Session One Hundred and Twenty-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 121, January 4 2023



We continue at 9:00AM on the 23rd of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party having rested in the mansion provided by Beelzebub and used the transpatial energy of the portal at the Naval College to rememorize spells. Now the party must determine who is going on the Inquisitorial Citadel raid and decide exactly how they are going to enter the fortress -- especially since the sigil that their DVL patron can offer only lasts a limited time. Will the party figure out the best means to infiltrate the Secret Library? Are the answers they seek locked away there? Will they blow up the citadel like Beelzebub hopes? Tune in to find out ...

Larry's Summary

Roll back the clock to check on the meeting with Azrael after getting back to the mansion.

We go to the master bedroom at the back of the house and Khelratha unfurls the portal.

We see that Abel Brix is on watch duty. He tells us there was a guy passing stuff through a portal. More food. Prix is a very intense lady.

Caspar jumps up when he sees us.

Khelratha asked Ithirialma what happened. Prix working with jeweler Caspar. We have the supplies. Emperor happy to supply generous amounts of food and water.

Prix and Caspar think to inscribe what we need to on the shard of stone, it'll be about three months to get a quarter of the book done. (That's a year.) We don't have a year. That's why Prix is occupied. They are trying to figure out if they can speed it up at all. Caspar says he can maybe finish it in nine months, but less confident to get it exactly right, would have to delegate to those assigned as apprentices. It's not so easy to work with the material, it is still hard to inscribe and very, very small scale. 9 months if scratch in the indications and apprentices finish the etching. Kauri asks: What about a bigger item? Larger letters would cut down on the time.

Prix is unsure about delegating work to apprentices.

Khelratha asked if different tools would make a difference?

If you can convince Prix it wouldn't be a disaster to work with David and Abel?

Of course, this is all an estimate. It could be more or less. Caspar feels really confident about David, Abel is OK.

Khelratha suggests finding someone else with similar skills.

Prix asks if any jewelers in Gharmarost. Jardin says the ones he knew were North of the river. There's the Grand Market too.

Ithirialma - Azrael happy to help with a few words with Prix. He was more interested in what news we could relay to him. He knows we are about to make our way into the Citadel.

Ithirialma So - are we ready to proceed. We will have her come now.

Peronell says it might be best for her to be in the portal from now on. "I feel I will not be able to help so much against these creatures, and may be a hinderance."

Ajax will also stay in the portal.

We mentioned to Prix that Ranarth was compromised and she asked if he knew that Azrael was the dragon emperor. He won't be checking in for another week. He's paranoid, so may be OK. DVLs may target Xen Khel.

Felix and Lambertus heal up the wounded so can re-charge the next day at the portal.

Khelratha folds up the portal tight to block communication.

Go to Naval College to re-charge at the portal.

{Caspar evaluated the valuation of our jewels.}

Finish memorizing spells gets us to about Noon.

We debate whether to scout or get the sigil prior to proceeding and decide on the sigil.

Down a side passage a troupe of individuals led by a young boy who appears deathly ill. Go to dais and young boy sits on the throne as we get to foot of dais.

As we climb, he smiles and laughs a bit and has no tongue. One of retinue comes with a goblet and boy slices into arm and yellow bile in goblet.

We partake so can communicate with Beelzebub.

"Good, you're back. How may Beelzebub help you today."

Druul, "We have thought about your offer of the sigil and have agreed."

You wish to proceed now? We have a few questions.

Velkin - Anything that enters your line of sight will be affected by the power. If something can see you and you cannot see them, you are vulnerable.

Velkin - Styx devils can see through invisibility. Beelzebul - many can do so. What about hiding? If you can avoid the sight of these creatures, it is possible you can avoid them. Simple shadows will not be enough.

Khelratha - Does this affect the group or each individual? Each individual who chooses to have a sigil will work independent, and any in the area will be covered as well. (Stick close together or more than one of us will need a sigil.)

Things that can see us before we can see them will simply see us. Inside the Citadel the nature of the hallways will help. Once inside, you will be much safer.

Beelzebub recommends each of us get a sigil, but understands if some of us hesitate.

Khelratha - you call it your blessing, does it have any other significance than hiding us from view.

Beelzebub will re-do it if we wanted, if it takes too long.

Forcas agrees to stay with the sub.

Beelzebub then tells us to step up and kneel for his blessing.

The sickly boy hops off the throne then kisses each of us on the forehead.

Go, make a fool of Geryon!

Velkin asks for the web portal, Khelratha says why. Velkin says because he can break off a fight easier.

Khelratha says he'll discuss it on the ship.

We get to portal and the vulture crab demon is waiting. We ask him to take us to the ship.

Discussion of sigil is essentially a globe/area of effect. Those who can see us within than area cannot jump out or call for help.

We get to ship and go to sub and board ship then get on the sub.

Khelratha says he will show people how to drive it as Kauri pulls out Edan's notes about it.