Table of Session Highlights (Graveyard of Empires: After the Fall)

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Session Highlights

Session Dates Main Events NPCs Encountered
Session 1 Tenrilden 1-2
  • Just after destroying Xeno Tel
  • Parley with Sphinx
  • Arrive at Old Greybeard
  • Montoan Refugees in cave
  • Enter Caverns of the Dead
  • Azra, Timon
  • Montoan Refugees
Session 2 Tenrilden 2-3
  • Encounter DVL
  • Lose Shard to DVL
  • Arrive at Matriach’s Tomb
  • Get vision of 3 Tableux
Session 3 Tenrilden 3-4
  • Get back to Cave
  • Keliha shares information about the Tableaux
  • Agree to escort Montoans back to their razed village
  • Discuss a number of things with Vikram
  • Keliha, Montoan Shaman
Session 4 Tenrilden 5
  • Travel toward Montoan Village
  • Find old Montoan Elder Shaman grotto that gives us some ideas on blood magic
  • Kill a Harpy
  • Kill a Lion
Session 5 Tenrilden 6-8
  • Travel to and arrive at Montoan Village
  • Encounter Yellow Sombrero DVL offering a deal.
  • Avoid Orcs, and DVL's eating a Duck Billed Dinosaur
  • Kill 2 adult boars and 3 piglets.
  • Vikram hasn't returned from a scout.
  • Yellow Sombrero DVL maybe from an opposing Asmodeus faction
Session 6 Tenrilden 8
  • Ajax joins the party
  • Shemites routed from Montoa
  • Captain Elchior (pirate Bavmoda knows of) paid to raid Montoans
  • Evidence that a Drow party captured Vikram
  • Blood Magic sanctuary under Shaman’s hut
  • Shemites have their own version of reality
  • Lloth and Drow info from Ticktock
  • Shemite leader Iktan killed (may have been the guy with HunBatz)
  • Kill some Shemites all but 1 lieutenant
  • Iktan – leader? of Shemite party (killed)
  • Hun Batz – drow poisoned Shemite
Session 7 Tenrilden 8-9
  • Bavmorda leaves the party
  • Lakewater storage vessel idea
  • Ancient Common research on blood magic spells
  • Find Drow ambush site
  • Find fallen XenoTel chunk (unexplored)
  • Find entrance to Underdark
  • Free a hornet
Session 8 Tenrilden 9
  • Follow Drow underground
  • Spiderweb tunnel bridge over chasm
  • Scepter and treasure
  • Kill some Sabre Spiders
Session 9 Tenrilden 9-10
  • Burn the Spider Bridge
  • Avoid a Tentacle beast with a wand in it's mouth.
  • Kill troglodytes
  • Zaki of Jaanet, deep gnome leader of mining crew
Session 10 Tenrilden 10
  • Arrive at Hesfyx
  • Trading posts have rules
  • Clear Undead Pit to Mining Cart Storage area
  • More undead in the storage area
  • Magilis of Villiam - leader of group
  • Hairisep, previous guide.
  • Othix - The Last Mage
  • Alchemist
Session 11 Tenrilden 10-11
  • Note time conventions
  • Make deal with Hesfyx
  • ID Scepter of Might
  • Start eradicating Troglodytes
  • Czizak Turgma Hesfyx, leader of Hesfyx
  • Khorvac - guide to Trog Lair
Session 12 Tenrilden 11
  • Stone God Animated statues through Braadlur
  • Braadlur explodes a statue and causes a cave in
  • We follow charmed trogs the back way to their lair
  • ClickThump Arrives
Session 13 Tenrilden 11 late AM
  • Fight Trogs, Tadpoles live in exploding liquid
  • Fight Animated Statues get beat up
  • All gnomes but Zaki are incinerated
  • Close Gate and cut of a Stone God's arm
  • Squidface Killed (Trog leader?)
  • ClickThump Departs, Killed by Stone God
Session 14 Tenrilden 11-12
  • Go back to Hesfyx
  • Lick wounds
  • Majilis was working against the party in Villam (charmed)
  • Zaki leaves
  • Stone God Arm fuels magic (like a battery)
  • Hesfyx gives us info on the Drow party
Session 15 Tenrilden 13 5am
  • Pursue the Drow party
  • Kill 2nd Squidface
  • Braadlur blows up fishfaces and finds a boat
  • Jharlixus - Drider, almost Lord Marshall
  • 2nd Squidface killed (Spy)
Session 16 Tenrilden 14 5pm
  • Save Braadlur
  • Kauri buys info from Severin on the workings of Magic
  • Lloth lives in Talvig with a web that can take you anywhere
  • Learn Chest of Spiders may go there by heavily guarded caravan by river or through Necropolis
  • Severin - Devilfish helps us
Session 17 Tenrilden 15 4am
  • We go to Drow Trading Post on the way to Vilgram
  • Jharlaxis heads to Necropolis to try and repair his body
  • Trading post has strict rules
  • We do some restocking
  • Xenelum Khel dwarves
  • Gurum of House Herig - Armorer
  • Eddarnonn - Alchemist
  • Cloakers - Assassins
  • Super Skinny Outsiders - Homesick
  • Khargrim of Karst - (House Thule sponsored gnome clan from Malgrim)