Session Thirty-Two Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 32, February 17 2021



We continue at 11:30AM on the 22nd of Tenrilden with the party crossing Malgrim's rift in the Sky Car on their way to visit Clan Nachak, the Upper Terrace shops, and a theatrical performance based on the adventures of Commander Talon and Lady Em ...

Larry's Summary

While the sky car is still over terraces a few hundred of feet below, an enormous earth elemental springs up and starts smashing the wheel on the far side of the chasm.

The manager and the slave crew flee.

Rallion has the group grasp hands and shadow steps them to safety. Most of the party runs down the stairs and Rallion steps up and uses the scepter to charm the elemental. Rallion tells Gath to go with Lambertus.

Rallion commands it to stop and just as it does, gnome guards run up and fire darts at it. One manages to hit and the elemental succumbs to the sleep poison.

Rallion stops the gnomes from killing the unconscious elemental. It soon wakes up and gets up, and Rallion asks it to sit.

The elemental stares unnaturally at Rallion and the gnomes are suspicious of Rallion. Velkin was acting as the translator, and the head of the guards, Drusticc Ragathi, told Velkin to stop translating.

The party prepares to leave and Gath will have none of it and gives the spider box to Lungmold, grabs his axe and runs up to help Rallion fight off the gnomes.

Lungmold affixes a grapnel with a rope from the terrace below.

Rallion tells Gath to stop and that convinces the gnomes that Rallion is the cause of the rampaging elemental.

Rallion does his best "Why can't we all get along." speech to no avail. The gnome guards shoot at him and miss, he sacrifices his shield to block one. Rallion tries to dissuade them but the rush him, one goes to grapple him, but Rallion strong arms him and knocks him out. The guard from downstairs runs up. Rallion appeals to the Czizak Ygna to deaf ears. Two more try to get Rallion and he strong arms both of them, the other two guards run off to get more guards.

Rallion paces and rants about all his bad luck and decisions that lead to this situation.

The others find a jeweler, the Silent Jeweler, who tells them that the gem is a golden topaz and is basically priceless. He offers 150,000 in gems and the party accepts and he gives them a chest of 150 thousand gp gems.

Brendil buys a magic glowing mace from an armorer for 6,000 GP.

Then the party heads to see the Czizk Ygna.

Rallion tires of waiting and tells Gath to "get over here!" and tells the elemental to take him to the Under Market in an alley. A yellow hat guy, but not THE yellow hat guy who works for the "Champion of Azmodeus" Belial Lord of Curanost (where Edan is from) "Destroyer of the Elven Nation."

They want all the paper, especially a map of the island. Will let us keep whatever else we find. They don't want to know any other information we might have, just want to get the paper.

At the meeting place the party is attacked by ten cloaker assassins.

Velkin's Scrolls

Tenrilden 22


As we ride the skycar on the way to the Upper Terrace and the Play an earth elemental springs up and begins attacking the mechanism moving the car at the far side of the chasm.

We Shadowstep to our destination and Rallion charms the elemental with the Scepter, the stone cracks at this although it’s still glowing. I’m assuming the charm ability is gone after that event. Higaki guards arrive and subdue the elemental after seeing Rallion command it. I translate for Rallion and Drusticc Ragathi, the gnome captain. The conversation doesn’t convince the gnomish patrol that Rallion, who introduces himself a Jorl the Wanderer, isn’t the one making the elemental attack the machinery. At this, Drusticc tells me translation is likely no longer necessary as he’s convinced “Jorl” is the guilty party, he’s just waiting on the Jagartha monks and more guards to bring him in and question the elemental.

The rest of the party had moved down a level and are waiting on the outcome with Lungmold being our communication hub. Rallion tells us to go on and he’ll take care of himself without jeopardizing the party. As we move to leave Gath charges up to defend Rallion from the gnomes after pushing the Lloth’s Gift to Lungmold.

The rest of us make our way to sell the yellow gem. Bili leads us to “The Silent Jeweller” and he gives us 150k in 1000gp gems. He says it’s a fraction of the value but that’s all he has. We take it.

Brendil purchases what appears to be a magical mace. Kauri doesn’t see any DVL’s, but it’s glowing.

We pass a religious procession of Jagartha monks. The icon is a giant chunk of crystal the commoners are tossing money on.

We continue on to see the Czik Ygna of Nachak to claim a bounty on knowledge concerning the fall of magic.

We’re left alone in the audience chamber and are attacked by 10 cloakers… This might be interesting if not fatal…

(Off screen from Velkin)

Rallion commands Gath to not attack Drusticc which just further entrenches the suspicions of the gnomes and they move to attack, futilely. As Rallion pleads for them to stop, he’s not a threat, he handily knocks out them all as they attack him. Lungmold tosses a grapple for Rallion’s escape however he pulls it up. After ranting and raving a bit about his bad luck, he gathers Gath and has the Elemental take him to the Undermarket where a Yellow Hat strikes up a conversation and the information he gets is:

Belial, now Lord of Curanost (the northernmost isle, the domain of the Elves) Destroyer of the Elven Nation has sent him to acquire a set of maps and papers from the Silver Throne Embassy here in Malgrim. He tries to enlist Rallion to take on that mission, and when he doesn’t accept immediately, he becomes disinterested.