Session Sixty-Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 67, October 20 2021



We continue at some unknown hour on the 26th of Laurilden ( on Apocalypse Clock) with the party attacking the hideout of the Mycelian gang in the Undercity of Malgrim. The group has blown through the defenders near the front door and now are hunting for Bogfunk, the mushrooms' leader, and any treasure he might possess.

Two deepgnome prisoners of the Mycelian gang: Divalu Karst and Arthra Ragathi

5 Drow at gate: Beziella Thule - Priestess Miszerth Tanielu - Chief Instructor of War College Adantia Tvala and Mithandra Tvala - Priestesses of the Ossuary Razmum Tanielu - Commander of the Temple Guard; Fellow of the War College