Braadlur's Backstory

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Braadlur Quartzwarper is a curious fellow. Ever since he found the Crystal of Earth Elemental Friendship he has been interested in things outside the realm of normal deep gnome business. When he found the crystal, Braadlur brought it to his clan's matriarch to show his great find. Since it being a quartz crystal, though, she dissmissed it. Braadlur tried to explain about the mysterious "Hum" he could hear and decided researched the stone on his own. He discovered that these magic crystals are rare and allow you to communicate with Earth Elementals, including those that patrolled outside his clan's settlement. After his explanation, the Matriarch sent him to the Servants of the Prism (Tzir-Jagartha), an order of clerics responsible for the communicating with their people's larger Stone and crystal friends.

Braadlur spent many year training under the Czizek-Jagartha (First of the Prism) learing the ways of healing and communication. There were many injuries while mining: tunnel collapses, injuries from tools, etc. As a cleric, Braadlur healed and enhanced the clan.

One day, Brad was in his meditation place when his crystal began humming louder than it had ever previously. He used that hum to find his way to an Earth Elemental outside the clan tunnels named Clickthump Crackbang. This creature spoke to Brad of an imminent catastrophe that would destroy magic and maybe the world, indicating that Brad needed to follow him immediately to prevent the worst outcomes possible ... So off Braadlur Quartzwarper went with his cave fisher all packed up and following close. Braad found his way to the surface and a small community of refugees living in a stone dwellings carved into the walls of a great cavern. Clickthump has gone off now, after assuring Braadlur he was in the right place and just needed to wait ...