Session One Hundred and Sixty-Six Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 166, January 17 2024



We continue at 11:20PM on the 18th of Anurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party about to battle five blue slaad that have cornered them in the abandoned mill north on the Khelrun river. Renthark, since the Gith are a mortal enemy of the Slaad, has moved out into the yard to draw the monsters' attention while the rest of the group prepares to unload with their strongest attacks. Will they emerge victorious? If so, can they make it the rest of the way back to the sea without incident and meet-up with the Bronze Wizard? Find out next time; or not.

Larry's Summary

Renthark goes to the middle of the field banging his sword.

3 of the 5 Blue Slaad disappear. Thorfus tries a psionic blast hoping to get the three he wanted.

Prix transforms.

Lambertus, Velkin, and Snuffles run to the back corner and cower in fear.

A column of flames comes down from the sky on top of Renthark and Felix. Felix was ready to cast resist fire on Renthark as Prix is set to breathe, but this spoiled his spell.

Thorfus resists psionics with Tower of Iron Will.

Thorfus, Kauri, and Peronelle are hit by flamestrike.

Then a Slaad appears and breathes cloudkill on us.

Peronelle falls over dead.

The Slaad picks up the spear.

Another shows up attacking Prix.

Prix takes to the air and breathes on all but two of them in front of Kauri and Thorfus. She drops two of them.

Kauri casts blood magic entangle on the green one gated in.

Thorfus attacks the one in front of him.

Felix finally casts prayer.

Glompus hit the slaad with a sling stone and did 10 HP damage to the closest slaad.

Thorfus drops the closest slaad.

Kauri eats a healing bud and casts move earth to dig a hole to prevent the cloudkill from killing those feared at the back of the mill.

Felix casts slow poison on Peronelle so she gets another save vs. poison. She fails her save. So Felix pours a cure poison potion in her.

Prix flies around to them and hits the remaining 3 slaad with her last breath weapon.

The last two blue slaad disappear. There is a wrenching sound and the millstone shoots through the roof and into the air.

There is now no roof under Glompus and he falls.

Druul has to make a dex check to hang on and he also falls.

Druul is still playing.

Felix plans to run and bind Renthark.

We had to use our party called roll to win initiative (avoided a 12d8 delayed blast fireball), and Thorfus killed the entangled green slaad.

Druul uses the scepter on Renthark.

We ford the river then start munching on the healing buds.

Renthark takes a detour a pulls the staff from the green slaad.

We loot the bodies.

Renthark is staring at the staff.

The staff glows with a grayish glow to Kauri.

Renthark looks up and says in Deep Gnome, "Home".

He pats his sword and says it still works.

Thorfus asks if he knows anyone that would come back and fight.

Renthark says we will have to ask the masters.

Then we ford the river.

Glompus's Letter

Hey there Spud,

We're ok! I'm writing this from the back of Snuffles while we're booking it before more slaad come. Snuffles got afraid and ran to the back of the room right away, which was probably for the best, those guys were scary.

Your grandpappy did ok in the fight. I shot two lightning bolts! I'm not too good at it yet though, I think some of my sling stones did more damage. I did fall off the roof of the mill when it collapsed because the millstone got hurled into the air, which was less fun, but that was the only time I really got hurt. A few of us were banged up pretty bad, but we didn't lose anyone, so I think we're all breathing a little easier. The slaad who attacked us did manage to summon this wizard-looking slaad though. Kauri got him entangled with magic vines, but he cast a big poison cloud that hurt some of my friends pretty bad and I think almost killed us at the end before Thorfus got him, looked like he was winding up some sort of big spell. And Prixithalma really is a dragon! She got really big and winged and... well, dragony, and did a number on the slaad. All in all, we got really lucky, and I'm glad everyone is ok.

The other exciting bit of news is that the green slaad had a magic staff Renthark said could take him home (he's from another plane I think, but I don't speak much deep gnome). That might be cool to see, I've never been to a different plane before (or a different island, for that matter). He said some folks there might help us fight, which could be really helpful if they're anything like Renthark, he's really strong.

We crossed the river pretty quickly after that, and I don't think there's going to be a lot of rest tonight. But my friends are ok, and Snuffles is ok, and that's what matters. Miss you though Spud, the silver lining would have been seeing you.

Love, Grandpappy Glompus 18th of Anurilden