Session Sixty-Four Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 64, September 29 2021



We continue at some unknown hour on the 25th of Laurilden ( on Apocalypse Clock) with Khelratha having bested Old Man Winter, a frost giant, in a wolfrider joust. Having collected their winnings from various wagers, the party now prepares to return to Meidia with new magic items and winter elf hirelings. They will have some time to kill, though, before Ajax reopens the web portal, and consider a side trek to Jax in Malgrim.

Larry's Summary

Before leaving the Winter King, he presents Lungmold, Brendil, and Ranarth each with one of the snowflake symbol medallions. If they tap it twice, it will summon aid, if they are able to give it. Similarly, they can be used to summon them to aid the Winter King. They are not to be used lightly, but only with a true need. The 5 retainers each for Lungmold and Ranarth are divided.

We arrive back at the portal to the center of Lolth's web shortly after we left, as we see our footprints. Kauri verifies that Tik Tok still shows

We then leave and the spellcasters try to charge the god stones, but the portal between the feast hall and the hunting lodge is on the home world of the Winter King. The portal that opens in the heart of Lolth's web is however, one we can use to charge the god stones. Sadly, the attempt to charge them has worked, but each of them is cracked. Kauri then attempts to charge the battery in his stun stick and is successful with the first charge, but it explodes on the second. Khelratha removes the battery from his lightning axe and lets Kauri try to charge it, but it immediately explodes. Lambertus and Felix use the last of their healing spells to help him.

The spell casters then rest and are able to re-charge their spells from the portal. Lambertus makes a new continual light coin.

We then head towards Malgrim and are soon there before the gates, between the gates and fortifications the Winter King's forces have put up.

Lungmold projects thoughts to the gate sounding like a negotiator. Khelratha walks up and presents the Starchy Badge he picked out of Rallion's gear saying that it shows him to be an ambassador and he needs to get to the embassy.

They ask for a name, we give them Maggot and they gring Maggot and he asks us what we were calling ourselves, and we tell him "Abstract Goods."

We are let in after sending the winter elves and our orc prisoners back to the center of the web to wait for us, and meet Khargrim Karst the merchant the party met in Valgrim. His mother is the Sizek Ygna of Clan Karst. He allows us to go to the embassy with a retinue of ten Higeki Guards.

We reach the embassy and the lower gate has a wizard lock with blood magic and they want to get something to break it down. We convince them that they got us here and we will see ourselves in.

We get to the terrace and Lugmold goes next to the door and projects: "Dedicated Virtual Life Form" AKA (DVL) our pass phrase so that Jax does not start blasting.

Jax is excited to show us what he has learned.

Lambertus tosses in his newly magiced platinum piece with Continual Light and the magic sticks, since it is NOT DVL magic. We leave Tik Tok outside on the terrace.

The pylons are nanocarbon as we knew, but are incised with combined dragon and ancient common runes. The channels of the incised runes have dragon blood to power them.

Jax wants three things from us:

  1. Dragon Blood
  2. A Live Dragon
  3. A lexicon to make more words. (More words are needed, plus larger pylons to extend the reach of what is now here.)

Jax has Kauri look at the color of the transpatial energy and we combine our knowledge of what the different colors indicate:

  • DVL magic is Blue
  • Dragon magic is Red
  • Stone God magic is Gray
  • Jager's magic is Bluish
  • The Winter King's magic is White

We Share the following with Jax:

  • Books on Dragon Transpatial Theory from Jager's tower.
  • There is a portal near Jax's tower. His creations and DVLs took over/levelled it.
  • Jax still recommends that we go to Xen Khel and find the Dragon Emperor's secret lab.
  • Old Gray Beard - We tell him about the tombs of the Matriarchs and what is written there.

Lungmold gives Jax one of the arrows that Rallion had blessed by the Matriarchs.
Jax hopes to figure out how it works.

  • Explain the attempt to form and alliance and the date for the Apocalypse as we understand it.

It was suggested that we give Jax some tea so he can see the DVL trap from the inside to understand it better.