Session Seventy-Eight Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 78, January 19 2022



We continue at 1:30AM on the 1st of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party ransacking One Horn's throne room after banishing him and several of his DVL compatriots via the heroic sacrifice of Sir Brendil of the Cloak. For the moment, the other monstrous denizens of Hdrasta have retreated with broken morale after seeing their leader and his plans defeated ...

Khelratha offers to carry the Matriarch blade and gauntlet and the others agree.

We find the shrine and Khelratha picks up the five statues, one missing a head, Khelratha uses 4 gold coins to help balance the head. Lungmold finds a large gem under the altar. Khelratha and others help level the altar and Khelratha makes an offering of 100 platinum coins. Lambertus drinks his cure serious wounds and then uses blood magic to bless the shrine, and it glows and the platinum offering disappears.

Druul plays and grows flowers on the mural of the Matriarchs to replace the defaced flowers of Feldma.

Druug asks to be let out of the web portal and agrees to be our ally and establish his claim as the new orc chief.

Lungmold uses the divination arrow and it points between going to the statue and leaving Hdrasta, so we head up to the stairs and hear Druug explaining his "plan" to hire mercenaries to deal with One Horn.

We go to the statue and have to fight a room full of hobgoblins. We put the candle in the candle holder and get a bunch of questions: who, what, when, where, why. and Velkin tries to answer but nothing changes.

Ajax flies us out of the entrance and we land where the dragon landed to bring us in and we argue to go to Montoa for the healing waters of the lake, and they fly and head towards Xen Khel as they are ready to go to the library on the mainland.

Lungmold goes to Malgrim to visit the