Session Seventy-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 72, November 24 2021

Dragon Emperors Throne.jpg


We continue at 10:50AM on the 29th of Laurilden ( on the Apocalypse Clock) with the party standing before the Dragon Emperor in a hidden sanctuary behind the giant waterfall near Xen'Khel. Various iterations of the group have worked tirelessly to thwart this outsider's plans to conquer Curabel, but now the party is here at Azrael's invitation and seeks to recruit him in their fight against the DVLs. Will they be able to forge an alliance?

We shared almost all of our information with Azrael, the Dragon Emperor, after he laid out all his cards on the table.

He has 5 avenues of research to deal with the DVLs:

  1. Controlled Eruption: Heliocharnaxus
  2. Time Travel: Jardin (Imperial Inquisitor that the party as the Starcy Boyz dealt with. He impersonated Lord Thornton for a while.)
  3. Sealing/Destroying Medial Dimensions: Itherrialma
  4. Virology: Niximanthus
  5. Soul Harvesting: Azrael

We revealed the following information:

  • That we had a vision from the Matriarchs about the plans of Asmodeus & the DVLs to build a tower and destroy all life on Medeia.
  • That we have Suttung's Notes on the DVL trap based off Azrael's research. (We did NOT mention that the Silverthrone Embassy in _ is functional, nor that that is where Jax is.)
  • That we are working with Jax. (We learn that he was once an Imperial Inquisitory, like Jardin, but retired a long time ago. Sort of like Jager.)
  • That we have a vial of what we believe to be Prixithalma's blood and the scales and blood of the dragon that we met with the Dervishes when we checked out Jager's place. This cemented the deal to help us deal with One Horn.
  • That we have invited the Winter King, Summer Lord, Verdant Fellowship, Parliament of Birds, Lord Thornton, Southern Tribes, and Armada.
  • That Hdrasta is occupied by One Horn and has some sort of vault from the Matriarchs that he cannot open. This greatly interested Azrael.