Session One Hundred and Three Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 103, August 24 2022



We continue at 4:00PM on the 18th of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party exploring the floating city of Armada. Following their guide, Captain Domelch of Admiral Garankh's fleet, the group has made their way to Admiral Kasa so that Druul could greet his mother. The reunion, as expected, was less than warm. Now the group intends to continue around the city, stopping off at the Fleet Market on their way to Admiral Elchior to return the belongings of the deceased Captain Vishnik to his commander. Ultimately, though, their goal is a meeting with the Council of Admirals; this is expected to happen the next day after an interview with the mysterious "Seer of Lysander" and the execution of Bavmorda for the crime of killing Nash Bura, Prophet of Lysander. I'm sure we're all certain that these things will come to pass without complication as usual ...

Larry's Summary

We find a "broker of fine items" who wants us to kill the jeweler with the items we want. We decline, and instead bargain for his name and location.

We try to buy his tools, but then offer him a job for 100 GP per month, and room and board for he and his family.

Then we get ingredients from an apothecary for healing, sleep poison, and tea for Oskar.

We visit admiral Vishnik and give him Captain Krench's books and charts and the uniform and flag from the adrift Midmark ship. Velkin warns Vishnik to ensure Bavmorda can't see.

Overnight on Druul and Khelratha's watch there is the sound of horns to the North back towards the jail gives a clue that Bavmorda has escaped.

During the watch of Peronelle and Velkin there is a boom and the sound of breaking glass. We discover that Captain Hiro is missing and his window is blown in.

We think we saw something flying at rigging height, but lost it.

We get word that Bavmorda miraculously escaped and let out most of the other prisoners, most of whom have already been captured but there is no sign of Bavmorda. We suspect she shadowstepped her way out and are wondering if she got lucker or if Lysander/The Seer are keeping DVLs from going after anyone in Armada.

It is just a few hours from dawn and we expect Domlech to meet us as the crack of dawn to escort us to The Seer.

Velkin Scrolls 67 - Session 103

4pm, Denrilden 18

00.00000.09.13 Apocalypse Clock

Admirals on the Armada Council Garankh Elchior Kaasa Iliasa Krung-Ma Veldak

We head to Admiral Veldak’s area to acquire some jeweler’s loupes at the Fleet Market to better research the sword and to Admiral Elchior’s for Druul to drop off Capt. Vishnik’s items as a gift.

Along the way, Raynarth ‘loses’ his snowflake and it drops to the bottom of the ocean under the Armada… oops.

Capt. Dolmelch leads us around. He seems to be a devout follower of Lysander, kissing his Lysander medallion ritualistically whenever it’s appropriate. He fills us in on some general knowledge. Slave market is bustling with all the people fleeing the mainland. Ragamar - mage that’s now crazy, writing all over every surface in his tower. Haberdasher guild allied with Iliasa. Lysander keeps the DVL’s away and devilfish under control

We pass the central ship. Jardin says it’s Azreal’s flagship from before his son displaced him. It’s got a stylized dragon figurehead. A weathered red painted in blue. Jardin contemplates the end of the gods if Baldric Evenkeel is gone…

The Fleet Market is not well stocked, flooded with weapons and hawkers everywhere boasting to undercut any competitors.

We make our way to Corc LeBlond a ‘finder of things’ for a jeweler’s loupe. Wispy soulpactch, older, weak chin. Kauri trades a Silence cloak and the jar with the little squid from Bili in it for the loupe. We decline a job to kill the jeweler for his tools and instead get his name and location.

Corc tells us of Caspar Dealbator who is a jeweler. He takes care of the fleet’s loot and he would have jewelers tools. He’s youngish, father was in the same business before him. Dedicated family man. Loud, generally happy, they drink together all the time. Usually at the Drunken Pirate tavern nearby. Compulsive truth teller, never wants to lie. If he’s clamming up, he’s probably not wanting to lie. Obsessed with living up to the reputation of his father. Wife and kids and him live near his shop on the Hairy Sorcerer. One level down inside the ship. He sketches a map to the Hairy Sorcerer.

We ask Dolmelch to see if there are any herbalists around.

We talk to Casper when Dolmech steps out, he opens up he’s not happy with being on the Armada with the Seer and the Cult of Lysander. He tells us Lysander is below the flagship. Dolmelch returns and he clams up.

Dolmelch leads us past a number of small hole-in-the wall shops with many different goods. Cressida Haag – apothecary, a pleasant woman. Components. Sitting on a rug with herbalist stuff around, youngish orc with green eyes.

We get some healing potions and I pick up the ingredients and recipe for a sleep poison with ingredients found on the surface. It’s a powder that’s effective if ingested and when brewed into a paste, can be applied to weapons.

We sing back around to talk to Dealbater without Dolmelch around and he does exquisitely fine engraving work, which is what we need. He agrees to 100gp/month along with room and board for his family.

We make our way back to Elchior’s flagship, the Wavesplitter, to deliver Vishnik’s belongings. We pass through Kragma’s slave market, where there are few buyers.

We meet with Elchior, Dashing light blue clothing that matches his eyes. Trimmed beard and looks debonair. Druul presents Vishnik’s items and we warn him to keep Bavmorda blindfolded, hooded and bound.

We return to the Eclipse for the evening and chat with Captain Hiro.

During first watch, there’s horn blasts to the north towards Elchior’s area.

While on watch with Peronell, there’s an explosion to the back of the Eclipse. Captain Hiro was taken by something that came in through one of the windows in his cabin. There are claw marks on the outside of the hull at the window.

At dawn, we learn that Bavmorda escaped and let loose most of the prisoners that were there…