Session One Hundred and Sixty-SEight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 168, January 31 2024



We continue at 6:00AM on the 20th of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having just spent the night resting aboard the Gilded Gusset and Bronze Wizard after reuniting with Nigel Arkenstone and the Oswithans near the mouth of the Khelrun River. As the day dawns, the two ships plan to begin the short journey down Crescent Island's eastern coast toward the city of Feldmark to recover what artifacts and food stores they can -- hopefully without having to face the Infected Monstrosity that destroyed that settlement. Will they make it to Feldmark without further trouble? Can they avoid the monster nesting in Feldmark? Are the artifacts and food accessible easily? Will the Dragon Emperor erase a large part of history and/or all concept of causation? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

We turn the ships about to head to the coast with the Bronze Wizard taking the lead. Thorfus takes the crow's nest of the party's ship to get the most benefit from his listening spyglass.

We make good progress and come near to landing. The Bronze Wizard slows. Captain Nigel signals that he thinks we should anchor and make plans.

Nigel wasn't sure if we wanted to arrive at night, or maybe we do.

Thorfus asks if we are far enough from the shore to be out of reach.

Most reports are that it is hunkered down in Feldmark.

Village of Landing at the mouth of the Feldrun River.

Mithelun (Northern River converging into the Feldrun); Sithelun (Southern River converging into the Feldrun)

Sunk ship of Oswithans and Food Ship on Mithelun Some of the party have been to Landing when they fought

The Oswithans where the river converges on the North Branch mid-river near the docks is where is sunk. The creature reached out and either threw part of itself or reached out and sunk it.

The Lord Marshall in Dun Khel with the ship of food stores is also docked on that North branch.

Nigel goes to get the Oswithans.

We discuss a plan to both get the ship full of food and recover the items of the Oswithans from their sunken ship.

Nigel returns with the Oswithans. They are glad we survived and asked if we found a weapon to use against the undead giant.

The bracelet and weapon are embedded in the creature.

We continue discussions.

We anchor for the night, the Oswithans stay on our ship, the Gilded Gusset. Nigel returns to the Bronze Wizard.

Thorfus privately shares with Captain Nigel that he can hear what he can see with his blessed telescope.

Thorfus and Nigel discuss if we will be able to return to Dun Khel with the Bronze Wizard, the food ship, and the Gilded Gusset.

Velkin tries to talk to a seagull and it recognized him from the Parliament of Birds.

The creature grabs birds out of the sky. If it can see you, it grabs you.

Axel was up there, he barely made it away. Velkin asks to talk to Axel.

Another seagull comes up and lands directly on the crow's next.

Now the Collective Undead Monster has flying bits since it killed seagulls. So it may have swimming bits.

The seagull has agreed to go check out the creature but keep a great distance.

The Oswithans are willing to help with the food ship.

The modified environmental suit is ready for us to test.

Druul plays and makes a map to reveal where the sunken ship is. The golden flower is over the temple area.

On the second hour of the watch of Thorfus and Renthark. It seems like a storm is coming.

There is a rumble and it keeps growing in volume, all the birds nested on the coast fly up into the air. We see rock give way and rock crash into the water.

There is a light in the NorthWest that lights up the entire horizon. The sound washes over us. The ship rocks more strongly.

Then the rumble dies away.

The Jubilee is complete. The light has disappeared by the time Kauri is on deck. Kauri consults Tik Tok. Tik Tok isn't sure what it would have been.

Something big happened, but Tik Tok doesn't know what it would have been. It's like if somebody collapsed a mountain, but in the veil (shadow realm) instead.

Thorfus points his telescope in that direction when the light subsides. There are just regular night noises.

This was like the glow of a city over the horizon, so we could not make out any terrain in front of the light.

Velkin and Peronelle's watch. Just about the end of Velkin's watch, he glances out to sea. There does seem to be something out there North of us, back the way we came down the coast. Maybe it is a ship or something. It is too far off to make out what it is other than something back that way.

Velkin wakes Thorfus who use his telescope to look North and listen. Maybe a small boat. There is the sound of water swishing past us in our direction. Maybe the slightest muffled booming sounds. It is at least a couple hours away.

There is a very regular booming from under the water. It looks like a rock that is sailing.

It seems to be taller.

We ring the bell and get the attention of the crew of the Bronze Wizard.

Kauri asks if Tik Tok senses anything coming. He doesn't know anything about it.

Nigel asks if we can see eyes. It has gotten taller and has a furrowed brow at the water line.

It seems to be the Stone God.

Velkin wants to take Felix's god stone and be invisible and fly up then shadowsteps to the land to see if the stone head changes course. (Thorfus argued that we should use up the magic in it.)

(Discussion of a Kaiju fight.)

There is a definite change in course and it is higher out of the water.

Velkin flies up and the ships pull ahead and get to landing and we see masts of shipwrecks midriver and others moored at docks.

Glompus's Letter

Hey there Spud,

I’m writing this from the deck of a boat as we’re running for our lives, but the day started a lot calmer. We set sail today with the Bronze Wizard. Most of us worked on stuff around the deck, but Thorfus climbed up to the crow's next to keep watch, even though he's scared of heights. I brought him some grilled fish to settle his stomach, and I think it helped.

We started planning how to get the two ships worth of cargo we needed out of Feldmark, both the food for Dun’Khel and these tablet things from a sunken boat for these Oswithan folks we met. Don’t you worry Spud, Grandpappy and his friends are very good at it and totally know what we're doing when we’re making complicated plans. We eventually decided to mostly wing it and see what happens, and hey, we’re not dead yet!

Velkin took a break from all our very strenuous mental labor to feed some birds. The birds ate some fingers, and I think Velkin started talking to them. We ate some fish and pteranodon while we waited for him to fill us in. Velkin gave one of the birds some fingers to go scouting up to Feldmark. He flipped one to Snuffles too. Can’t decide if that’s good for him or not but at least he’ll have someone he like if something happens to your grandpappy.

We all tried to go to sleep, and wouldn’t you know it, we got to attend the Jubilee after all. Woke up to a huge boom that rocked the boats. We discussed it a bit, and figured Gharaz’Khel exploding is really the only thing it could have been. Kauri asked Tick Tock if he knew anything more about it, but he didn’t know much more that what we did.

We got woken up a bit before mine and Lambertus’s watch because something’s been chasing us in the water. We thought it was a small boat at first, but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. Everyone said it was some kind of stone god, and that it might be coming for the stone the dragons left for us. Either way, it looked really angry, so we upped anchor and started up river.

We tried a few things to divert the stone god, and it does seem like it’s following that rock. We talked about maybe seeing if we can get it to fight the monster in Feldmark. That gave me a lot of hope. I wasn’t really sure how we were going to get rid of that thing, and I hope you and all the other people we lost will be able to rest easier soon. Miss you Spud.

Love, Grandpappy Glompus 21st of Anurildin