Session Thirty-Nine Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 39, April 7 2021



We continue at 12:40PM on the 24th of Tenrilden with the party in the flooded cavern that once contained Lungmold's home village. The group is currently talking with a huge aboleth that Kauri charmed after a frustrating battle in which Azra perished and the party came close to complete destruction ...

Larry's Summary

We learn that the female aboleth is Virenzor and her dead mate was Thethamar.

Virenzor tells us that the aboleth are born with the memories of their ancestors. They came from another planet whose sun was dying and sacrificed less intelligent species to open a gate to Medeia.

Virenzor gives us some hints about the secret to the Magic of Medeia. There is something that is essentially anti-magic about Medeia. Something like the shard. If we find that we can use it against outsiders.

Virenzor gives us the loot she had, we hoped for some working magic, but all items used DVL magic.

Loot from Virenzor:

Platinum coins: 100
Gems: (19 total)
2 transparent dark green
2 transp. watery gold
2 opaque. mottled deep blue
1 transluscent dark green w. black mottling/gold flecks
1 op. pale blue
1 transl. apple green
1 transp. pale yellow
1 op. circles of gray
1 transp. violet
1 op. brown
1 transp. rich olive green
1 op. bands of red sard/wh. onyx
1 transp. golden yellow
1 transp. pale red 2 op. light blue-green

2 Spell Scrolls 1.) Cleric Spells - 4 spells: Insect Plague, Quest, Raise Dead, Commune
2.) Single MU spell - Protection From Evil

Potion: Brown with red flecks - Brendil tastes & feels in tune with animal nature, leader of the wold pack, alpha amongst gorillas, animal control - No DVL so won't work.

Potion: Light green (oily) - Brendil tastes & feels become smaller, tiny, dimunition - No DVL so won't work.

Wand of bone - Virenzor thinks it no longer functions (DVLs gone) -Would have been a wand of magic detection (ancient dwarven)

We then went back to the docks with the head of Thethamar and were viewed as heroes. We asked that any reward be used to help the widows and orphans of the lost fishers and boatmen. We also told Maggot that he didn't have to pay us. Rallion also gave a 1,000 gp gem to a gnome priest for the widows and orphans.

We then headed to the embassy to get Azra raised from the dead.

On the way we overheard some gnome fishermen talking about how it has gotten colder since we left.

Dirtcrust also decided it was time to part ways and will look for other mycelians and he hopes to re-establish the village once the water goes down.

Bili took us a back way to avoid being seen. We came upon three mycelians trying to rob a gnome. They thought Lungmold looked familiar and they are part of the gang that was supposed to receive the ring of undetection that Lungmold has. Since we outnumbered them, they decided to withdraw but told Lungmold they know where he lives. We assume that means the embassy.

Bili picked up the stuff Jax left at the Black Rock Inn and it was two journals. Kauri looked them over as we walked. The first was about Jax's time on Lonely Isle and ended with the end of DVL magic and his desperation and decision to go look for magic. The second journal detailed his journey from Lonely Isle. Kauri notices that the dates are off. We lost several days in the tomb of the Winter King. We thought it was the 24th of Tenrelden and it is actually the 7th of Lareldeon. We verified that at the ambassador's desk once we got to the embassy.

We finally get to the embassy and Jax allows Kauri to look at the pylon he has uncovered.

We rest for 8 hours and then Kauri and Felix heal wounds til we are all nearly completely healed. Lambertus then raises Azra from the dead but she is sad as we took her away from her husband. She is weak and unable to do much, so we decided to leave her there. Rallion leaves a 1,000 gp gem to ensure she has food and other necessities.

We asked Jax what it is about Medeia that draws outsiders of so many types here. Jax had never pondered that before.

We also asked Borthan and he said that Medeia is not like any other place. It is more real....

Bili got the sunglasses for all who need it and we have an extra pair.

We set up a password for Jax, because Lungmold was worried about the mycelians. Jax expanded it, all of us must use the password or he will kill us. The password is "Dedicated Virtual Lifeform" (AKA DVL).

Jax gave us directions to the closest route to the surface, about 4 hours away.

We also worked out how we would communicate with Jax. Since Jager's tower is closest, he suggested we go there and perhaps his library will tell what is special about Medeia. If we find something about magic, we are to go report to Jax, and at most 3 months before we report back. If Jax can find a way to contact us, he will.

We then realized that some of us have Drow armor and cloaks. We will need to either leave them at the embassy or risk destroying them if we take them topside....