I represent someone at odds with Azmodeus, and offered them a deal back then. If now you're signing contracts willy nilly here take this offer. Just don't let Beelzebub knows about it.

Druul asks who he answers to? A friend. The DVL lets got of it and Druul grabs it before it hits the grounds. The vulture's head swivels and sees nothing as the yellow hat is lost in the fog.

Druul says, "Ow, Forcas, you stepped on my foot." Druul passes the scroll on to Velkin who stashes it away.

Jardin passes word up the line that we are headed toward Anchor road the Southernmost wall. Naval college to right and shipyards to left. Admirals had all their residences there.

Come to a wider street in a sea of nothingness, until finally a doorway looms. The vulture points at the door. "Your accommodations are here. Festivities begin two hours from now, be ready, dress is inside, and I'll return to get you."

Khelratha opens the door and it is dark.

It is fancy and stairs up to landing. It is big enough for a party.

Not quite as big as the Grell Estate in Midmark. Khelratha comments that it's not as big as his place.

The left side appears to be servants quarters and the right side are double-doors to master suite with clothes on the bed.

The bed is just piled with way more clothes than we need and stuff for waiters. There is a little blue ribbon with a red stone like a pendant for Ajax. Not big enough for a necklace on a person.

There are some smaller clothes, possible children's formal wear.

Khelratha has black clothes with silver threads with a crimson cravat and silver pin.

Pick out clothes and 230 GP and a platinum letter opener shaped like a sword and documents about the ship yard and lumber, etc.

Tik Tok lets us know at exactly 2 hours later and the vulture DVL shows up. DVL sticks to Anchor Road along the wall and see lights up ahead.

Eventually a wall takes shape and a gate in the wall opens and beyond it, lots more light. Torches beyond the opening and free standing torches in the gardens. Very sickly gardens, trees look dead and leaves are crisp and ready to fall, others on the ground.

Planters with feathers.

Guests here dancing in the garden and musicians/servants playing dirge like music and they are human and look unwell and open sores on faces and hands. Some dance and hack and cough then immediately go back to dancing. All seem sick even the servants with the food, that doesn't look terribly appetizing.

The vulture DVL gestures and says the master awaits inside, so we head that way.

All the "guests" are deliberately avoiding looking in our ours and never come near where we are.

As we start to enter the garden area, one person catches out eyes, a servant with finger food that looks like it may be fingers.

The servant is almost certainly Raynarth Quinn.