Session Seventy-Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 77, January 12 2022



We continue at 12:40AM on the 1st of Denrilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party inside the web portal while Velkin sneaks closer and closer to the demonic ceremony to animate a dragon skeleton. Noting that One Horn's gemstone necklace has been transferred to the so-far inanimate bones on the floor, Velkin prepares to shadow step into the middle of the ritual circle and steal the jewelry ...

Larry's Summary

In preparation for action, Druul imagines reaching into a pocket for something that will help with the DVLs and rolls a 1 and pulls out a piece of parchment. It is actually dried skin. It is not the usual type. The writing is in blood.

Brendil reads it - "Dispel Evil." (OSE Rules) This is the same spell that Lambertus put to use so well, and hands it to Lambertus. Lambertus puts it in his quick items.

Felix preps his god stone as a quick item.

15 prisoners looked pained/tired, and bone DVLs looked bored/antsy.

One of the hobgoblins gasps. Velkin is now visible and rolled a 4 vs. death and would lose one point of CON 16 to 15 and loses 1 HP per level. He used his re-roll and rolled a 3 so elected to keep the loss. He

Velkin rolls initiative and fails, One Horn does not stop chanting and some of the ice DVLs begin prodding some of the non-DVLs to come at us. Druul used his party re-roll and rolled a 5 so that we win initiative.

Velkin throws his +1 dagger at One Horn in an attempt to disrupt his casting and it is a perfect throw but bounces off.

Velkin prepares to shadow step and now has to save vs. magic and makes it. Velkin successfully shadow steps and there is confusion as all but One Horn look around.

Velkin throws a flask of oil to attempt to break the plain of the circle right in front of One Horn. It falls short and misses by 3 feet. It hit One Horn and a bone DVL. Velkin shadow steps again.

Velkin steps around the corner and opens the portal a bit to relay to Lungmold about a bunch of bone devils and One Horn is performing the ritual.

Khelratha says that he's ready to fight, as does Brendil, Druul & Ceres,

PCs, Borthan, 1 dragon, and 1 PC are invisible. All the invisible people step out.

Velkin gets in the portal and Kauri folds it up and carries it. It is partially folded so people can communicate.

Velkin hands over the gemstone and sets it into the bracer/gauntlet that goes with the special sword.

The ice devils have taken charge and One Horn is still chanting. They are grouping up to hunt mysterious intruder. Hobgoblins in front of us are being ordered to go search the kobold caves.

Will plans to shadow step to the pillar to get behind One Horn to shadow step again and stab One Horn.

Khelratha waiting for a gap to charge forward. Lungmold & Borthan stay in the hallway, the rest of the party steps around the corner.

Lungmold shadow steps and plans a spore attack on One Horn with pacifying spores, who rolls a 2 and doesn't even cough. Now Lungmold is visible.

Brendil uses his re-roll for simultaneous initiative or we would have lost.

Ice Devils invoke the power of the City of Brass to freeze the bones of their enemies.

We are all wounded by ice storm and Lungmold go down.

We use the party re-roll and it hits One Horn and Brendil rolled a -1 on his save and is gone as is the Ice Devil Fenris, and another Ice Devil, a hill giant, 3 bone devils who were invisible, and an ogre, and the dragon skull and some of the neck bones. Sadly, the shard sword and gauntlet go too. {12:58 AM and at 1:00 AM the dracolich would have animated.}

Khelratha runs forward and grabs the cure serious wounds from Lungmold's quick items and Lungmold gets up and joins us in fleeing.

The last remanining ice devil disappears and Kauri no longer sees the transpatial energy of the bone devils and everyone else starts running.

The prisoners have expired two minutes earlier.

The others flee and there is trampling of Hobgoblins.

We find One Horn's throne & let the orcs & hobgoblins flee and three invisible (bone devils) flee with them.

4 of the matriarchs, Brita, Cerida, & Feldma - defaced. Oswitha flowers defaced & hands obliterated on N. wall.

Above us mountain peak circled by dragons.

Kauri moves the cushion. The seat is not bone, it might be a lid - holes to place fingers to lift it up.

Druul uses his lance to lift the lid and there is a flash of light. The explosion of fire has a 5 foot radius, and would have done 30 HP so his lance is gone.

A large number of gems and coins survived. Also see a stone blade that looks impossibly thin. Also tossed in is a gauntlet with no stones (the source of One Horn's stone).

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 44 – Session 77

Denrilden 1, 12:40am

...Hanging on a pillar of nanocarbon netted dragon bones overlooking a DVL chanting a ritual to raise a set of dragonbones to further Asmodeus’ plans here on Mediea. Time to see about causing trouble…

I shadowstep to the gem and become visible. (Oh shit!) And am immediately affected by the magics of the ritual as it drains me of stamina. (Double shit!) I grab the shiny rock. I throw one of the best aimed shots with a dagger in my life hitting One Horn perfectly...AND bouncing off. (Triple shit!) I step away, back up on the pillar. Luckily, they don’t see where I went. Unluckily, the ritual continues unaffected. I toss an oil flask to see if it’ll scramble the runes and mess things up. No luck, again. (I’m outta shits… good grief!) It does hit One Horn squarely, splashing one of his neighbors as well but doing nothing to interrupt the gathering of magics to do the thing with the Dragon Bones. I step away down the western hall as far as I can go, then round the corner and open the web portal. We decide to attack and continue to try to finish our job here…

I duck into the portal, handing off the gem to Brendil for his bracer while Kauri folds it up outside and our invisible strike team disrupts the ritual and routes the horde of humanoids and DVL’s. The major factor in that was Brendil’s hit on One Horn. Disrupting the ritual and sucking him and may others nearby to another plane, Brendil included…

We find a cache under the throne with another banishing blade and bracer with no gems. Plenty of gold, platinum and gems to go ‘round though!

It’s likely only a matter of time before the horde recovers and comes to see what’s happening...