Session Sixty Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 60, September 1 2021

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We continue at 10:30AM on the 23rd of Laurilden with the party having finished their preparations to leave Montoa. Their plan is to seek out the ruins of Hdrasta in the mountains to the east and confront One Horn, the DVL who ordered the attack on their native islander allies. A pall hangs over the leave-taking, though, given the failed attempt to coerce the DVLs beneath the Malgrim embassy into enchanting some previously magicked items ...

Larry's Summary

We depart Montoa at 10:30 AM on the 23rd of Laurilden and Tik Tok shows the countdown of (Era, Year, Month, Day).

We revised the marching order.

Droog was talkative and said that the orcs were living in Hdrasta and killed off some kobolds. Then One Horn showed up and killed their chief. Then One Horn brought in hobgoblins, ogres, and hill giants. They have a compound up top outside the entrance. There is an elevator with a column of dragon bones. One Horn is gathering dragon bones that would make an enormous dragon and "re-articulate" it. There is also a large door that takes three keys to open it. One Horn has one key that he wears around his neck. But One Horn can't open it and had the giants try, so he is focused on what he is trying to accomplish with the dragon bones.

We travel and set up camp at night fall. Then just before the end of the 3rd of 4 watches a thessalahydra attacks. It drops Borthan. Lambertus tries to aid Borthan and is scooped up and put in it's mouth. Velkin misses on a backstab. We continue fighting and Lambertus is swallowed and then Velkin is picked up. By now, almost all of us are wounded.

We defeat that thessalahydra and Velkin is not swallowed. Khelratha expertly cuts to reveal the stomach with the aid of Ranarth but the stomach acid gets both Khelratha and Ranarth. Khelratha with help removes the acid pouch and wraps it in its skin.

Lambertus loses his armor and shield and some food and his fully charged god stone to the stomach acid.

We resume marching and find a dead gryphon brought down by a ballista bolt. We know this means we are getting near to Hdrasta. Drood the orc says it is at least a day, maybe more.

We debate seeing the Winter King until Lungmold points out that the arrow of destiny directed us to Hdrasta. But it did pass close to the Winter King token prior to landing on the Hdrasta token.

The next morning at 6:30 AM on the 24th of Laurilden with the Apocalypse Clock reading we resume our journey with Ranarth seeking the path and Ajax the raven scouting ahead.

Velkin's Scrolls

Velkin Scrolls 30 – Session 60

Laurilden 23, 10:30am

After the unfortunate exercise in co-opting cooperation from independent DVL’s, we’re a more sober bunch.

We revise our marching order to accommodate those who aren’t with us either dead or parting ways for now.

Droog’s chatty. Dragonbone elevator and skeleton One Horn’s putting together, door that wouldn’t open with a necklace gemstone as a key and walked through killing everyone. The entrance is some kind of elevator, a large force surrounds it on the outside and somewhere down is One Horn. The large door takes 3 keys to open it. One Horn has one of the keys around his neck.

We set up camp at nightfall and are attacked by a Thesselhydra. It’s a tough fight, I miss a backstab and finally it’s defeated. Lambertus is swallowed and his armor, shield and a God Stone is lost.

Raynarth and Khelratha harvest the thing’s poison gland an acid pouch.

I collect 5 poison and 4 acid vials. Refilling those empties used at Montoa.

At last watch a flock of 20+ web shooting birdlike things fly over. Ajax warns that they’re always hungry and have a distinctive sound. Headed toward the peak directly south of Old Greybeard.

We come to a dead Griffon felled by a ballista bolt. I pick up a few feathers.

Apocolypse clock: – Tiktok is a happy DVL!

Laurilden 24, 630am, it’s raining, With Ajax scouting and Raynarth tracking, we’re headed out. Raynarth seems very confident in his tracking.

Me, not so confident, but what do I know...