Session One Hundred and Seventeen Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 117, December 7 2022



We continue at 9:30AM on the 21st of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party visiting the Indentured Servant market on Armada. Having signed the agreement with Beezlebub's envoy, the group just needs to make their final preparations to leave the floating city in Lysander's company around sundown. How will the party be conveyed to the mainland? What awaits them in Gharmarost? Are the solutions they seek hidden within the Inquisitorial Citadel's library? The answers to those questions draw ever closer ...

Larry's Summary

Can't remove indentured servants from Armada without approval from one of the admirals.

Room and board can be provided in Armada, services for past and current Seers and one of the Admirals. Contract of 3 years, but holder of the contract can terminate it early.

4 islanders, 2 female warriors, Jannat & Najma 50gp each, from Montoa, male cook 20gp, Gurum, another woman, Brochain 30gp, a hunter 2 fingers missing from left hand, from Hizzou. Mercenaries who attacked their village. One of Gurum's granduncles is a village elder is also Gurum.

5 new people - 3 Imperial metal workers, Renier Walles (bad burns to face), Ivan Fleming (big), Abel Brix, from Imperial shipyards in Gharmarost, a blacksmith, Gunterius Rentzel, and weapon smith, David Boger (bushy hair in yes), as well, also near the naval yard, the Corner District. 3 metal workers involved in same project as the shipwright. Something airship. Druul asks about Gharmarost.

Salesman, yes, all 5 of them Gharmarost. Any of you know the layouts and ways around of the library itself? One of the smiths - the blacksmith - raises a hand. I've been up to the citadel. Druul asks the weapon smith what he specializes in? Swords? 150 each for the smiths and 250 each for the metal workers.

Shipwright and two elves also brought up. Shipwright 750 gp - Imperial Naval College in Gharmarost, 2 elves, Cesario Stepesoft - snubnosed & Madge Picot - matted hair, 50 gp each, sailors, heading from Midmark to Curanost. Shipwright, Coen Krukkert with limp and a rash, one of the designers of the airship with its steering controls.

Velkin suggests a package deal for 1,200 GP and Druul plays to enrapture the salesman.

Salesrep ignores Druul's efforts and says he's not into music. Khelratha, says he doesn't know the Ballad of Xenilum Khel.

Velkin and the sales rep haggle until 1,530 gp is agreed upon. Velkin gives a 1,000 gp gem and Druul gives over the 530 gp, and Velkin signs it. Two copies, one for Velkin's records. 12 new members with the party.

We leave with the new members of our party to the Fleet Market.

Takes an hour to get there and arrive c. 11:00 AM.

Velkin talks with Cressida (Cressida Hag) the herbalist and gets name of a sedative (valeriana) and a hallucinogen (henbane). He's trying to replicate the effects of the astral tea. 15 gp for the both.

Lambertus goes off to look to see if he can find a new holy symbol of Baldric Evenkeel. Does not find one. (Get the jeweler, Caspar Dealbater, to make one?)

Velkin asks about gear and food.

Elsanne Eerbeek - Gear Cressida points her out.

Yuri Hengel - food & rations that'll keep. Will be expensive. Cressida points him out.

Functional Furniture - Trees Mastbroek -

Weapons & Armor - Valentina Sastre - Can probably handle both. Over near Caspar on same ship he was on.

When Velkin asks if there is anything else. One of the metal workers, Abel, leaves off scratching. (Lice as per Cressida) Coen has a skin rash (not sure, keep it moist with some aloe maybe).

Khelratha says, what about clothes and a bath? Ask Elsanne about clothes and a bath.

    • Valentina Sastre -** Large number of small weapons, smaller selection of armor, some missile weapons. Loot from various ships. Montoan warriors, bows & spears, leather armor - but none available. Hunter same bow & spear. 3 bows, 3 spears. 280 arrows 5gp/20 (70gp). 12 spears 4gp each (48gp) - extras. Shortbow 25 gp 7 shortbows - 175 gp. 293 gp

Coen says he's OK with a shortsword as part of the Imperial Navy. Buy a longsword 10 gp - 303 gp Big guy says he's used to punching people. Swing a hammer. Gunterious says he could use a hammer. 5 hammers - 5gp each for 25gp - 328 gp 3 small shields - 10 gp each for 30 gp - 358 gp total. Sailor Cesario says he's pretty good with daggers. 6 daggers at 3 gp each - 376 gp. Kauri pays with a 300 gp and 100 gp gem for 24 gp change.

    • Trees Mastbroek -** Carpenter with sawdust everywhere. He just gives a look when says there for a bunch of furniture. He has a workbench someone else wants, and he wants 50 gp for it. 3 chairs and table for 15 for table and 10 for each chair - 30gp. 2 beds just need a couple finishing touches. Just a frame. 20 gp each. -40 gp 5 medium sized chests - 40 gp. / 175 gp - half now 87.5 gp (Lambertus give him 17 copper.) We take the chests to help carry stuff.

Velkin asks about barrels and Trees directs us to Radu the cooper.

    • Radu** is above with barrels. - No barrels.
    • Elsanne Eerbeek -** All kinds of gear, block & tackle, mirrors, etc. If mention Cressida. 12 sets of clothes. 2 gp each - 24, 12 cloaks - 2 gp each - 24, includes boots - 48 gp; 12 backpacks - 2gp each, has a couple fancy backpacks, 20 gp each - 60 gp / 108 gp. 58 flasks oil - 2 gp each - 116 gp / 224 gp, rope & grapple hook - 26 gp / 250 gp. block & tackle 5 gp, 200 feet rope - 4 gp / 259 gp; 20 large sacks - 2 gp each - 40 gp / 299 gp; 2 sets leather armor - 20 gp each - 40 gp / 339 gp; Call it an even 300 since friends of Cressida. Druul pays for it.
    • Yuri Hengel -** Food - 50 gp rations per one person. 25 weeks for 1,000 GP by 5 PM. Password is "Turnip" when his guy shows up.

We go a few ships North of Market to get a path. 1 SP per person. 12 SP each. Khelratha gets a bath too. Khelratha undoes his braided beard, combs it out.

Khelratha uses the tin of beard oil from Jardin and re-braids his beard with a new sort of braids. It is indicative of the leader of a clan with no other members. Druul stops somebody that looks like a captain if the admirals are still in council. No council meeting today.

Make way to Kasa's to get permission to take the indentured servants. We reach the Thorndrift. Guards recognize Druul and says she's in her cabin. Druul goes in with contract and the rest of us oversee the new hires.

Kasa at a table going through a ledger, servants are setting up for dinner. I hear you're leaving. Yes, I thought I should say goodbye. Well, at least you're doing it this time. I wish you well with you and the crew and the rest of Armada. Good luck to you and your friends, you did well here.

I do have to ask a favor before we go. We picked up a couple individuals from the slave market. I thought you didn't approve of it. We were looking to take them on the trip. She signs off on it. She pauses. Then gives him a good look for the first time. Yeah, try to make it back sooner.

Druul asked what they plan to do. I know that Krugma is planning to collect workers for DVLs and start trade for food. Try to hang on and make ourselves useful to these creatures. I'll be happy if what you're working on pans out.

Hopefully this deal Krugma has worked out with Beelzebub will keep us going and keep us safe. I think some of these devilfish are staying to.

Druul says to keep eye on the sky, then Kasa says "Wait" and pulls out a lute after rummaging around. Your Dad's. You're just as bad as him when it comes to the music. Drull slings it on his back.

Keep your eyes on the skies, I'll see if the birds can send messages. You accomplished more than I expected so bird messengers don't surprise me.

Druul hands the paper work over to Velkin.

Head over to see Grissel and directed down to Lysander's temple. Grissel is praying, but no service.

Grissel seems happy to see us. Signs asking if we are ready? Khelratha says, "Make sure he knows that we are waiting on deliveries by 5:00 PM and will be ready by 6:00 PM ." Wait, I have something for you. He pulls out a pouch. Just ten pieces of underwater coral, is the best I could do.

Druul mentions that he wants to talk to Domelch. Domelch is happy to see us, good luck on your journeys, and quite literally, may Lysander guide your way.

I'm just the chief priest, taking care of the congregation. Druul asks what the next couple of months look like? We'll look into Alyce Sharp and what went wrong there.

Hopefully no backsliding when Lysander is gone.

Druul says be sure to say goodbye to your family before you leave.

Oh, Yes, they're not too happy with the way things turned out. So best if you and your friends don't visit anytime soon.

We arrive right around 5 PM. Furniture already delivered and Trees is waiting for his payment. We scrounge coins to pay him and two guys with wheelbarrows full of rations, and Velkin pays the 1,00 GP gem.

We divide up the rations between the 12 new people. Captain takes furniture to the hold.

Jardin - Spoke to Elkior - Apparently the escort to the coast can't be re-purposed, can't count toward docking fees and supplies. But I was able to argue that payment in Curabel will cover it. They will repaid the Eclipse and it's damage. I talked about Ragamar, Krungma wasn't around.

Elkior said he'd have a word with Krugma. Drull mentions to Jardin that we learned that the contract is with Beelzebub.

More commotion down on the dock, Grissel shows up and comes aboard. All set? Time to cast off.

Captain Birkin I see the new Seer is here. She gives out commands to cast off. Grissel says we just need to move out into the open water beyond the docks. Druul asks if he has parchment. He shows that he has a slate and chalk.

The ship moves to open water and there is a thud from below, then a stronger thud. The whole ship goes still and there is something very large beneath us and we are shooting towards the wall of storms. The storms peels away and the devilfish peel away at a very fast clip.

We hear a noise from the scroll tube and go downstairs. We go to hold where it's dark and tell the sailors that we'll see to it.

There is still noise we hear, "Hey you, listen!" Ithirialma and Alician are at the opening, Prixithalma has something.

We direct the 12 new hirelings to load the furniture into the web.

We go see what Prixithalma has to say. Ithirialma says she'll keep an eye on things while we head in.

Pass the exploded cannon and junk. At the mouth of the tunnel where it opens to the big nexus area. She is sitting with her arms on her knees looking out to the center of the web and motions us to sit down near her. Alright, I figured out something. This is definitely a partial match to what is in the book here. It repeats a long section of the formula. It seems to be about a quarter of the entire formula engraved on the sword, except, there is one area, that a single character is damaged. It is flickering in and out. It is correct for a fraction of a second, then flips to something that is wrong. So it is constantly doing this. I know what is correct, as that is what's in the book.

So I have a theory. So this sword was used to bind Asmodeus and the book from the notes of the dwarf it is supposed to be a formula to bind DVLs. It has the same formula as the book , but it is broken on Xenotel and it broke one of the characters carved into it. So how do we fix it? I don't have answers, but I have theories.

But something, maybe one of you remember, one of those Jax fellows something about the binding process of DVLs, I mean, something is tickling the back of my brain, I just don't have it yet.

1/4 of formula on sword repeats. The book said a general binding that would work on any DVL. My previous knowledge was that it had to be the name of the exact DVL.

She shows us the character in the book. It is the final character in the bit that is repeated.

Not sure how to repair it. Kauri looks and confirms that every time it flickers, it gives off transpatial energy.

Khelratha explains that others said that it looked like there were 20 of me.

Alician asked who made the sword?

How does binding typically work? With name of the DVL.

Kauri explains (via Larry) that Asmodeus tricked our party and 19 parties across other realities to use two charges to set Asmodeus free.

Alician - So either this mad genius discovered it at the same time? Prix is suggesting that the formula isn't a formula. Now I recall what Jax said, it is the reason all the DVLs follow Asmodeus, he can bind and unmake them. He is the super administrator. But HOW does he do that?

The formula that bound them to the sword. So his name gives him the ability to control all the others? A binding doesn't take the full name, 25% of the name repeated. That would mean that this is Asmodeus' true name.

So if we can get his name on a sword and hit him with it, he's gone.

Kehlratha pulls out the shard, and asks if it will work. Brendil, Druul, and maybe Lungmold went to rescue TikTok and they told us that the Probability Sword is made for one, not all of them.

Prix, hold up, the only thing, some of it is on the sword.

Druul suggests that the book is the name of all the DVLs.

Kehlratha, so if we put this on on a weapon and stab Asmodeus then all the DVLs are banished.

Kauri asks TikTok he would recognize his true name if he saw it.

Prix says, I think the best we can do is inscribe the 25%?

Velkin - What if we inscribe the whole thing. I just want to prove Alician wrong.

If we inscribe the 25% and stab a different DVL then we know I am right.

Grissel shows up. We should be in Gharmarost before sundown tomorrow.

Tomorrow Azrael is supposed to show up.

Probablity sword is done for. Probably inscribe on the shard.

Let's get Caspar and his family moved in to the portal.

Let off and will pick up with the move of Caspar and family.