Session One Hundred and Thirty (Graveyard of Empires Summary)

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Session 130 November 9th, 2016

Midday, 13th Tanrilden on board the Jolly Gordon setting sail from Beacon for Midmark.

AD Clock reads

Axel presides over the burial at sea without honors of Alain Grell’s body. He ensures the unceremonious ceremony is performed well out of sight of the villagers of Beacon. The sailing is smooth for the rest of the day and into the night.

AD Clock reads

Edan wakes before dawn after a night of vivid dreaming. All the others in the cabin are shocked when a sudden load bump is heard from his bunk. Surprise switches to awe when beams of bright light project out of the obviously nonplussed scholar’s eyes. Axel and Thorfus avert there gazes, one of them muttering something that sounds like “Won’t Sturgard me if I can help it!” Edan stands, obviously uncomfortable in his own skin. The beams of light slowly dim as the party continues to gawk at him. Fearing he is subject to outside attacks, he removes his ESP protection circlet and is relieved he still feels like himself. Remembering the feeling of great magical powers while dreaming, he rushes to the deck of the Jolly Gorgon and channels the pure energy coursing in his skin. Unlike yesterday, he can create twice as many magic missiles today! Ever testing the limits of reality, Edan retrieves an information Reliquary. Just by grasping it, the abundant transpatial energy flowing through his body activates the religuary as if he were an ancient Dwarven control pedestal.

We all rush to the aft cabin and find Edys Apliby dealing with the same problem. He greets us by saying “Something odd is going on…”When prompted, he creates the illusion of incomparable complexity and size. The cramped little cabin has all the trappings of an idyllic grotto, complete with brilliant foliage, sparkling waterfall and extravagant armor and clothing for himself and Bellisonte. He admits he was only trying for a few tufts of grass after dismissing the illusion. Remarkably, Bellisonte’s abilities aren’t affected like the magicians. Perhaps since her powers are bequeathed from her god, the deity’s own limits are unaffected by this change.

Edan consults Kalgunn by simply opening the sword’s chest and speaking out loud. Kalgunn is also affected and tells that he has not experienced such power levels since the fall of the Crystal Tower. He suspected Xeno Tel is releasing more transpatial energy for some ominous purpose. After the fall of the Crystal Tower, the same was done to aid in curing Prixalthumus’ virus. Realizing the Return is only five months away, his best guess is that this is preparation for opening the Gate. The energy demand to power the Gate is so high, we can expect the amount of available transpatial energy to steadily increase in the weeks to come. He also explains this process could have been initiated by an Administrator at one of the original ancient Khels, remotely or at the Orbital Palace itself.

We then talk some more about DVLs and learn that they can be created by Xeno Tel but there is no way to directly communicate with either DVLs or Demons without entering the transpatial space physically. And of course such a visit will likely leave a living being lost and stranded with just about no chance of return.

Next we examine our magical weapons and learn their eldritch glows are similarly affected. Whether the change is cosmetic alone isn’t explored at this time since our Merman meeting is looming. While Edan sets to writing copies of some of the more intriguing Jardin to Grell letters, Chuq and Thorfus explore some of the other magical devices. The night cap and court aren’t affected but that could be because we are out at sea and there aren’t any minds further away. Unfortunately, the scrying masks wasn’t augmented beyond it’s limited capacity. Thorfus can not view other locals then those he already had.

Ronan suggests combining the night cap with the scrying mask to read the minds of those viewed via the mask. The Monk faints to the floor the three times he dons the mask. Thorfus’ mind is more resilient, he successfully wears the night cap and has his first and lengthy direct conversation with Serithas. Serithas admires Thorfus’ reverence of the Ancients. The two devices aren’t synergistic, he can’t read any minds viewed via the scrying mask.

Just at dawn while Axel begins Ronan’s training, the Jolly Gorgon arrives at the merman meet, there is a school waiting. One Merman announces Martham, chief steward of Chief Advisor Gharspa’s household is here with a message and a gift. Asking for Master Chuq and Lord Thorfus, the two surface dwellers committed to Prince Narsuth’s cause, the parley begins. The gift is 50 doses of Brunwege, the coral like plant that allows a surface dweller to breathe underwater, kept in a special sack that will keep its efficacy for 6 months. Martham explains the Brunwege has no other purpose for the Mermen save as a garnish.

It is hoped the Brunwege will permit our party to visit Shiggareth the Merman city. Martham cautions we shouldn’t visit accompanied by Devil Fish, Locatha or Sahuagin. He also instructs us to begin the visit from the fishing village of Shelton, ask after a local guide then walk along the sea floor to Shiggareth. When announcing ourselves, we can ask for the Hospitality of Chief Advisor Gharspa.

Martham chants the message we are asked to deliver. He repeats himself enough times so that Edan can record the following:

To the Devil Fish Gronsk, from Gharspa Thomramiel of Shiggareth, Chief Advisor to the Rightful Heir to the Merpeople Crown, the Exalted Prince Narusth. Please be advised that the exalted Prince Narusth has been gifted by the Great Powers of the Watery World with an ancient device of great power, known as the Sword of Dagon. This blessing is a sign that the Great Powers have smiled upon the exalted Prince Narusth and he invites his estranged brother, Prince Masculus, to join him in celebration of this auspicious time at a place of Prince Masculus’s choosing to discuss the future of the Merpeople and the healing of the great division that brings such pain to our people and strife to the Bay of Midmark. With my greatest respect and kindest regards, Gharspa Thomramiel of Shiggareth, Chief Advisor to the Rightful Heir to the Merpeople Crown, the Exalted Prince Narusth.

The Jolly Gorgon is moored back at Midmark dock around noon. Axel and Ronin stay on board training while Bellisonte, Chuq, Edan, Edys and Thorfus hire a carriage to Aldus Runnelbrooks home. The black curtains adorning the front window clenches a few chests until Aldus’ house servant excuses herself to retrieve him. He has horrific news. Rioters have burnt down the Cock & Bull, the tavern as well as the town house. Those bastards also killed Elspeth, her husband, the local potion seller and most heinously, Starchie our retired mascot. Aldous’ son Ferri was also lynched by rioter during the night of chaos. It’s Ferri’s death why the black curtains were hung. This is when we learn that Magistrate Thornton has been elevated to acting lord mayor with Master of Spring Adhemar assisting with magistracy duties.

Chuq plans to tell Aldus the truth of Thornton but Thorfus and Edan feel Aldus has too much tragedy as it is. Stalling, Chuq asks after Aldus’ Umamah, Evenkeel and his former wife. Aldus tells of how Evenkeel came to Curabel as an Admiral of an Imperial fleet whose point of view changed sometime after when he and Umamah met which coincides with Evenkeel’s discovery of his crown. Chuq seques the topic of Evenkeel to our revelation that Evenkeel was a royal Imperial Dragon, an heir to the Emperor, who after finding his ancient dwarven crown suddenly betrayed his family and lead the rebellion Aldus participated. Incredulous to this story, Aldus allows Chuq to share his memories of our confrontations with Jardin via the night cap.

Visibly struck by the news, Aldus resolves to spend his days in Midmark and speaks with us at length about other details. He plans to contemplate his role now that his home is ruled by his bitterest enemy. However, the distance of time seems to have tempered his passions. Edan advises caution even though our suggestion to go north is dismissed.

Edan then relates Axel’s underground tale finishing with the prophecy of the Return. Then Thorfus shows Aldus the ancient dwarven clock counting down. They then interrogate Kalgunn about the abundance of transpatial energy. Edan steers the conversation to learn than a possible antecedent of the name Ironhand might have been derived from the name Gorazin which meant Steel Grasp. Kalgunn tells of a Lord Marshal Gorazin, last of the Lord Marshals that secreted the Ancient Dwarven enclave into hiding after the fall of the Crystal Tower. It was Gorazin’s efforts that kept the research under Xen Khel on track to find a cure as the rebels where winning the day on the surface. Remarkably, Thornton is quiet during this conversation.

Taking our leave, our next stop is Thornton’s estate to deliver Grell’s head. Not there, the guards offer a carriage to the courthouse. We meet Thorton in conference with a few City Council members. Thorfus presents the box holding Grell’s head. We are congratulated, then Thorton pronounces our boons for bringing the fugitive to justice (some, including Jarding, are disappointed Grell wasn’t taken alive).

We are commissioned as Keepers of the Council, a small grey cloak like group for dealing with opponent without the city where as the Grey Cloaks deal with problems within the city. A letter enlisting help and solace from any city office or official in the name of the Council is handed to Thorfus. Our band will report to Thornton not Adhemar since the Master is only assisting the Magistrate, not assuming the position. Our first assignments are:

1. Marchmain Sithis – sanction with extreme prejudice.

2. Bargemen’s guild members – Rolth Barber, Malich and Havlin Flowermaid (acting guild master) – sanction or apprehend for justice in Midmark.

Thorfus negotiates other boons, such as possession of the Grell estate and any other holdings in and out of Midmark. Specifically, there is a summer home at Sea Breeze as well as any other cash deposits, investment interests, and places of honor in public places. Jardin promises to investigate these items during this week.

We then retire to another room to have a private conference. Jardin relates Orsibet and Tilek testified that the Cock & Bull was attacked by 70 rioters that set the buildings alight. A women cleric and thin magic user were the rioter’s ringleaders. Richie Lefician, known criminal was identified as the thin magician. The two killed Starche and lingered after to ambush us. They vandalized and left a grotesque message using our best friend’s entrails: “Welcome home Starchie Boys, this is for Nigel and my girls” Orsibet identified a fisherman than frequented the C&B was with the mob. This man told Orsibet he blamed the Starchi Boys for the death of his wife and daughter.

Jardin then explains Patriarch Darvo was miraculously resurrected. Actually, a Junior inquisitor is posing as Darvo. Adhemar was not subsumed because we Celestial Dragon adherents are proving to be great proto imperialist. He also has felt the freer transpatial energy. Word from the Empire is that Grand Master Angston will return to Curabel shortly and there are plans to move against the Silver Throne, specifically the Lonely Isle.