Session One Hundred and Thirty-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 132, April 5 2023



We continue at 11:20AM on the 25th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party preparing to leave the embassy in Malgrim for the surface now that Jax has disappeared (probably into another reality in fulfillment of a different Jaxs' wish). The group, warned by Mephistopheles of an imminent attack by DVLs, is only waiting for Billi to return from his shady Aunt Primila in case she knows of a secret means of escaping the city. Beyond a return to the surface to lose their pursuers, the party doesn't have a solid plan. Will they find refuge or allies somewhere aboveground? Tune in to find out ...

Larry's Summary

Billi went to talk to his aunt Primila.

Pack up Jaxs' breastplate/portable DVL capture device. Philomanthaxus retrieves it. It is not fully inscribed with runes it needs. Who needs to do that? Philomanthraxus was doing it under Jaxs' direction.

Pack up nanocarbon.

Gather up Jaxs' notes from neat pile from Cybil gathering them up. Velkin gathers notes from Jaxs' room.

Adamantine & Nanocarbon tools.

Shard for engraving.

As we are packing, Billi returned with Primilla who wanted to talk to us face to face.

Thorfus asks her to describe her face, old & wrinkly, loves her privacy, hates having to deal with you all. But, my nephew asked nicely and I figured you don't deserve all the hate coming down on you. You tried to do some good.

Thorfus tells her we have more gold than we can carry, so help yourself.

The main entrances heavily guarded, and they've dug out the cave in.

The Higeki have collapsed Bogfunk's old tunnels.

I know you did some stuff in the river, there are now patrols with chains across the entrances up and down river. River probably best choice.

Fortunately, I think you might have some other choices. Hey Sis, Why don't you get me some soup.

I have a two party plan I think you'll like.

Part 1 - I assume you want to get out of the city with the least amount of notice. There are a lot fewer non-gnomes wandering the city. Fortunately, due to other business, I know some smuggling tunnels. I can get you to the lower city. I lead you through these tunnels of associates.

In lower tunnels, Ragathi clan, gemstone mine, clan guards far from reinforcements, if don't mind getting hands dirty, or you can pay off or bully. At most ten guards.

Once in tunnels, I'm not going, but can tell you want I know. They found some tomb in there, Elven or something. The people who found it say there is exit to the underdark and that's your way out of the city undetected.

Clearly, it's not impossible to get through.

Directions are on the paper she has.

mine tunnels/shafts:

  • 2nd from left,
  • middle of five,
  • leftmost,
  • shaft down and
  • then down slope,
  • rightmost,
  • down shaft into tomb;
  • north from there

Renthark will carry 100 gp to bribe the guards.

Lungmold has talked to Winter Elves and plan to go to Sizek Ygnas and vacate the embassy.

Caspar chimes in and says, "Right, I'm as eager to get back to work on the shard, but where are we going? I need someplace secure to work, even leaving aside the fact of what to do with my family."

Druul has played to make a new flower map. Not as pretty, since things that sprout are not flowers, but they are colorful but mushy. In a spare office overlooking the conference room to listen in.

The various colored growths snap into focus as a topographic map. Blue for oceans, green for landmasses, and at first one white, almost glowing, then surrounded by other dark shapes that represent the ships. Sort of recognize some of the landmass shapes.

It looks like whatever this is, they are crossing from the Isle of Curasur to Crescent Island. Location of the city of Feldmark. They are probably about 7 days SE of Feldmark.

Everyone carries 1 weeks rations.

We take over an hour to get out of here. Primilla says try not to be too conspicuous, we have to use some streets.

Calla caught Lucifer and is carrying him. The others are around somewhere.

Thorfus has the automatons lower the barrels of gold into the street. We roll into nearby buildings to get out of sight. Final command to kill all that enter the embassy. (Velkin with Platinum circlet.)

Lungmold takes Rotbreath, Bogfunk, and Myrzantum and the Winter Elves to negotiate the way out. Lungmold says that if your way guides you there, I'm sure the Winter King will welcome you.

We then follow Primilla below.

1/3 of the way there, Primilla goes to an abandoned building and pulls out some keys and pushes open the door. Well, this is the way, single file.

Moves aside a cupboard with a concealed door with stairs that wind downwards.

Maybe ten minutes to navigate the stairwell without meeting anyone.

Find ourselves in what looks like another abandoned house. Seems to be in the lower city.

Primilla says, so, we're just outside the Low Market. Just a bit North of it. Are you familiar with the Underwarren? We're a couple streets over from it. Taking the alleys, we should be able to get to the mines without too many eyes on us. If I know them, I'll ensure they don't way anything.

In a very narrow alleyway.

Primilla seems very happy with how well things are going so far.

After another half hour of walking. We're getting close to outer edge of city near the mines.

Has us hold up near the mines so we can prepare to deal with the guards.

It is just ahead, can't be more than ten guards and follow those directions.

Primilla moves off to the side, and Billi, Cybil, and Azra all say their goodbyes. Calla is still holding Lucifer the cat.

We move forward and see 8 deep gnome guards. They see us, and stand up trying to look as official and intimidating as possible.

Once of them hastily fixes his belt and calls out, "This is Clan Ragathy territory here. You should turn around and go back to the city."

Druul says that we're just looking for a way through, and jangling the pouch of coins. It's dangerous and private property. We don't want you killed or stealing our gems."

So you with them, motioning back to the cave entrance. I'm with this group here, just seeking our way through here. So you just want to give us some coin and we'll look the other way?

Yeah, keep it quiet. You're not heading down to that tomb, there's something growing down there, it's not safe. Something bad. It makes you sick.

When we first got down there, it wasn't so bad. Last time we sent a group, only one came back. Talking crazy about fungus men, and all kinds of problems.

You mean a fungus guy like in the embassy. No, some kind of fungus Knight. Only people who go through are those who don't want to be found. Any others down there have paid their toll, just leave them alone.

Druul asked for who. Just people who want to be left alone.

Druul hands over the 100 gp, and says, yeah, no problem.

These fellows here, the Sizek Ygna sent them to try and clear up the problem. If they don't come back, well, adventuring's dangerous work. That's why we're guards, right?

And we walk by.

Thofus asked what do you mean by fungi, what are they? Does it take over the bodies?

We need more information do the people die and stay dead, or do they die and get back up again?

Druul asks, nothings come out except for that one guy. I know we had to get some healers to look at him. He's at the Ragathy house if you want to talk to him.

He calls over another gnome, do you remember what that fellow was saying that came up from the tomb. Yeah, some sort of Drow tomb from way back when. When we first broke through it was spooky with some sort of weird fungus. Figured we'd dig in a different direction. Just before all the Drow showed up. Sent a group to take a look. The dead got up, the weird fungus was all over them, and acting strange. They weren't like undead, but slaughtered the whole group. He wasn't feeling well, he's on leave I think.

Thorfus mentions dragon fire, and being careful.

Just for a second, there is a momentary little buzz in our head then it goes away. It is similar to Lungmold, Devilfish, and Squidfaces. It just barely touches and is cut off in a moment.

Thorfus moves forward in direction of the buzzing to edge of light, and Velkin shadows and can see up ahead an intersection with multiple tunnels branching off it.

Peek down tunnels to ensure nothing within distance of light. A couple of sparkles from the walls.

2nd from left and hear dripping water, not much movement of air. Put a chalk mark so we can potentially find our way back. Velkin gives Thorfus a piece of chalk.

Velkin says want to stay at edge of light? Thorfus and Velkin 60 feet ahead of the group.

Eventually, come to another intersection, barrels and pile of rock, and chisels to get gems out of rock. 5 passages, we take the middle. Make another chalk mark. Shine light down other tunnels.

Caspar looks to see if any gems are worth taking. A couple he looks at more closely and pockets a couple, probably worth something.

Pretty sure is is sloping down and a bit more snakey, wrapping back under where we've been before, favoring right hand curves. c. ten minutes.

Come to another split, three passages, take the leftmost with steepest downward slope. Shine lights down other passages, puts a chalk mark. Velkin listens.

A bit of slip sliding on looser rocks on floor.

Eventually, up ahead it looks like wooden supports right out in the center, like a railing. It widens just enough could edge by it. There is fencing around a hold in the ground. Put a chalk mark back the way we came.

Velkin listens and doesn't hear anything down the shaft, but thinks something further down the passage we're in. Not voices, maybe just settling stone. It could have been movement. But then it goes silent.

Velkin ties a rope, it is a bit of a process to go down. No good handholds. 50 feet of rope is not enough to get to the bottom. Sorel ties off his rope, it is about 80 feet.

Two passages and a mine cart with pickaxes and shovels piled near it. Large room, c. 40 feet diameter with two exits on opposite ends.

We set up two ropes to lower two people at once.

Renthark is willing to go first to help hold the bottom, and Sorel goes with him.

Then put two of the dragons down, Prixithalma and Nixomanthus.

While lowering people down, Velkin listens and is pretty sure something is moving around, trying to be sneaky.

Sorel notches and arrow into his bow and watches each passage. Renthark watches the opposite direction.

Druul and Lambertus next. Velkin hides and tries to sneak up on it.

Velkin sees another intersection, not a large room. Open space with multiple tunnels. Peeks in and sees that it is occupied. To the left almost slams head into a large mycelian with his head trying to listen. He has some Silence with him. There are five of them in the chamber all looking towards the mycelian holding up his arms in a "wait" motion. They are clearly listening to our group who is easy to hear. The mycelian is probably Bogfunk.

Velkin sneaks back up the passage.

Velkin hears movement behind him as the Silence swarm through the opening.

Velkin plans to shadow step as far as he can.

Get Dealbators down the shaft. Kauri comes up to cast Wall of Stone.

Dealbators, Roheis, and Lucifer all go stiff.

Silence blast the group, but Thorfus uses Tower of Iron Will to save part of the party.

Sorel climbs up halfway and meets Ithirialma coming down.

Another attack, Thorfus resists.

Velkin cuts himself to help Kauri take less damage to cast Wall of Stone to entomb the Silence and Bogfunk....

We send others down and Dealbators come around.

Thorfus goes down, then Velkin follows down with the ropes.

Remaining Directions for Next Session:

  • then down slope,
  • rightmost,
  • down shaft into tomb;
  • north from there