Session One Hundred and Thirty Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 130, March 21 2023



We continue at 5:40PM on the 24th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party resting within the Abby of the Silken Mistresses -- specifically the Trials of the Chosen, which seems to be sealed against intrusion. Meanwhile, after his arrival at the Malgrim embassy, Kauri informs the group's allies there of the situation and entices Jax to begin memorizing wish from the spellbook taken from the Inquisitorial Citadel. Are the party members truly safe in the Drow city? Will the conjoined archmages be able to wish them to safety? Tune in to find out ...

Larry's Summary

Ithirialma reading the Dimension Research. Anchors and weak spots of Medial Dimensions. A Weak spot in the Under Dark. Anchor for Medial Dimension, Unknown, West of the Drow Territories. Footnote by Jager, warned off by his predecessor, the preceding high inquisitor to lay off that one.

On observations miniature water engines, Kalgun the Younger, Chief Engineer of power and Engineering. How to build hydroelectic devices on small carts. Nanocarbon.

Diatribe on Kalgun the Elder and how much the younger did it.

On Clockwork Mechanisms. Crafting nanocarbon, 5 time pieces, Warrior, Rolling Monkey, Mouse, 1 spring loaded trap.

Secret Treatises of Draconic magic. Latent lingering otherness powers it, and others from elsewhere may have the same effect.

Dangers to Weaponized Electric Dynamos. Electricity dampening suit, most armor smiths should be able to duplicate it, with basic materials.

Kauri skims Prix's diary - 1st part by Prix - her time in rebellion vs. dwarves and planning attack on space elevator, the spire. 2nd half an addendum by Azrael defending his betrayal of her to preserve magic, for a better world after the dwarves were defeated.

Dragon home dimension - described as a paradise and too bad we can't get back there.

Account of Attempt to Destroy the Shadow Realm by the Dwarves.

Alchemy Book - Covers a lot of stuff that Kauri already knows. Main things that jump out an alternate potion for the improved healing potion without the original rare ingredient but with fairly standard stuff at any alchemist shop. Sleep poison. Recipes written for someone to make it with surface ingredients. Killing poisons too. Cure Disease, Poison, etc.

Books on Blood Magic that Lambertus and Felix have.

  • Native Theories of Hexcraft*
    • Blood Magic in Book:**
  • Cure/Cause Light Wounds
  • Protection from Evil
  • Bless
  • Hold Person
  • Silence 15’
  • Cure Disease
  • Cure/Cause Serious Wounds
  • Neutralize Poison
  • Prot. Evil 10’
  • Insect Plague
  • Charm Person
  • Sleep
  • ESP
  • Knock
  • Teleport
  • Fly
  • Mirror Image
  • Web
  • Invisibility
  • Fire ball
  • Dimension Door
  • Wall of Stone
  • Feeblemind
  • Move Earth
  • Control Weather

The other is the theory book with the Moon Phases. All blood magic affected equally, but requires to actually be in the light of the moon. Spilling of life force creates an imbalance that can be tapped. Theories that perhaps the phases affect the potential energy, but nothing definite. No mention of the Matriarchs. Just odd belief system of these humans and goddesses, but no names or titles.

Kauri uses blood magic to read a code in Forbidden Dimension from Grand Inquisitor Kassiel.

A talk about the realm in the medial dimension of time to prevent Azrael from subjugating Medeia. It appears it was pretty well planned out and a farewell that he was going there. And he disappeared. There is a reference to a map in the map collection in the Inquisitorial Citadel with a more precise anchor point , but doesn't seem to be the map that we do have. It also mentions the Silence so it appears that it coincides with the Anchor point. Prix would have known Kassiel.

Ithirialma finds no mention of a weak spot near Jager's tower in his book.

The map is not solid, definite lines, and for the City of Brass, one of the Anchor Point seems to be on one of the moons. Kauri will try to determine the phase of the moon for Apocalypse Now II.

Aaron's character has been sent by the Verdant Fellowship to find out what is going on with Rallion, after the invasion by the DVLs. The pressing reason is that maybe Rallion knew what was going on. Captured by Drow and will show up in either Malgrim or Tralvig.

Kauri brainstorms a possible wish to save the party Kauri left behind when he teleported:

``` I wish the Wardens of Media and their companions that were on the bridge Kauri teleported from that did not teleport with Kauri are safely here on the terrace, alive, healthy, with all their equipment and knowledge. ```

Then Kauri sleeps, hangs out with Billi and his aunt, and gives Prix her diary.

Prix runs her hands over the covers and flips it open and sees the addition and gets more and more angry and then puts it away to read it later.

Lungmold asks Kauri what they were doing looking through the books. Kauri says we're still working on it, nothing pertinent so far, pretty obscure stuff, we'll let you know.

If I can be of help, leaning down to Kauri, these envoys the Winter King sent are pretty smart, at least a lot more than me, maybe let them have a crack at it. Kauri responds with how little he trusts them.

Jax finally emerges from their room looking pretty pleased with themselves and find Kauri and both together say, we are prepared.

Kauri says, "Great, what does it feel like?" Power, like I can change the world.

Kauri passes Jax the piece of paper with the proposed wording of the wish, both get a grimace, rather small potatoes don't you think?

Kauri, maybe start small. Jax 1 turns to Jax 2 and says, you're going to do this one. I think you'll do this wish and you'll do the next one after the practice.

Jax 1 says, I'm not wasting my wish on my practice. Yes, but who knows what he's going to wish, he could wish to get rid of me.

We need to decide fairly who casts the practice wish.

Kauri suggests Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide.

Jax 1 wins with Rock vs. Scissors. So Jax 1 says, it looks like you're it. Jax 2 grumbles and says, fine, fine.

Move nearer the terrace in the entryway.

Jax 2 mouths the words to practice, then he casts the wish, and looks at Kauri one last time.

Then stuff happens. There is a rumble and dust starts to fall from the embassy and the rumble emanates from somewhere behind us. In front there is a ripple in the air and figures start to appear: Velkin, Renthark, Lambertus, Felix, Druul, The Dealbaters, Peronelle, Roheis, Able Brix, Alician, and David Boger, Myrzanthum, and the travois with all the loot.

Velkin - Knows something that no one else knows.

The Jax's nod when Myrzanthum thanks them, then Jax 2 says to Jax 1, they were thanking me!

A voice from below the terrace calls out. (Aaron's Character, Sorel, Shows up from Verdant Fellowship looking for Rallion, from Vargen, after the DVLs showed up, by way of Montoa. Still a few survivors that talked about that Rallion that he had been there, but last they knew he set of with companions to find one of them kidnapped by Drow. He ran afoul of Drow and something happened in their city, a revolution or something. Escaped from Vilgram and finally made it to Malgrim and someone feeling sorry for him pointed him in the direction of the embassy. Had experience with Deep Gnome.)

He finds the gate is locked, so tosses up a grappling hook. No one hears in the commotion of sudden wish fulfilment bringing back the party. He shimmies up and peaks over the edge.

He makes his way around the edge to talk to someone. Jax turns to Kauri, I don't know that drow over there, and who's this?

Velkin says, Jax, Myzarnthum is with us. Velkin then asks him to describe his face in detail. His face matches his description. Then 2nd question, name something that you love. Myrzanthum nods in approval. Being in the forest and hunting for survival. Name something you hate, the fucking underdark. Druul agrees all the way.

Hey Druul, this guy doesn't look like like you, but is he your brother? asked Velkin.

I'm drawn more to those speaking common, this is my best lead yet, I'm looking for a ranger, all reply, "I sure hope it's not Raynarth Quinn." No, I'm looking for a member of my order named Rallion. We relay that Rallion is not with us any longer.

Druul asks How do you feel about soup? Anything is great as long as it doesn't have underdark rats in it. One of the mushrooms moves and asks how do you feel about mushroom soup?

I love surface mushrooms, that's one of the things I know how to forage for.

Really? I'll keep an eye on you?

So Jax says, that worked really well, we got an extra one.

Jax turns to Sorel and says, you're now part of this group. As long as there's soup. Yes, someone around here will bring you soup.

Lambertus herds the Dealbators inside, Cas and Calla are crying. Velkin mentions cats, and Caspar runs right in.

Peronelle says the last thing I remember is jumping onto the floating tentacle guy and stabbed him and we were falling, and here we are.

Alician asks where we are, Did we get out of the Citadel? So it's more than 16 hours? It's been a couple of days? Did you find the secret archive? Yes, Did you get the books? Yes, Kauri, Prix, Ithirialma, and Nixomanthus have been going over the books.

Billi and his aunt Sybil come and pass out soup. Always kept a lot of soup on hand because of that hungry dashing looking fellow.

Fill in Rallion that he died and was reincarnated as a unicorn and was killed.

Also that this group is working to stop the demonic infestation. Vargen fell as he left with a mass of undead and DVLs.

The Druid who sent Sorel used to live in outskirts of town, Canis Mallory, was taking responsibility of the defense of the city and was in charge of the Verdant Fellowship Grove. Lambertus is saddened to hear that.

Jax heads back in with Kauri to discuss the next wish. Then Kauri comes out and says, I know that everyone is a bit worn out by the ordeal, but if I could have the usual suspects come take a look at something. Gestures at Druul, Velkin, Lambertus, and Felix and says, what about the new guy, he's a friend of Rallion?

We might have a problem, I don't know what his skillset is. Kauri goes into the embassy and makes a beeline past the conference room and back into the bedroom area and through the doors into the ambassadors office and gestures and the shrine set up is knocked down completely with the statues of the 4 matriarchs has fallen and shattered because the floor is uneven and something has happened, like an earthquake or something.

What does Jax make of it? Jax is in here after crawling around the ambassador's desk and is listening to the floor. I think it's alright, there's still a steady hum from under the floor, but maybe not completely, gesturing at the uneven flooring.

Jaxx stands and casts a first level something to test it. Everything's been working well the whole time. I can do continual light, do it for Sorel, Sir do you have a coin, and Jaxx casts a spell and the coin glows and he hands it to Sorel. Well that's reassuring and puts his ear to the ground and says that sounds OK and gets back up.

Druul suggests that maybe we should check the pylons, and Jax makes a circuit of the unearthed pylon in his bedroom. We follow and there are large machine men that move and watch as we cross the room with axes and Jax waves them off. Part of the wall is dug out and at the back is a pillar with runes. Jax looks at it, yeah, it looks OK.

Velkin asks what happened to the floor. Jax says that's where the generator is located, at least that's what you said before. So when did the floor get all funky? It was fine earlier, wasn't it? Kauri points out this is where we were reading books. The black cat wanders back being chased by Cas. I wasn't going to eat him, I was going to pull his tale, he likes it, we're playing a game.

Velkin hears Lucifer saying, please keep him off me. First my nice warm place is messed up, now this thing is after me. I thought I was going to die, the floor was all nice, now it's all bumpy.

Velkin asked did that happen when you brought us all back? Kauri says I assume so, it wasn't like that earlier. Jax still looking worried. Maybe we should do it right now while magic is still working. What happens if there's not enough power in the generator? Jax 1 I really think, I'm sure everything will be fine, but maybe I should do my wish now.

Jax sketches out a potential trap that would hook up to the DVL pylon armor.

Since they are both rested, Lambertus and Felix prepare to raise Khelratha.

Druul wants to talk to Lungmold with an update on what's going on in Malgrim with the embassy. Lungmold is talking to the Winter Elf envoys, because they are a bit concerned and are eating soup in the kitchen. The leader is asking if it is safe, it seems like whatever Jax just did compromised the integrity of the embassy and can't be crushed if it falls in, they are on an important mission for the Winter King. They change the subject as Druul enters.

Winter Elves are done here. The Winter King is recalling all his people and these envoys are here to negotiate for the release of those held prisoner by the Sizek Ygnas. Other than the damage during the rebellion it is back to normal. With more patrols and limits on leaving, no elves or Winter Elves. If any do go to the city they should have an escort.

Are they still honoring the embassy. The leader of the envoys chimes in, that is one of the sticking points with the clan leaders. Their starting position is that this place is cleared out. Lungmold I'm arguing that it shouldn't be the case. So far, they haven't moved against the embassy the negotiations for the hostages are holding it up until there is a successful resolution about the embassy. Lungmold adds, of course the envoys would be happy to ransom the prisoners and close this thing up. Do you think the Winter King is reneging on his pledge. Of course, no one is honoring that anymore. The business of the lift we would build is off now. The Winter King shouldn't be abandoning this place. I don't understand. The Winter Elves excuse themselves and head back to their rooms. They are glad that we made it safely here.

Lungmold adds, of course, if I had something to offer the Winter King, maybe I could convince him not to leave us here. I think Kauri is not being up front about what was found in those books. They've been holed up in the office reading the books. If you can find out, maybe we can offer information for better support from the Winter King. Druul says, I'll see. Lungmold replies if it's good enough maybe he will retake this place. Druul we couldn't make it because we lost the portals back. What about Raynarth? He signed a contract with the DVLs.

Hey this new guy who likes mushroom soup, can we trust him? He eats my kind.

Velkin gets the alchemy book and discusses the other books with the dragons.

Renthark is taking a breather and Myzanthum is hanging out with him.

Cybil and Azra are getting the Dealbator's situated.

Sorel wants more details on Rallion, Velkin fills him in. Rallion is sorely missed from the party, and if you join us you can help us save the world and get magic back.

Druul vouches for Velkin in an offhanded way.

Dampfoot comes in and says there is someone outside at the bottom of the terrace. He claims to have business with the Wardens of Medeia. He said a benefactor.

Velkin and Druul drag Sorel along with the others to go meet the person. What race was the benefactor and points at Sorel and did not have a yellow hat.

There is a man standing there. He is very odd. He is wearing clothing the likes of which we've never seen. Formal wear like Beelzebub's welcome party. It shimmers on him. He has pulled out a round mechanical device and tucks it into a pocket and looks up. He is older with a bit of grey with a longer goatee than Jardin. Ah good, you haven't been killed yet. On the contrary says Druul, and but your better. I'm afraid you don't have much time. While another gentleman might take offence that you've rebuffed my offers, the contract.

Looking at Velkin. The contract.

I can't stay here very long, my brother will be here soon and there won't be much of the city left.

A major point of access to spells we've kind of taken care of. A yes, we're dealing on a time scale of days if you're lucky, if not hours.

We invite him in and he demurs.

The Dinner bell you rang was loud and clear, and while I would like to sit at the feast with you, my brother is coming and he will feast on you. I'd rather not share my name in case my brother doesn't take you apart.

Well, is there any way we can do it without losing our souls. It is my job to collect useful assets.

He is waiting impatiently looking at his watch.

Druul steps aside with Kauri asking him to check with TikTok if the time has moved up.

(All the DVLs were set free and reported back? Velkin suggests.)

Questions for next week: What dinner bell?