Session Twenty-Seven Summary (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session 27, January 13 2020

Glacier Toad.jpg


We continue at 10:30AM on the 18th of Tenrilden with the party having just avoided some large toads while following the Winter Wolves to the Winter King's Seneschal ... Rallion's Tale: We evaded the giant toads. We came to a large room with a large pile of bones.

A male drow of House Thule who was separated from a patrol seeking any breaches of the lower catacombs.

Velkin sent him south, where we had heard the sound of a toad and soon heard a scream.

Simultaneously, a horn sounded and the wolves told Rallion it was the Winter King calling the troops for a fight.

Skeletons were getting up, the clerics Lambertus and Felix turned them, but when the horn sounded again, the bones started moving.

We cross an area where we had to jump to a landing to get to the other side of a gap filled with mist below.

There was a door on the other side that Gath broke down and the other leaped across and the skeletons got up in answer to the horn.

We just ignored them and came to a large area that Lungmold recognized and it was flowing water when he came, but is now frozen and below us is frozen in mist.