Session Seventy-One Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 71, November 17 2021

Bridge Automaton Xen Khel.jpg


We continue at 9:30PM on the 28th of Laurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party cowering inside the open web portal after fleeing back inside to escape the giant bridge automaton guarding Xen'Khel. Can the group sneak the rest of the way across the wasteland and arrive in one piece at Xen'Khel? Will the portal be damaged further by either blunt force or the sun? Who's pulling the strings of that colossal guardian? Maybe there will be answers, maybe not ... Felix & Lambertus heal up all the wounded and get Kauri and Druul conscious. We the retreat into the portal and Velkin closes it up to wait until dawn to shadow step to the mountain. Velkin is approached by what we later surmise to be two DVLs operating the colossus that hit us with a bridge. We later learned that the DVLs are using the colossi for a blockade to keep others from gaining access to things in Xen Khel. The dragon emperor's people were there prior to that.

Druul used the scepter to heal Khelratha who failed his save and raved about all kinds of things. It was hard to tell a difference from his usual ramblings other than they were much louder and more animated. Khelratha was restrained so it didn't cause any real issues.

Felix, Lambertus, & Kauri rested and re-charged their spells off the portal. Once again, the portal was destabilized, because of this. One apprentice cryoturge lost his hand when the portal collapsed.

The next morning, Velkin shadow stepped onto the trail up the mountain past the guard house. Velkin noticed a humanoid shape at the guardhouse looking down the trail. Wisely, he went beyond where the figure could see him open the portal and we all quickly exited. Khelratha moved up and suggested a building to enter. On the way, Velkin, who was invisible, closed doors and held them so the infected would not react to us. The hobgoblin tried to make a break for it, but we killed him before he could alert any creatures to our presence. Lungmold scanned and detected wrong minds to warn us.

The building we headed to was occupied with normal minds. Khelratha knocked and when asked who's there? answered that we were invited. We were let in when Velkin mentioned Allician Haynes. We were informed of the blockade and that the infected are all over, and that they have blocked off some areas. We went a different route and followed a path along the canyon and behind the Hammer Falls. A non-dwarven construction with enormous iron doors with embossing of a dragon were inside.

We were escorted to Allician, who had food and drink brought, and then escorted us to the Dragon Emperor. On the way, Tik Tok let out a scream. Something isn't right. Felix stayed behind with Tik Tok, as did the Winter Elves, and Raynarth. Raynarth is here hunting illegally, and doesn't want to meet his "true king." Especially because of his allegiance to the Winter King.

We were escorted to a large room with a dais and a middle aged looking man in a white robe on the throne. He was not impressed with our looks and asked someone off to the side, if this was them. Jardin stepped out, who did not recognize any of us, and no one in the party recognized him.