Session Two Hundred and Twenty-One (Graveyard of Empires Summary)

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SESSION 221 – October 3, 2018

The End Of Magic As We Know It

We manage to delay the beholder bot and other bots long enough to get suited up properly. Laris finds an indication of a heavy blast door and orders the spider bot to activate the mechanism. Spider Bot is crushed and the last allied bot of the party is no more.

This was just in time to prevent the automatons from getting us, as the outer door was breached.

We then have time to suit up and get Nash’s body suited up. Lysander’s eye is unmistakably glaring at Bavmorda.

Rallion gifts Bavmorda all his gems and all his money in the bag of holding if he will use the probability sword to finish off Xenotel. Bavmorda also extracts from Rallion to seek a way to bring back Nash, when Rallion refuses to help her take the ship that took us to Lonely Isle. Piracy is a line Rallion won’t cross.

We all link up to a rope and Laris’ geni servant, Vikram, will guide us the rest of the way, as he is not impeded by zero gravity.

Laris casts knock on the opposit iris door. The explosive decompression propels us all out, as we were all close to the door. The blast door closes behind us. We needed this blast door closed, and could not see a way to activate it without potentially doing so in a way that would trap us. The Automatons had opened a pinprick of a breach in the center of the first blast door.

We let our momentum carry us and would have arrived quite soon. Through the Vikram as intermediary, hie telepathic communication for those without mind blocking rings and those that could be convinced to remove them, we stopped.

We agreed to resurrect Nash. It failed and failed so badly that he is permanently dead. We had a resurrection scroll, but the new Nash would not have a suit when he appeared nearby, so we elected to continue on.

A minute out from the final location, Vikram scouted ahead. He soon returned and could not sense past the door.

We arrayed ouselves and opened the door to see an even more impressive number of autamatons surrounding Xenotel and the rings encircling him.

Rallion fired and one of his shots hit Xenotel, he felt a small bit of recompense for the giant glowing eye that imposed itself on him when he put on the scrying mask for the last time.

Others acted to great effect. Kauri cast haste on nearly the entire party. Bavmorda tossed a large bauble from the magic bracelet and destroyed all the bouncing betty type machines between us and Xenotel. Prixithalma rushed the guns inside the door electing to make physical attacks and act as a shield. About half the electrical orbs facing us rammed her and a large number of shooting machines shot her. She was dead for the third time. Others of the party did their part in shooting.

Prix was dead and Oskar badly wounded.

Next Rallion Kicked off and got close to Xenotel and hit him again, with even more satisfaction. Bavmorda shadowstepped and was lost until a DVL oointed out that she was heading towards the bright light of the gate instead of Xenotel.

Bavmorda then appeared next to Xenoteal and activated the probability sword. A huge amount of damage and an eletrical feedback set off the other two charges in the battery and the shock removed Xenotel from the central pillar. An old man appeared and thanked us and was gone. All of our ancient dwarven artifacts no longer emitted Transpatial Energy as the DVLs that powered them were set free. Those powering automatons devoured them. We then saw bright lights emitting from the ebony inky blackness in the center of the gate, falling to the planet.

We learn from Vikram that all DVLs across all the multiverse were now free to exact their revenge on the dwarven empire, who now had all this technology without a power source and would be nearly helpless. The dwarves used a shortcut to access transpatial energy by enslaving DVLs. True practitioners learned from a CODEX how to access it without needing to be a slaver. The items we have from The Mothers, and before the arrival of either the Dragons or the Dwarves indicated someone on Medeia had access to a codex.

Too late, we learn of the poor bargain we made, not even guaranteeing that Media and it’s environs would be off limits to the DVLs. Small encouragement is the thought that we are the greatest liberators of enslaved ever as we freed untold numbers across all the multiverse, and led to the fall of the greatest star empire across all the known galaxies of the multiverse.

Alys shadow stepped away with Nash’s pack and Lysander’s eye. She landed in the arctic and asked Lysander to trust her as she did Nash, and the eye agreed swarming her face. Alys now roams the land proclaiming the greatness of Lysander.

The rest of the party shadow stepped to the mountain range near Greybeard to seek audience with The Mothers and petition them for training in how to use magic the right way so they could deal with all the DVLs they set loose on Medeia and try to clean up the many messes unleashed by Baldric’s boys, AKA The Starchy Boyz.

[Whew! I think that’s all the high points. I didn’t mean to gloss over anyone’s shining moments. What a ride this has been! Thank you all for making this a truly epic and memorable campaign! I said Wed. that I thought we were done, and that I was ready to be done. Give it time, and I may be interested in the continuing adventures. However, I can’t go past 11 PM Eastern and won’t start before 8 PM. We can do a lot in 3 hours if we don’t add rules discussions/disputes to the bargaining over what the next party more should be.]